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26 September 2013

Pete King Is Vile And A Terrorist Sympathiser

 Sinn Féin president and IRA leader Gerry Adams, Congressman Peter King (R-NY) and onetime IRA member Danny Morrison (right) in 1984.

'We must pledge ourselves to support those brave men and women who this very moment are carrying forth the struggle against British imperialism in the streets of Belfast and Derry.'

- Peter Mr. King told a pro-I.R.A. rally on Long Island, where he was serving as Nassau County comptroller, in 1982

 The Congressman gives a guided tour to the terrorist.


A few years later, King said:

'If civilians are killed in an attack on a military installation, it is certainly regrettable, but I will not morally blame the IRA for it.'

People, including children, were not only killed on or by military installations.

But that was so long ago, you might say. In response,I'll direct you to former Reasoner Michael Moynihan's piece on how King hasn't changed:

There are a few King quotes in circulation, recycled and repeated in every story about his previous support for armed republicanism (of the Irish variety), though no one has dug up a transcript of his debate with brave former IRA member-turned-supergrass Sean O’Callaghan, who King compared to Benedict Arnold (and Adams to George Washington). Nor has it been pointed out that after the IRA’s famously savage 1985 attack on the Newry RUC barracks, which even they admitted was deserving of criticism, King issued a statement reaffirming his support for the terrorist group.

But it is often argued that he rethought his position on the IRA—and the morality and efficacy of murdering political opponents—after the 9/11 attacks; a line King’s Republican apologists have uncritically accepted. After the gruesome 2005 murder of Robert McCartney, in which IRA knuckle draggers beat and stabbed the father of two to death in a Belfast pub, King warned those outraged by the savage attack against a "rush to be too sanctimonious.” And now The Guardian writes that “the congressman dismisses attempts to draw a parallel between IRA and al-Qaida, arguing that the IRA never carried out attacks on US soil, and that his only loyalty was to the US,” though curiously fails to provide a quote from King.

In other words, he’s not sorry for supporting the IRA. So while his committee recounts heart-wrenching stories of victims of Islamic terrorism, I offer to loan King my copy of Lost Lives, a detailed account of how every victim of “the Troubles” died and who was responsible for their murder.
Keep King's record in mind whenever he flaps his jowls about terrorism.

The New York Times traced King’s IRA ties in an extensive article.  In 2011, Mother Jones has delved into 'Peter King’s Terrorism Problem.'


After Representative King's despicable behaviour in the past, one can only gasp at his unmitigated gall to say today:

'The vehemence of the phone calls coming into the office. I don’t care, people can call me whatever they want … I haven’t heard such vile, profane, obscene language.'

- Peter King on MSNBC’s 'Morning Joe, 09.25.13


Four soldiers of the Household Cavalry and their dead horses were killed by a 1982 nail bomb blast in Hyde park while they were on way to the changing of the guard at the Buckingham Palace. The IRA claimed responsibility for the attack.  But, but, but, Petey King wouldn't claim such was vile.

As though Petey's comrades in the IRA never used 'such vile, profane, and obscene language'!

'Armies ambush, use remote explosions, bomb from a distance, kill civilians indiscriminately, terrorise, mutilate, rape and torture! ...... There's no fucking rules! Make believe ones allright that quickly get forgotten once the shit hits the fan!  If the Irish didn't use Guerilla tactics, this Republic would not exist. If it wasn't for the use of Guerilla tactics, Independent countries all over the world would still be under the yoke of colonialism & empire. Even the US. Irish rebels took the crown forces on for centuries in army style and got massacred. If you think Guerilla tactics are cowardly [they are], you live in cuckoo land. Standing armies have murdered an amount of innocent civilians greater than guerrillas by an amount that's unmeasurable.  Fucking cuckoo land.'

- Gerry Adams,  Sinn Féin president and IRA leader

'British Army bomb disposal squads who attempt to defuse carbombs early and
before areas are properly evacuated will be responsible for endangering
civilian lives.' 
- IRA statement, 1988

'Vile' is Pete King's support of and fundraising for a terrorist group, the IRA.

During the IRA's 25 year campaign in England, 125 deaths and 2,134 injuries were reported, from a total of almost 500 attacks. Included amongst the dead and injured were numerous innocent children.

If you want to see 'vile', look at the photographs of the mangled bodies of children and remember that Representative Pete King was a comrade of the terrorists.

You can bet that those dead children were never read ‘Green Eggs & Ham’ again.


AppraisHer said...

After reading the quotes, but before seeing who spoke them, I would have sworn they were the words of Barry Soetoro's BFF, Bill Ayres.
And they call us Anarchists.

Predictable-History said...

Indeed, AppraisHer.

We should hold him in the same regard as we would Sami Al-Arian.

How much of a, if any, difference is there between the Irish Republican Army and Palestine Islamic Jihad?

Anonymous said...

It should be added that during the heyday of its terrorist campaign the Provisional Sinn Féin/Provisional IRA hydra never had any democratic mandate. It didn't have majority support at the ballot box even among the Catholic/Nationalist minority in Northern Ireland, let alone among the NI electorate as a whole. And its electoral showing in the Republic of Ireland was pathetic (although things were more murky when you looked at the Republic of Ireland political landscape closely).