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13 March 2015

Harvard Law Review: Sorry, Birthers, Ted Cruz IS A Natural-Born Citizen!

Better late than never.  

The Harvard Law Review has confirmed what I wrote on Ted Cruz's status nearly two years ago:

And,what I wrote about Obama long before that:

To HotAirians, make sure to relay this to the so-called 'HLS grad', nonpartisan!


Anonymous said...

Don't know wtf happened, but a bunch of us are wondering.


itsspideyman said...

RWM, you are going to leave a big hole. Hope you return soon and know we're thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Will be checking in here more in the future.

Miss you at HA -- and thanks for all your efforts!

- ShainS

Anonymous said...

RWM...It has been a pleasure following you around in the world of internet...will miss your special touch at Hot were the champion...hope you keep this site going...wish you the best...that is all...