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01 October 2014

Obama & The Secret Service: The Fish Rots From The Head Down

Director of the United States Secret Service, Julia Pierson, being sworn into office by President Barack Obama with Vice-President Joe Biden as witness, 27 March 2013

Without a doubt, something is wrong with the Secret Service, but the fish rots from the head down. Yesterday, I wrote that Julia Pierson should be fired, but the White House stated, unequivocally, that she has the President’s complete support and confidence. Perchance, the people in the Secret Service, especially the political appointees, take security similarly to those in the White House. 

Would it surprise ANYONE if Julia Pierson, whose primary job is to protect the life of the President, only attended 42% of her security briefings just as the Commander-in-Chief, whose primary responsibility is supposed to be the nation’s security, has? Why would the President expect (other than his own narcissism) the Secret Service to take his personal security any more serious than he takes the country’s national security? 

I have no doubt that many of the President’s supporters are whispering that the Secret Service is not protecting ‘this’ President like his predecessors for one reason: ‘He’s a black man in the White House!’ If those in charge of the Secret Service were holdovers from the Bush Administration, I have little doubt that charges of racism would have already been leveled. 

Unfortunately for them, these are the President’s people and the only logical explanation is a culture of incompetence, corruption, and political correctness…which, unsurprisingly, is an apt description of the administration, as a whole.

28 September 2014

Do You Know Who Cameron Tillman Was? If He Had Been Shot And Killed By A White Cop Last Week, You Would...

Cameron Tillman, 14, and Dillon Taylor, 20.  (Please note: Size doesn't equal significance. These were the only photos that I could find.)

'If I had a son, he wouldn't look like Cameron Tillman because he was killed by a black man.'

- President Barack Obama

'If I had a sister, she wouldn't look like Colleen Hufford because she was white and beheaded by a black, Muslim convert.'

- President Barack Obama

'If I had a son, he wouldn't look like Dillon Taylor because he was a 'white Hispanic' and killed by a black cop.'

- President Barack Obama

SoRo:  And, most of America doesn't know the name of 'white Hispanic', Dillon Taylor, who was unarmed and killed by an African-American police officer either.

Also this morning, two African-Americans, at least one with dreadlocks, are being sought after shooting a police officer last night in, you guessed it, #Ferguson.

As far as I know, like in the case of the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder sent no representative to the funeral of either young man.


BREAKING: Male #Ferguson Police Officer Shot – Manhunt Underway (Video)

SECOND ST. LOUIS POLICE OFFICER SHOT in Drive-By Shooting Near Ferguson

Obama Race Baiting: Too Many White Police Officers Is Corroding American Society…

No Response To Oklahoma Beheading Yet, But Obama Makes Video For “Global Citizen’s Festival”

By James Varney,

If a white cop had shot and killed that 14-year-old kid in Houma last Tuesday, there's a good chance Houma would be a household word. The town dodged a racial bullet.

Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's deputies responded in force to reports armed "men" had entered an abandoned house. Houma is not some sprawling, crime-riddled metropolis; chances are good everyone knew or could see the house was abandoned.

It wasn't quite 6 p.m. - plenty of light left. Cameron Tillman, a black 14-year-old freshman at Ellender Memorial High School answered the door when the cops knocked. He was shot and killed. Initial reports were unclear on whether the teenager had been armed, although there was a vague mention of "weapons on the scene." Later, we learned the boy had a BB gun.

When the story broke Tuesday night, no details on the race of either Tillman or the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's deputy were provided. It was only subsequent reports that revealed the cop who killed the teenager was black, and now the story is quiet.

Then on Thursday a story emerged that a South Carolina state police trooper had shot an unarmed man in Columbia. The victim was trying to get his wallet out of his car when the trooper fired three shots.

Fortunately, the trooper was such a lousy shot he only hit the man once in the hip. The incident was captured on the dashboard camera of the trooper's car; he has been fired and arrested.

How do we know about that obscure incident? The media has flooded the zone there. The Los Angeles Times sent one of their top reporters out to do a story on the wounding. CNN and ABC News are on the case.

In South Carolina, however, the trooper was a white man and the poor guy he shot was black. Consequently, reporters are trying to make that a national affair.

In Houma, meanwhile, the situation appears calm. Small business owners must be grateful for the peace. The community has a chance to understand exactly what went down at the threshold of that abandoned house and cope with their loss. The teenager's family won't ever be the same, the deputy (assuming he's a good cop and a decent man) will live with a video playing and playing in his head that I wouldn't wish on an enemy.

Tyler Steward, 15, arranges items Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014 at a memorial in front of the house where his friend Cameron Tillman, 14, was fatally shot Tuesday evening in the Village East neighborhood near Houma, LA. State police are investigating the shooting death of Tillman by a Terrebonne Parish sheriff's deputy.

If, on the other hand, it had been a white SWAT team deputy who shot and killed Tillman? Well, remember what went down in Ferguson, Mo., and look at what the media is doing in South Carolina's capital.

What happened in Houma does appear to have been, as Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Jerry Larpenter said, an accident. A group of kids goofing around who considered their game so innocuous the kid was expecting more mates when the knock came on the door.

"I don't think he knew police officers were there. I think he was expecting to open the door to his friends," Larpenter said of Tillman. "My personal opinion, I think it was a freak accident, and I think the evidence will show that. I think it is a tragedy with this young man who I heard nothing but good things about."

Tillman died at the scene.

The boy was remembered as a “tremendous athlete” who lived nearby the abandoned home where he died.

Houma is about 60 miles southwest of New Orleans.

"I look at him as one of my sons," Michael Legarde, a family friend of Tillman and a teacher at Ellender Memorial High School, told the newspaper.

"It's a shame. This was a good kid, never caused any trouble."

The Louisiana State Police has taken over the investigation into the shooting.

What went down in Ferguson, when an unarmed black man, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, a white cop? We don't know, exactly. The idea Wilson carried out some extrajudicial execution in broad daylight on a surrendering Brown seems implausible, but then vague reports of Wilson getting charged or hit by Brown don't seem to have been substantiated either.

Ferguson, Missouri

Similarly, what went down that night between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin? We don't know, exactly. Zimmerman, given the manufactured identity of a "white Hispanic" by a press taking sides, turned out to be a jerk, a wannabe cop who shouldn't have started events in motion in the first place. The version of events that had him chasing Martin down and shooting a defenseless teenager, however, never rang true.

The point is neither that it's a terrible thing when a white cop shoots a black man, nor an OK thing when a black cop does the shooting. The families of Martin, Brown and Tillman are in an identical place now, grieving for the senseless loss of a loved one.

But who benefits from the volatile circus that envelops the incident when the races are mixed? Certainly not the community. Instead, emotions become more raw, an understanding of what divides us becomes less likely to be reached.

What we wind up with instead is a situation lacking justice and peace, although lots of broken glass is left in the alleged name of both goals.

‘There is (a) class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs -- partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. ... There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.’

- Booker T Washington, 1911

SoRo:  If one listens to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other race-pimps, you would think that it is open season on black men in America...that white people are shooting African-Americans every day because of racial animus.  As The Washington Times points out, 'statistics indicate that black-on-black crime is far more common than the case of a white-on-black crime. For homicide, for instance, the FBI in 2012 found that of the 2,648 black murder victims, some 2,412 were killed by fellow blacks and only 193 by whites. (Whites also were likely far more likely to be killed by fellow whites than by members of other races, according to the data.)' 

There is a reason that Barack Obama never talks about people like Cameron Tillman, Colleen Hufford, and Dillon Taylor and we all know what it is.

All of this simply racial politics and an attempt to shame white people, whose 'privilege' needs to be 'redistributed', by  the Perpetual Grievance Committee. Booker T Washington had it exactly right over a century ago.

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