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13 March 2015

On Uranus & Assholes: The Alan Grayson Edition

Rep. Alan Grayson @AlanGrayson 

57 years ago today was a bad day for the Tea Party, the Koch Bros., Fox News, inequality, greed and war; I was born. 

12:59 PM - 13 Mar 2015

On this day 234 years ago, William Herschel discovered Uranus. 

57 years ago, he could have discovered an asshole...Alan Grayson!

Harvard Law Review: Sorry, Birthers, Ted Cruz IS A Natural-Born Citizen!

Better late than never.  

The Harvard Law Review has confirmed what I wrote on Ted Cruz's status nearly two years ago:

And,what I wrote about Obama long before that:

To HotAirians, make sure to relay this to the so-called 'HLS grad', nonpartisan!