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01 January 2011

How To Go From A One-Legged Vietnam Vet To A Two-Pegged Top Gun Pilot In The Persian Gulf War And End Up Losing Your Mind In The Process A/K/A Being Full Of Shit & In Love With Mittens Romney

OK, I am starting an anthology on Bill0 like I did with Allison.  Please leave his "greatest hits" in the comments section and I'll add them.  Thanks.

For those of you unaware, Bill0 is a valour thief, who has claimed to have lost a leg in Vietnam and also to have been a Persian Gulf War fighter pilot, which would have required two legs.  He is to Romney what Obamabots are to Obama and Paultards are to Paul.  Total rectal immersions.  You will notice that the monikers will change constantly.  That is because he gets kicked off of every website numerous times each day.

I don't know who Bill is, but he suffers from Newtism-by-proxy. 

ZoneBlitz Wrote: 31 minutes ago (12:55 PM)


Sophie:  Look you barking spiderhole, Mitt Romney is not the "best thing to come along, probably in history."

He is no George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Calvin Coolidge, etc.

He is not Maggie Thatcher.  He is David Cameron, you 'tupid 'tard.

ZoneBlitz Wrote: 10 minutes ago (2:33 PM)



Sophie:  Talk about fli-flops:

'I'm a strong believer in stating your position and not wavering.' - 1994

'I changed my position.' - 10 March 2010

'The all-Democrat stimulus that was passed in early 2009 will accelerate the timing of the start of the recovery...' - "No Apology,"hardback version

'The all-Democrat stimulus passed in early 2009 has been a failure.' - "No Apology," paperback version

ZoneBlitz Wrote:  36 minutes ago (7:09 PM)

Sophie:  "You sound as dumb and pathetic as Perry."

That's very weird, Bill0. All of those statements were made by your idol, Mittens Romney.

ZoneBlitz Wrote: 30 minutes ago (1:06 PM)

"Gingrich is a socialist. More than Obama even."

ZoneBlitz Wrote: 4 minutes ago (3:37 PM)

seattleslew Wrote: 18 minutes ago (2:13 AM)

I see your point, ff. Some of these people don't have their bag packed right. I was in Iraq on 3 tough ones. My older brother was in Nam. We share stories. It sounds like you guys had it worse than we did from all I have heard. The equipment and support today is superior to back then. Good luck to you, brother.