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17 August 2014

Let's Be Frank About Ferguson

NBPP in Ferguson

If Michael Brown had been a white ‘Gentle Giant’ thief, who had been shot by a black or Hispanic or Asian-American or Native-American or even white police officer, there would be no story.


There would also be no rioting as demonstrated by the lack of same when two of Obama’s sons murdered a rabbi on the way to temple in broad daylight last Saturday. 


And, ENOUGH, with the specious arguments made by Not-So-Sharpton, liveenslavedthendie, Ned Pepper & Co about ‘It was only property!’ Well, that and assault and battery, but whose counting, right?

Let’s run a few ‘It’s only property!’ scenarios to demonstrate just how inane such arguments truly are:

1. A white ‘Gentle Giant’ steals Touré’s laptop. On said laptop was his sole copy – because Carbonite and iDrive are corporations, Touré refuses to add to their profit margins – of his doctoral dissertation…on which he laboured for more than 3 years and it was bestseller quality, man, NYT bestseller quality. I’m a tellin’ ya. P.u.l.i.t.z.e.r. P.r.i.z.e, Babee!

Oh well, it’s just private property. /  

So, so, sorry, Touré.

2. The nice, black family that lives down the block from Jesse Jackson barely keeps their heads above water…forget keeping up with the Joneses Jacksons. Dad earns his living as a plumber. One night, he is bone-assed tired. Instead of lugging in all of his tools and knowing that he has a 6 AM appointment, he locks his truck, finds his dinner in the oven where his long-since retired wife has left it warming, eats, kisses his children, and crawls into bed.

Around 3 in the morning, he is awakened by the loud blaring of his car alarm. By the time he gets to the truck, some tweaking cracka has cleaned him out. However will he work? How will he feed his family? What about the mortgage payment?

Oh well, it’s just private property./

Of course, if the family loses everything, Jesse Jackson won’t care, but I will.

Melissa Harris-Perry has an awesome sister, Merielle Landis-Sherry. She’s a single mum of two kids and has never been on the dole in her entire life. She has a great little business doing nails, hair, weaves, and extensions. She used to do it out of her car, but she got so successful that she opened a sweeeeeeeeeet shoppe in Ferguson, Missouri, where people come as much for the service as they do for the camaraderie. Of course, business is so brisk and word-of-mouth out-of-this-world that reservations are about as hard to get as they are at a Michelin restaurant. Girl got it going on!

But, wouldn’t you know it? One day, somes dat don’t got and don’t wants to gets da hard way like Merielle gots all pea green wid da enveeee, as Mammy (she’s my favourite character) might say, and decided dat Merielle was acting all white ‘n stuff and livin above her station or something. So, they just helped demselves da sum dere wigs, weaves, and dreads. Dey be owed. ‘For Michael…’n slavery…’n whitey…’n capitalism…’n colonialism…’n imperialism…’n racism…’n da 1%, ya know!’

No Hair Weaves, No Peace!

Oh well, it’s just private property./

Of course, if Merielle Landis-Sherry loses everything, I, for one, will very much care.
For those that helped themselves to her private property, jail is too good for them. Karma is a bytch and she has their names engraved in her little book of payback and justice will be meted out as it is deserved: good, bloody and fvcking hard.

To all of those protesting what happened in Ferguson:

Why the silence on the execution of Dillon Taylor, a UNARMED, white man wearing earphones exiting a petrol station, by a Salt Lake City police officer, whose name has not been release and is only described as 'Other Than White'?

1 comment:

Axe said...

Maybe it's not possible for a person who has never tried to get anywhere to understand the accomplishments of people who have gotten somewhere. It's funny to think that someone, completely oblivious to the losses of the actual victims, might read your post and be ticked at your lack of empathy for the angst and frustration of the looters. For them, the people looted are not part of this. It wouldn't surprise me if such a person shouted, "don't change the subject!" when anyone tries to bring the actual victims up.

"Funny" might not be the right word, up there. :)

. . . kind of like wringing hands at the results of an Israeli air strike and having no memory of the ten thousand rocket attacks on Israel that preceded it. They didn't happen -- or, if they did, they aren't the point. The point is, um, FREE PALESTINE! The point here is, um, NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!

At least the hippies advocated casual sex in lieu of whatever activity they wanted replaced . . .