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28 October 2015

So, American Principles Project’s Latino Partnership Want Open Borders, But What If They Worked At Disney?

How Fast Would Ms Marin Become Ms Witcher?

Soooo, according to Allahpundit at, the American Principles Project’s Latino Partnership have 'writ[ten] off Trump, warn[ed] other candidates not to follow his lead':

And by “other candidates,” I think we know which particular candidate they have in mind.

Here’s the key bit from yesterday’s presser in Boulder, held just a mile away from tonight’s debate. Step one: Pronounce Trump persona non grata among Hispanic Republicans. That may or may not actually be true among rank-and-file voters, but the threat here doesn’t bite without that assumption, does it?

“We want candidates to know: We’re monitoring your language. We are monitoring what you propose. And we’re going to hold you accountable,” said Alfonso Aguilar, head of the American Principles Project’s Latino Partnership…

Although she did not refer to him by name, [Rosario] Marin, who supports former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, made clear her remarks were directed at businessman Donald Trump, whose rhetoric about Hispanics has worried GOP officials.

“We have not worked on behalf of this party for decades only to see our community work undone by the divisiveness of some candidates,” she added. “I will not name names, but one in particular has earned my absolute disgust and contempt. I will not dirty my mouth by pronouncing his name. In fact, grouping him as a candidate is an insult to the serious candidates we have in this primary.”

In other words, a Jeb Bush backer, who served as U.S. Treasurer under George W., got together with some allies to conveniently declare Jeb’s biggest headache in the race unelectable at the very moment when Bush needs some traction in the polls. But that’s not all: This was also meant as a warning to Ted Cruz, potentially a far more resilient threat to Bush than Trump and a man who’s guilty of … I’m still not sure what. Like I said last week, Trump’s two biggest sins in the eyes of immigration activists — endorsing mass deportation and suggesting that violent criminals are overrepresented among illegals — aren’t sins that Cruz shares. On the contrary, Cruz has never ruled out legal status for illegals. Cruz’s “sin,” as it were, is simply demanding a stronger border and resisting a path to citizenship. Is that all it takes to earn this group’s opprobrium? Because if so, then maybe it’s not so much Trump’s “extremism” that’s really irking this group. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s a border hawk, period.

Let's play a game with Ms Rosario Marin:

Suppose Ms Rosario Marin, an American and Latina, is working for The Walt Disney Company (or Facebook 'cuz I'm looking at you, Marky Mark Zuckerburg!).

Ms Marin graduated from Stanford University cum laude with a STEM degree and a MBA.

She has been employed at Disney for 15 years in its IT department.  She has received multiple awards for excellence for her work, leadership, mentoring of girls with STEM interests, and charity work.

As a mid-level manager, she makes $125,000 per year, plus an array of benefits that include:

1) A Cadillac health insurance policy;

2) Paid family leave of up to 2 years;

3) 6 weeks of paid vacation time;

4) Flex-time when needed;

5) Amenities at her workplace that include free meals at a chef-run cafeteria, a fitness gym with free private trainers, personal therapists that deal with anything from stress to marriage to weight matters, and alternative therapies from acupuncture to massage to high colonics and crystals. 

Further, she can avail herself of:

1) Free parking or free transportation to and from work;

2) As well as a temporary personal assistant that can run errands for her (picking up kids, grocery shopping, dry-cleaning runs, etc) at a nominal fee that is subsidised by the company.

In other words, she has a pretty sweet that many recent and soon-to-be graduates in the US would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have.

Ms Marin has also been an outspoken supporter of increased immigration - both legal and illegal.

'We are a nation of immigrants!', she recently said during her keynote speech at the 10th Annual Latina Women In Tech and La Raza Luncheon For Expanding Opportunities For Young Millennial Latinas held in the Crystal Ballroom of the The Millennium Biltmore Hotel, a historic hotel that is a ten minute walk from her offices at Disney.

'We must strive to open our hearts, our wallets, and our borders so that we can lift up Latina women and girls by providing them the opportunities that they so richly deserve, but are unlikely to find in their homelands because of centuries of Yanqui imperialism, colonialisation, and plunder!

My candidate, ¡Jeb! understands this. He understands the 'Acts of Love' that represent every act of illegal immigration, which is why he wants to grant amnesty and a pathway to citizenship, as well as expanding legal immigration.

He is not like the racist, xenophobic Donald Trump, who would build a wall between our two countries depriving Latinas, who are American by birth, and Latinas, who are undocumented Americans - as our new Speaker of the House and Friend of Luis Gutierrez, Paul Ryan, acknowledges them - by both necessity and desire.'

Yes, indeed, Ms Marin has led a charmed life.

But, then, something funny happened on the way to ¡Jeb!topia...

About two weeks after her fiery speech about the wonders of immigration, Ms Marin and many of her colleagues were summoned into the carbon-neutral auditorium.

Bob Iger, the Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, made a rare appearance before the lower classes of his workers (His compensation for 2015 is $46.5 million, of which $2,500,000 was salary. $8.9 million was in stock awards, $8.3 million in option awards, $22.8 million in non-equity incentives, $2.8 million in change-in-pension value, $1.1 million "other" compensation, $391,411 for personal air travel and $614,582 for, yeah, Ms Marin is definitely in the lower classes).
He took to the stage and made this short, but stunning statement:

'Beginning next Monday, all of you will be partnered with a new colleague, who is a recent immigrant from India.  Each of these immigrants is amongst the highest attaining in their educational institutions and has shown to be technical wizards at IT companies in their home country.

Because of our progressive, generous, and liberal immigration system, The Walt Disney Company is pleased to announce that we have been able to obtain HB-1 visas for these fine men and women, who are the best and brightest and come from some of the poorest and most discriminatory locales on earth.  For goodness sakes, the caste system is still effectively in place!

As a nation with our own history of colonialisation, imperialism, and plunder, as well as slavery, Jim Crow, and continued discrimination, we must begin to make reparations! And, make no mistake: This we will do!  And, we will start by replacing you with your colleague at a salary of $55,000!

So, on Monday, each of you will begin to train your new colleague every aspect of your job.  This you will do for 6 months or until your colleague is proficient in your job and can pass the tests that we have prepared. 

Once your colleague has demonstrated proficiency, you will be asked to clean out your desk and report to Human Resources.
Once at HR, you will turn in your ID card, your locker key, any credits at the cafeteria, gym, therapy facilities, your health insurance card, and sign a nondisclosure and confidentiality agreement.

If you sign the NDCA, you will receive a severance package that includes a letter of recommendation, 3 months’ pay, 50% compensation for any remaining vacation days, and a free copy of your therapy and training records.

If you refuse, well, you'll never eat lunch in this town again.

By the way, did I tell you how great of a deal the Obama Administration gave us?

1) We don't have to pay FICA taxes on your replacement for a minimum of THREE YEARS!

2) We don't have to provide them with Obamacare!

And, for you Latinos out there like Ms Marin, who have been so outspoken and concerned about America cracking down on ILLEGAL immigration, don't worry! President Obama has now expanded the bonus under his Amnesty for hiring ILLEGAL immigrants over AMERICAN citizens - both natural born and naturalised!

3) If we hire an ILLEGAL immigrant to say, clean the offices or do the gardening rather than your dad, who is legal and has a business doing such, we get a $3,000 BONUS! 

Thank you for your attention.  Now, get back to work and train dem Injuns, er, Indians good!

Oh, and by the way, vote for Hillary because she will give us even more immigration reform and amnesty than Obama!

And, for those Republicans out there, keep voting for the Bushes and Establishmentarians! They luv dem sum cheap labour, Dem voters!'

UPDATE: When not sending out résumés and waiting in the unemployment line, she has been seen, in cognito, meeting with Myriam Witcher.