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03 July 2013

Pharaoh Morsi, Let Your People Go! (Pics/UPDATED) - Part IV

Time to start a new running post, which should load faster.  See Part I, Part II, and Part III for past pics and updates.

Watch coverage of Tahrir Square live.


National Salvation Front: The army has confirmed that it does not intend to rule Egypt.

Al Hayat TV:  Morsi is, reportedly, under house arrest.

Morsi's SPOX denies, but word of the arrest has electrified the protestors and the crowd in Tahrir Square erupted in cheers following announcements of his arrest.

Obama administration is still trying to get the Army not to act and to support Morsi, OF COURSE.  (I think that horse has already left the barn). 

Islamists fighting with officers. Commander orders soldiers down from vehicles

Adviser to Morsi: A military coup is underway, that tanks are on the move outside Cairo, and that communication with Morsi has been been cut off.

AP: BREAKING: Egyptian troops, including commandos, have deployed near protest sites and key facilities.

State Dept Spox: In past, Morsi's offers of coalition govt not satisfactory; new offer not a new step.

TheBigPharaoh: Do you want to know who toppled Morsi? It was not the military. It was this:

Some high ranking members of the Brotherhood have been arrested.

Al Jazeera: 

National Salvation Front:  Morsi was on his way to launch a coup against authorities.

National Salvation Front:  The army statement will announce the lifting of legitimacy off of Morsi.

Newspaper sources: Sheikh Al-Azhar stressed to the Army chief the importance of Egyptian unity.
AFP:  Army vehicles deployed near an Islamist gathering in Cairo.

Islamic Legitimate Body rejects deposing of Morsi 'against people’s will.' (The Islamic Legitimate Body must be full of Baghdad Bobs).

CNN:    We do not know where Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is now,  Morsi aide.

U.S. 'very concerned' about situation on ground in Egypt (D'uh, but keeping backing the MoFoBros over the people, stupid assholes.  We have an opportunity here and you idiots are blowing it). 

Egyptian army troops reportedly on their way to take Morsi into custody.

20 armoured vehicles have been deployed in Suez.

MoFoBros SPOX claims that his social media has been hacked:

Army and police protecting protestors from wandering MoFoBros engaging in terrorist acts.  Men in Tahrir Square have formed a cordon around the women to protect them from the Islamists.

The Army has erected barbed-wire barriers around barracks where Morsi is said to be under detention.

Graffiti near Tahrir Square on Wednesday evening:

Morsi has been told that he is no longer President.

The military is in control.

Paratroopers have arrived at the Army barracks where Morsi is located.

The military has surrounded the Republican Guard.

An announcement is being read to the Egyptian people by military, community, religious, and Taramod leaders explaining what has happened and what the roadmap will look like over the next year.

Military on the move to the Republican Guard barracks

6:50 pm The Egyptian army told Islamist President Mohammed Mursi at 7 pm that he was no longer president, state-run Al-Ahram newspaper quotes presidency source as saying

6:48 pm An Egypt appeal court upholds a prison sentence on prime minister, removes him post, judicial source says

6:30 pm Egypt to see short interim period followed by legislative, presidential elections: state news agency.

 Crowds outside Presidential Palace earlier.

Constitutional Court will choose Morsi’s successor.

Constitution suspended.

Parliamentary law goes into effect.

Morsi under arrest.

MoFoBros suffer HUGE defeat not just in Egypt, but throughout the Middle East...and, hopefully, in the United States.

President Barack H Obama 'on the wrong side of history,' yet again.

ESAD, Huma Abedin, Ibrahim Cooper, and Valerie Jarret!

Soldiers close Tayaran Street in Cairo

Egyptian Army Chief Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi took to state television to announce that the head of the country's constitutional court would take over as president until new elections are held.


Supporters of Morsi and anti-Morsi protestors are moving toward each other in Cairo.  Military has said that it will take whatever actions are necessary to put down violence should it breakout. 

Egyptians celebrate in Alexandria

Egyptians in Italy celebrate as they watch the coverage

Morsi is refusing to accept his fate.  It could get bloody.

Police forces arresting the crews of Misr 25 Islamist channel

Celebrations in Abbas El Akkad!!


Al Jazeera has the bulletpoints of the 'road map':

* Constitution is suspended provisionally;

* The chief justice of the constitutional court will declare the early presidential elections;

* Interim period until president elected. Chief Justice will have presidential powers;

* A technocrat, capable national government will be formed;

* The committee will offer all its expertise to review the new constitution;

* The Supreme Constitutional Law will address the draft law and prepare for parliamentary elections;

* Securing and guaranteeing freedom of expression, freedom of media

* All necessary measures will be taken to empower youth so they can take part in decision making processes

*The EAF appeal to the Egyptian people with all its spectrum to steer away from violence and remain peaceful. The Armed Forced warn it will stand up firmly and strictly to any act deviating from peacefulness based on its patriotic and historic responsibility.

Clashes have begun between pro-Morsi supporters and the military in MoFoBros strongholds.

As to the upcoming elections, it is very possible that the MoFoBros could do fairly well.  Another possibility is the Al-Nour Party, whose members are primarily Salafists (more fanatic than the MoFoBros).  It is, however, doubtful that they would do any better governing than the MoFoBros.  Neither group has a lot of people with governing experience.  As Morsi's failed government showed, installing a bunch of Qur'an readers will not turn around a catastrophic economy, which only got worse after the MoFoBros elevation (tourism is nearly dead, food & fuel prices have skyrocketed, crime has increased by a fold in the thousands, etc).  Both the MoFoBros & Al Nour have long served as sort of the ‘soup kitchen’ to the country. The MoFoBros got elected and facepalmed when the soup ran out. There is no reason to expect the Salafists to do any better.

What comes after that is anyone’s guess.

70% of Egyptians are under the age of 30.  They want an economic future, too.   The leader, who will succeed without being a strongman, will be the one that can turnaround the moribund economy.

Morsi's son, Omar Morsi, just tweeted asking supporters to reject the coup and 'kill them where u find them.'


Al Jazeera:

'Al Jazeera's live Egypt service have been taken off air along with several other TV channels.

Reports from our correspondents say this happened during a live broadcast when security forces stormed the building and arrested the presenter, guests and producers.'

'Four people were killed in clashes between supporters of Mohamed Morsi and security forces in the northern city of Marsa Matrouh on Wednesday after the president was ousted by the army, the state governor said.

Governor Badr Tantawi told Reuters by telephone from the Mediterranean city close to the Libyan border that the dead were Morsi supporters.'

'The President's Office has released the following statement in addition to the video [Arabic] of Mohamed Morsi reacting to the army's statement effectively overthrowing him.

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, President of Egypt, emphasizes that the measures declared by the Chief Command of Armed Forces represent a military coup d’état, which we categorically reject, in whole or part by all the honest honorable men who struggled for the transformation to democracy. The president stresses, in his capacity as the president of the republic and chief commander of armed forces, that all the citizens, civilians and militarians, leaders and soldiers, are required to adhere to the Constitution and law; not to respond to this coup which will throw Egypt back to the dark ages; and to maintain peaceful behaviors and avoid bloodshed.

Judge Adly Mansour was named the new head of Egypt’s High Constitutional Court (HCC) on Sunday. Mansour, formerly the court's vice-president, succeeds Judge Maher El-Beheiry whose term ended on 30 June.

According to HCC law 48, which was amended in 2011, “The head of the court must be appointed by the president, who chooses from among the court's three oldest vice-presidents. His decision must be approved by the court’s general assembly.'

Reports of police arresting crews of local TV stations affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. 

So Islamist channels have been banned. New president will have decree powers. Employees of Misr 25 have been arrested. Hmm... #Egypt

— Shadi Hamid (@shadihamid) July 3, 2013 

Police forces arresting the crews of Misr 25 islamist channel

Egyptian liberal opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei said on Wednesday that the Arab Spring revolution of 2011 had been relaunched by the announcement of an army-sponsored roadmap which removed President Mohamed Morsi. He added that the roadmap met demands for early presidential demands as called for by the liberal coalition.

Al Jazeera's chief political analyst Marwan Bishara is commenting live on the army's statement:

This has clearly been thought out really well. It almost feels staged for international media. The picture is that the military is not acting alone but in coordination with various authorities, including religious groups, and even various generational groups. As sugar coated as this step might look, this does not change from the essence that this was not done by legal means. A president that was elected democratically, no matter what one thinks of him, has been removed by armed forces, and this is called a coup d'etat.
If the Muslim Brotherhood resorts to violence like they did in 1970s, if they are pushed out of the political arena, they will be delegitimised once again and will have to go underground, which will be a terribly instability for Egypt.

Reuters:  Mohamed Morsi's presidential Facebook page quotes Morsi saying he rejects army statement as 'military coup.'

While I started covering this issue over a week ago, it's nice to see some in the MSM begin to talk about the elephant jackass in the living room:



The sign reads 'Badie', referring to the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood

Statement from the military:

Al Jazeera:

Egypt's army overthrew elected President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday and announced a political transition with the support of a wide range of political, religious and youth leaders.

Speaking on state television, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi detailed a roadmap for a return to democratic rule after the government failed to yield to protests.

It outlined the following:

* The temporary suspension of the constitution.

* Formation of a committee including all sections of society and experts to review proposed amendments to the constitution.

* The head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Adli al-Mansour, will be sworn in as the state's new interim ruler.

* Early presidential elections, with the head of the constitutional court managing the affairs of the country during the interim period, until a new president is elected.

* The head of the constitutional court will have powers to issue constitutional decrees during the interim period.

* The formation of a national technocrat government that will enjoy full powers to manage the transition period.

* Implementation of a media code of ethics to ensure freedom of the media.

* Executive measures to be taken to enable young people to be involved in the institutions of the state.

* Constitutional court urged to quickly approve the draft parliamentary election law and start preparing for parliamentary elections.

* Formation of a national reconciliation committee.

* Egyptian people urged to stay peaceful in protests.

Here are some reactions to the latest developments in Cairo: 

Adal El-Bendary, public relations employee:

"We ousted one dictator and now we've ousted a second one. We'll do it again if necessary, we are experienced now ... This will be in the minds of the army or any politician in the future - they will not want to face the same destiny as Morsi or Mubarak." 

Haisam Haggag, an engineer:

"This is not a coup. Look at the people on the streets. The people said this is a revolution." 

Ashraf el-Sherif, political science professor at the American University of Cairo:

 "We cannot talk about constitutional correctness as we are on the threshold of  a new corrected revolutionary roadmap. Egypt's future remains open: a democracy can happen, but so can an autocracy. The roadmap will bear many flaws and problems, but protesters have also learned many lessons." 

Galal Murra, Nour party's secretary general:

"We took this position (on agreeing to army political road map) and we took these decisions only so we stop the bloodshed of our people."

Al Jazeera: Morsi is believed to be holed up in the Republican Guard barracks in Cairo, which is surrounded by military forces.  He may or may not be under arrest or guard, but he isn't going anywhere.

Breaking News:  The head of the MoFoBros' political arm and his deputy have been arrested.

Why Mursi Got the Boot (Via Ace):  Great article at PJM about how Mursi got elected on promises of forming an inclusive government with responsibility and power spread to all elements of Egypt's power blocs -- and broke every one of them. 




Morsy under house arrest, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman says


Check back for updates.  I will be updating throughout the day and night. Erhal, Morsi!

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