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19 August 2014

Do Blacks Only Riot When Some White People Kill Some Black People? Does It Matter If The Black Person Is A Cop And The White Person Is A Radical?

I wasn't around, but did blacks riot when Weather Underground member, Kathy Boudin, MURDER IN COLD BLOOD Nyack, New York, Police Officer Waverly Brown, an African-American father of three, small children?  


She also murdered Sergeant Edward J. O'Grady, Jr, a decorated Vietnam Veteran, husband, and father of three children.  She also murdered Brinks Security Guard Peter Paige, a dedicated husband, father, and decorated veteran of the Navy.  Of course, they were both white, so no biggee.  They were just 'sacrifices for justice and peace' or something!

But, back to Waverly 'Chipper' Brown.  Did blacks stage protests when 'Dr Kathy Boudin' got out of prison early and received a 6-figure teaching position at
Columbia University’s School of Social Work -- something that none of Brown's children will never, ever attain -- all because she was a radical cop-killer?

To all of those protesting what happened in Ferguson:

Why the silence on the execution of Dillon Taylor, a UNARMED, white man wearing earphones exiting a petrol station, by a Salt Lake City police officer, whose name has not been release and is only described as 'Other Than White'?

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AppraisHer said...

It appears that the ugly evil that was always inside her has finally manifest itself on the outside as well...filthy cow!
I guess somebody destroyed the portrait in her attic.