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17 June 2009


Wanna know what is interesting?

We know that liberals think everyone that is not a liberal is stupid, but what does it say about Allison when even XJ believes she is a Republican plant because NO ONE can be that stupid and passionate about her ignorance.

It was bad enough when the socialist/communist party protesting in Wisconsin had signs that said "Taft is Daft," which we have been saying for years, but to get kicked out of the Prog Party on grounds of idiocy is priceless.


allison Wrote: 16 minutes ago (11:48 AM)

Jill Scott has taken no "position"....she simply is one of those tiresome black women wh get jealous when black men date a white woman. Perhaps if black women didnt act like such nagging, castrating b-tchs all the time, more black men wouldnt stray.
"Minimizing white power is the goal of the future.”

"I don’t like hockey. Too many white people play it.”

"[those who offend Muslims] should be shot.”

"anchor baby [Michelle Malkin]”

"It ois (sic) the white race that is in full worldwide decline.”

"We [non-whites] will be back bigger and better and stronger and we will bury you.”

"And one day racist white pigs will get what they have coming to them...”

"But resdistricting wont (sic) stop the swift decline of the white majority in this country.”

"Bye bye fake black man"

"Mark Rubio is the whitest "Hispanic" I've ever seen.”

"I thought ALL Jews kept Kosher."

"Switzerland is a bad example [of a crime-free nation] because of its demographics."

"I wish the anchor baby would show her 2 faces in Chicago! I'd personally like to give her a guided tour....of the darkest alley and then the trauma ward."

"How is abortion harmful to anyone?"

“If racist Sharron Angle is elected the people of Nevada should be ashamed.
But more to the point, those who believe in social justice and equality should not stand for this pig being allowed to serve in the Senate. They should resist this racist witch BY ANY AND ALL MEANS NECESSARY.”

"Their (sic) obviously deranged, like all Eurotrash"

“The Catholic Church is the world's biggest terrorist organization.”

““The U.S. has been the world's biggest force for evil for the past 150 years.”

“The French fought very well under Napoleon, as I recall.”

“You are beyond disgusting. It's too bad you weren’t (sic) below deck on the USS Cole”

allison Wrote: 2 minutes ago (1:01 PM)
I have said my piece.


"Perhaps if black women didnt act like such nagging, castrating b-tchs all the time, more black men wouldnt stray."

Perhaps its a harsh thing to say. And there are tons of great solid black women, but there are alos a sizable number who do treat black men very badly. I have heard this argument from at least 20 different black guys so it must be going on. In fact, I have also seen it myself.

allison Wrote: 25 minutes ago (12:14 PM)

And one day soon bigots like you will be locked up. Cannot WAIT for that day.

Tick tock tick tock......time is running out for you

allison Location: IL
Reply # 70
Date: May 6, 2010 - 12:13 PM EST

Old Military Men

Well, things were different in olden times. Washington? Seriously? This is a different world from then.

As for Truman, he was a good president...BUT he also committed one of the most horrific acts of genocide/war crimes ever by going ahead with dropping the atomic bombs on Japan amd okaying the firebombing of Dresden. The wars could have been won without those acts of mass murder."

Islam wouldnt be so bad if it was modified slightly.

allison Wrote: 7 minutes ago (11:02 AM):

Mayeb if we could find a way to make everyone sterile, and then only after you applied for the cure you would be allowed to have children.

allison Wrote: 37 minutes ago (5:13 PM)

I'm tired of your blood libel of me.

allison Wrote: 27 minutes ago (3:20 PM)

If I won the lottery I would donate a sizable portion of it to Hamas or any other group ready and willing to take on the bloated racist pigs who still live in their delusions of white power.

allison Wrote: 1 minute ago (5:28 PM)

Well, sometimes people do not actually know what is best for them.


allison Wrote: 1 minute ago (3:03 PM)

Ever notice how in every fictional account of future socities (like Star Trek), its a completely progressive and social justice state?

When we have evolved past the point of our petty greed, prejudices and selfishness.

allison Wrote: 1 hours ago (2:29 PM)

Well you are correct that SOME people ned to be killed.......

allison Wrote: 6 minutes ago (1:41 PM)

Gaddafi must go all right. But I say assasinate him. If its too morally questionable to hire someone to murder him, then perhaps find out where he is and release a poison cpable of wiping out anybody within a 10 mile radius.

allison Wrote: 3 minutes ago (1:50 PM)

"Whites and asians started and ran all the world tyrannies."

allison Wrote: 17 hours ago (2:47 PM)

You dont seriously think I believe the lies whipped up by Che's enemies?

allison Wrote: 22 hours ago (4:06 PM)

Switzerland is a bad example, for obvious demographic reasons.

allison Wrote: 1 hours ago (1:59 PM)

And my point was that car insurance is not unconstitutional. Its a state jurisdiction but it is overseen by the federal govt because the DMV is a federal agency.

"I'm not a vegan, but eating meat from a store, from DOMESTICATED chickens and cows is HARDLY the same as cowardly shooting helpless wolves from a helicopter."

"I didn't even know he was married, so I don't consider myself an adulteress".

"A healthy balance between control and freedom works best for societies.",_meet_lion_dad!

allison Wrote: 1 minute ago (2:03 PM)

I meant if you took out the patriarchal misogyny in some of it's practices.
Essentially, at its core, it (Islam) really is a beautiful peaceful religion, not that far removed from Christianity.


Does Mohammed Shiite In The Woods? Wrote: 33 minutes ago (3:46 PM)

By the way, Allison, didn't you say that you had never left the United States and traveled to Europe?

Does Mohammed Shiite In The Woods? Wrote: 25 minutes ago (3:54 PM)

allison Wrote: 3 minutes ago (3:48 PM)

But I have been to Wisconsin.
And if you are any example of what Brits are like, I would rather travel to the inner circles of Hell.

allison Wrote: Apr 06, 2010 3:53 PM

I did enjoy Paris, and even frequented a couple cafes on the Left Bank, but I'm sure you wouldn't like it. No tractor pulls, cross burnings or livestock auctions to speak of.

And Annie, a housekeeper and a horse farm? My, my! I guess it makes always do seem to have a ready supply of manure on hand.

Now, run along and put some ice on that.



allison Wrote: Feb 07, 2011 10:40 AM

"I dont need any man, but I really WANT this one. And whenever he brings up his religion i listen politely and feign interest. Like any typical relationship."

"I disagree with him, but I'm also wise not to get into arguments about religion with people I'm trying to get to like me."

allison Wrote: 6 minutes ago (2:51 PM)

I am only "considering" converting to Islam. I may take a very long time "considering" it. But the fact I am considering it has made him very happy and that makes me happy.
See? I strive to make people happy........

"I work very hard for everything I included. I havent been in a public library in my life."

" I love Jewish people. I disagree sometimes with Israel. I can separate the two."

" 200 cows just dropped DEAD in Wisconsin. This following huge numbers of birds dropping from the sky and fish floating ashore dead with no apprent cause.

We have POISONED our MOTHER.....this planet that has to sustain us. We have shirked all of our common sense and responsibility."


"You act as if they DEIGNED to give me a job and I should get on my knees and grovel at their feet!

Businesses NEED workers, bub. And they need SKILLED workers even more. In some fields, workers are in high demand and are fought over.

Think of it this way. That rich business owner: he is ALLOWED to keep his wealth and not have it TAKEN FROM HIM BY FORCE. He pays into the system to avoid bad things happening to him."

"I was ignored and blamed for everything while my brother got showered with attention and praise."

allison Wrote: 2 minutes ago (3:45 PM)

Further proof there should be disintegration machines set up for ex military.,_kids_died#8

"Hold your breath until that happens. The world could do with one less old white fossil."

allison Wrote: 40 minutes ago (1:05 PM)

Ironically, its our insistence on following the constitution that is hampering our efforts in this area.

allison Wrote: 1 hours ago (2:26 PM)

For those here who think I am a terrible sinner, I've learned that upon pronouncing the Shada (and affirming faith is Islam) all my past sins will be wiped away. One then embarks with a fresh clean slate on a life of piety and righteousness.

allison Wrote: 1 hours ago (2:38 PM)

1. Its simpler to convert than I thought it would be...i.e. I can do it without much sacrifice

2. Of course I dont believe in any of the nonsense, but it makes hazem happy and makes him trust me

3. If we ever break up, well, I can just pretend I never went through with it.

"Islam and Christianity are unfortunate malignant entities that eventually have to be done away with.",_kids_died#8

"I dont need to give religion any real value because it has none. "

allison Wrote: 5 minutes ago (4:20 PM)

"It is simple to convert. Takes no time at all, and theres no frightening dunking your head under the water like in Christianity."

"And what will we do with the radical crazy violent whites planning to overthrow the govt? "

allison Wrote: 30 minutes ago (6:53 PM)

"1 in 20 Muslims are fundamentalist. Thats 2 in a 100. "


allison Wrote: 31 minutes ago (6:52 PM)

'We WILL come to that point unfortunately. Its the govt's job to maintain control and order, not to wallow in making sure every individual has their civil rights. The rights of the collective are important too...... "

allison Wrote: 47 minutes ago (6:43 PM)

"You know I beleive in GREATER POLICE POWER "

allison Wrote: 54 minutes ago (6:37 PM)

Banning handguns is still effective.

However, the problem is not going FAR ENOUGH. If only the ATF and police went FURTHER then gun crimes would be greatly reduced.

allison Wrote: 47 minutes ago (6:44 PM)

Nope. We need to stop tying the hands of police and government.

allison Wrote: Mar 31, 2011 2:50 PM

Hazem isnt a "fighter" but certainly wouldnt let some big mouth white racist diss him like that.

And while Hazem made Teufeldumb regret his comments, I would take care of you with my club.

allison Wrote: 3 minutes ago (12:52 PM)

"Feigning was the wrong term to use. I am interested. He wants me to convert to his religion, but I don't think that will happen. I wish he wasn't already pushing for that - I had hoped to stretch out this "learning about Islam" phase for a year or 2."

allison Wrote: 5 minutes ago (12:49 PM)

"Gaddafi has mere days to live."

“If I saw Beck walking down the street...well I wont finish that sentence...lest I be arrested!”

"But I'm not going to stay on this website anymore. Karma is gonna get you pig....if I dont get you first"

Allison: Reply # 212 - Date: Apr 23, 2010 - 2:01 PM EST
Poor Bigot Barbara

“Obnoxious old busybodies are simply the worst. Get out of the road, Grandma. We are the future and this is our country now."

allison Wrote: Mar 31, 2011 2:53 PM

Unfortunately I have to go for a bit and start cleaning this apartment. The dust is an inch thick and I thinks its making me sick.,_kids_died/page/2

"Chicago is a really good city except for all the murders"


One last comment about Common: he hasnt met me yet. Give me one night with him and then see what he thinks!

I could not only get in to the Marine Corps but i think I could do really well, if I wanted to. It's a hard career and a noble one, but lets stop exagerrating that it gives one superhero status.

allison Wrote: 2 minutes ago (1:03 PM)

My own personal "9/11" came when I was only 2 years old, and my rotten borther was born.

"I'd rathr (sic) have Stalin himself over Sarah Palin"

"Stalin is deceased, btw. Unfortunately, Palin still clings stubbornly to this world."

" A hat in hand, song and dance for white conservatives to justify their racism? Wow."

"Not that I would actually wish another human being harm. But some people's demise would be for the common good, right?"

"I can see you havent taken my suggestion to start brushing your teeth with a loaded shotgun yet."

allison Wrote: 11 minutes ago (2:13 PM)

No, but Does Mo is a fellow atheist, actually HAS an education, and is at least sophisticated enough to appreciate the world...

If she chooses to side with a bunch of rural rednecks over someone like me, than its her loss.

"Obama has nothing to DO with Common except for inviting him to a single solitary poetry night because of the totality of his art, not just his one belief in the innocence of a convicted alleged killer."

allison Wrote: 16 minutes ago (10:47 AM)

"I just have an understanding of the dynamic between black men and women because I have been immersed in the culture for awhile now.",_every_woman_looks_like_a_hotel_maid/page/2


allison Wrote: 44 minutes ago (10:24 AM)

“Angry rednecks are always going on shooting sprees and I dont want to end up like John Lennon.”

allison Wrote: 32 minutes ago (10:37 AM)

It's Obama's right to kill anyone he sees fit, especially if they are guilty of wanton acts of terrorism.

But to be fair, I felt Bush had that same right, and Clinton too. What Clinton and Janet Reno did at Waco was simply using government power against those who tried to destroy our country.

“No, I'm much more Gwynetth paltrow.”

“Everybody has brains nowadays. Theyre called computers.”

“I have struggled with a few "motivated" men in my time. Of course, those were pleasurable experiences.”

“religion is a cancer. I'm only "dabbling" in religion as a social and romantic gesture”.

“Nobody deserves to die for trying to burgle a house.”

“I was ignored and blamed for everything while my brother got showered with attention and praise."

“I dont need any man, but I really WANT this one. And whenever he brings up his religion i listen politely and feign interest. Like any typical relationship."

“It's not lying to him. It's perhaps not being entirely honest. BIG difference, di-ckwad.”

“You are the violent pig, who gets off on your sick fantasies.  Please do us all a favor and try, for once in your useless life, to act like a grown up.”

"So pray tell, then HOW and from WHERE does Israel acquire it's budget from?”

"NAME the industries. NAME the exports. And with such a small population, it cant all be from taxes!”

"Israel is America's deadbeat child, living in the basement and asking Mommy for Friday night weed money."

“I came back ready to fight, but you people are just too nasty in large doses and I dont have the stomach for anymore of this flaming.  I know it just burns you to see Obama lead this nation, rack of success after success (like killing UBL) are so terrified that there's little to nothing you can do to stop a progressive 2nd term.”

allison Wrote: @ 4:35 PM
“Oh please. You know nothing about what I have acomplished.”


"I'm here to remind you that the majority of Americans reject your extremism and bigotry. . . .I'm also here to monitor."

allison Wrote:  “You know how easy it is to scare seniors.  Thats why myself, and many many more like me will be busy doing just that from now til election day.”

Kit Wrote: 2 minutes ago (11:35 AM):  “So you had to go back to 2004, a decade ago, to find one, huh?”

“They didnt kill anybody, just spread a little graft around.”

“[On Teddy Kennedy], whodid he murder?  He was in a tragic accident, and barely escaped with his own life. But better he survived and not that useless girl. teddy went on to become a lion in the senate and to change millions of Americans lives for the better.

She would have amounted to nothing. I'm not trying to be callous, but let's just admit the facts. Not everyone becomes a great person who changes the world.”     

My bf thinks, and I agree, that concerned citizens should boycott Memorial Day this year until our government does the right thing and starts withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. We have to do an unpopular brave thing sometimes to effect change for the better.”

allison Wrote: “Obviously, its conservatives who see women as stupid. I am called by them stupid all the time!  For no reason, mind you.”

allison Wrote:  “Namecalling and childish insults.  Instead of intellectual civilized debate. You are hopeless. Why I bother with you is beyond me.”

It is a well established fact that Liberals/Progs believe that anyone, who is not a Liberal/Prog, is stupid, but what does it say about a Liberal/Prog when her fellow Liberal/Progs claim that she HAS to be a plant because no one is that stupid and then expel her from the Liberal/Prog ideological party because of idiocy?

X.J. Wrote: "Actually, Mo, I think (Allison/Miranda) just tweaking posters here to get a rise out of them. She is just screwing with everyone's head. She gets a lot of attention that way, gets the appearance of controlling people by pyssing them off and is generally having a good 'ole time at everyone's emotional expense. It's one thing to react to the columnists, but it does get a little infantile when the snarling between posters begins. I picture an unhappy woman with an unhappy life who doesn't have much of an impact on anyone, so she makes up outrageous stories about a boyfriend who's Muslim. It's shtick, but not the funny kind -- the pathetic kind. I still say best to just ignore."

Allison wrote: "As for you XJ, you can kiss my a-ss. I am not here to "tweak" anybody....but since this is the ONLY place one can actually observe the dying dinosaur species known as American conservatives...its the only place I have to engage them and find out what they think...Everyone here, everyone regular here that is, has shared stuff about their life. I am no different. NOTHING I have said is in any way embarassing, or something I should be ashamed of. Guess what, losers? The MAJORITY of this country...especially those under 35....think EXACTLY the way I do on most issues."

Mo: I'm reminded of the interviews some of Jared Loughner's Area 51 buddies gave where they said that they believed in UFOs, aliens, alien body snatcher, reincarnation of aliens into newborns, ET on Ice in Roswell, etc., but "Man, THAT dude (Loughner) is f*cking crazy."

That's just gotta hurt.

allison Wrote: "I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I needed to just get that off my chest because I am TIRED of being soon as I leave, Mo and the rest of the bully clique start throwing poison darts at me and calling me stupid, etc. The only thing I have revealed myself to be is a scrappy fighter, a smart cookie, and a formidable opponent of the conservative groupthink on this site. I listen to everyone's views and respond with respect and civility."

allison Wrote: "My bf thinks, and I agree, that concerned citizens should boycott Memorial Day this year until our government does the right thing and starts withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. We have to do an unpopular brave thing sometimes to effect change for the better."


Tim from Texas Wrote (about Allison and "Hazmat"): "I think being a coward involves at least having the smallest understanding of the nature of the beast that pursues you. This couple seems to be so out of touch with what may be the lowest common denominator among all American political or social groups, remembering and paying your respects to the men and women that have given their lives to keep our country free. It’s sad they don’t have a clue about the meaning of their greatest birthright. Maybe one day they’ll figure it out. Maybe they're better off being cowards."

Mo: Ouch! That's gotta hurt!

allison Wrote: “Obviously, its conservatives who see women as stupid. I am called by them stupid all the time! For no reason, mind you.”

Mo: LMFAO. No reason? None at all? Do you still believe that the word "decade" means "5 or 6 years"?

Allison: "There is not a single sentence I have posted here that could be held up as an example of "stupid". NOT ONE SENTENCE."

Mo: Is the DMV still a Federal agency?


Sky Pete Wrote: Allison, you said: " I am called by them stupid all the time!" Maybe you're not stupid. Maybe you're Yoda. With poor punctuation (It's "it's" not "its). And a poor sense of reality. Yeah, maybe..."

Allison writes: "I have said NOTHING, NOTHING that could in any way be considered "weapons grade stupid"."

I've got 20 single-spaced pages that prove otherwise.

allison Wrote: 14 minutes ago (10:26 AM)

he was a hero. He was a revolutionary. And if I have a son I will name him Che.

allison Wrote: 5 hours ago (10:23 AM)
I never said he didnt kill anybody. I said he never killed anyone innocent. The majority of his kills were Batista's goons and spies. Che Guevera believed strongly in the worker's revolution. Was he Gandhi? No, he wasnt. But one must examine the context...this didn't take place in 2011. Back then, American and more importantly, imperialist hegemony was ruthless, mercenary and strode the world imposing its will on everyone.

“allison Wrote: May 27, 2011 4:28 PM
Huh? Who did he murder?

He was in a tragic accident, and barely escaped with his own life. But better he survived and not that useless girl. teddy went on to become a lion in the senate and to change millions of Americans lives for the better.
She would have amounted to nothing. I'm not trying to be callous, but let's just admit the facts. Not everyone becomes a great person who changes the world.”

With regard to Urban Weekend rioting, gang violence, and shootouts with cops in Miami:

"I may just go down there next spring and shake my stuff on the beach."

allison Wrote: 3 minutes ago (5:45 PM)
I have to get going...but a word of warning to you bigots.....

I want to begin a new era on Townhall tomorrow of respecting each others' beliefs. So let's cut out the hateful racist attacks on Islam...and the smaller, more infrequent criticisms of Christianity and Judaism.

I am now a "Muslim" least for the time being....

allison Wrote: 44 minutes ago (5:26 PM)
I have no intention of staying here and competing with anyone. I am merly dropping in while I do my laundry.

I will return, in full force, tomorrow on the Mike Adams thread.

I am a new woman now, with membership in a new I think it would be a good time to act less confrontational and more peaceful with the conservotards here.

"Feminism is about being strong enough to go after what you want...and what I want is Hazem."

allison Wrote: 19 minutes ago (6:35 PM)
Mo, give it a rest

1. I am not being cruel to him. Yes, he doesn't fully understand or know that I am an atheist to the core, or that I find all religion to do more harm than good. But at the same time, I can extract the things about his faith that I DO appreciate....the self-examination, the striving for peace. I can learn about his culture and his beliefs, all the while he cannot help but to learn about mine. Influence is a 2 way street....and I am opening up his eyes to many things. So, I see myself as giving him far more than I am "taking" from him with my not being entirely truthful.....

2. I am in no way less of a feminist for doing this. Feminism is about being strong enough to go after what you want...and what I want is Hazem. Most men are babies...weak and just looking for either some woman to use, or some woman to be their mommy. I have unfortunately been with too many of both type. Hazem is completely different...he is strong and passionate and opionated and does not allow me to walk all over him. I dont know...I just cant help myself, being attracted to his personality. Btw, he shares 95% of my political beliefs - and the understanding of how rich elitist parasites like you and your friends operate.

There. I have answered your attacks and we never have to bring this up again. I have done nothing I need to feel ashamed of.......

It's too bad you wont read this and stop and say, "gee, I misjudged allison...she isn't so bad after all." Your jealousy and pettiness are too consuming.,_keep_going

"I don`t have a degree in psychiatry, but I think you are mentally and emotionally unstable and not a good candidate for a concealed carry permit."

allison Wrote: 1 minute ago (10:45 AM)

I abhor totalitarianism. I just think a little order and structure is beneficial for human beings in a society. When everyone knows their role and their boundaries, they are happier and more peaceful.

"Society is not very far away from a complete breakdown.....all it would take is one chaotic event like a major prolonged power outage or entitlement checks being stopped. The result would be riots and destruction the likes of which havent been seen in America before. All I sugested was that if that day happens, I know what side I will in, and will not be a passive viewer. The crowds will need people like me to tell them who the real enemies are."

“Every American's (pretty much) life is full of drugs and alcohol. Who are you kidding? Prescription drugs are just corporate drug pushing”

"Actually, a country is its PEOPLE, not some outdated ideology, not some suffocating constitution."

Allison:  "My sister in law is a rotten little snob and has talked about me behind my back, and has uninvited me from important things like her baby shower because she claims I made a scene at her wedding. But i was willing to forgive, i just wanted her to tell me to my face why i was not worthy of being invited to her house."

Mo:  Let me get this straight.  You made a scene at her wedding and SHE is supposed to apologise to YOU?  Allison, the world doesn't revolve around you. 

10/10/10 9:40 am

"I hope you die slowly and painfully, you disgusting bigot"

Michael Wrote: 5 minutes ago (10:23 AM)

I officially remove my endorsement of allison as a poster. I didn't know about all of the nasty things she's said. She reminds me of the likes of Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann or even the queen of mean -- Sarah Palin.

Again, I no longer endorse allison. Thank you for your interest...

"AllisonUndaunted Wrote: Nov 18, 2011 4:59 PM

I admited to the protest arrest. the rest, as they say, is not pertinent and frankly none of your business."

AllisonIsTheFuture Wrote: 21 minutes ago (12:52 PM)

 "You do realize that even benign tumors are cancer?",_you_better_watch_your_back

AllisonIsTheFuture Wrote: 34 minutes ago (1:03 PM)
"Sweden has other problems though. It has no industry and never did.",_you_better_watch_your_back

AllisonIsTheFuture Wrote: 6 hours ago (11:48 AM)

 "Joy Behar pointed out on her show that Gingrich demanded a divorce from his wife while she lay on her deathbed. He is a POS",_you_better_watch_your_back