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27 July 2009

Norway: A Tolerant, Inclusive, Diverse, Multicultural Society For Everyone...Except Jews...Part VII


"Death to the Jews!"  "Blow the embassy up!"    
 "Gas the Embassy!"

Afterward, thousands joined a march to the Israeli embassy. The author tells how many shouted "Death to the Jews!" in Arabic. Others screamed "Blow the embassy up!" or even "Gas the embassy!" An Israeli flag was burned. Placards equated then-Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert with Hitler, or flaunted the word Israel with the S turned into a swastika. The "militants" had children standing between them and the police, using the human-shields method employed by the Palestinians. 

In the riots that followed, McDonald's restaurants and other shops were attacked and partially destroyed. These places were targeted because a false rumor had been spread on the Internet that all money McDonald's would take in that day would be sent to Israel. 

These riots exemplify how the Muslim community and their allies now operate in Western Europe. The aim is to dominate the public domain and destroy anything Israeli or Jewish there. Hence the calls for the murder of Jews and the equation of Israel with the Nazis, while the Muslim leaders who are present remain silent. Various leftists support the violent Muslims more or less actively. Although the Norwegian press has initially denied that there is any significant anti-Semitism in Norway, after this development they can hardly do so. At present, the Norwegian apologists who are in denial try to blame what happened solely on "immigrants,” but it is only a matter of time before it will no longer be possible to deny the Norwegian component of the hate and incitement against Jews. Much of this hate-targeting takes the form of anti-Israelism.