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08 October 2015

Watch @HillaryClinton Compare The NRA To 'The Iranians And Communists'

'The real answer to this, is for gun owners to form a different organization that supports the Second Amendment, supports their rights to own guns, use guns, go hunting, goes target shooting, but stands against the absolutism of the NRA...You know, the NRA’s position reminds me of negotiating with the Iranians or the Communists.'

- Hillary Clinton, 7 October 2015

Watch @ 28:00:

THIS from the woman who did her college thesis on and corresponded with Saul Alinsky, A LITERAL CARD-CARRYING MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING IN THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. She adored this man who could say hateful, radical garbage like this: 'A racially integrated community is a chronological term timed from the entrance of the first black family to the exit of the last white family...We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries have been oppressed by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party … In America, we will aim for subtle victory. Which if one understands Lenin’s Proletariat educated red army it would seem America is now facing the inevitable.' (more)

THIS from the woman whose husband covered up Iran's involvement in the terrorist attack on the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia which killed 20 people and injured 372 more.

THIS from the woman who refused an offer by Moammar Qaddafi's son to enter into peace negotiations preferring to bomb innocent civilians so that she could triumphantly fly into Tripoli on her broom and cackle 'We came. We saw. He died!'

THIS from the woman who began the negotiations with the 'Supreme Leader' of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, and then President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  He was, supposedly, the radical one.  When the current president, Hassan Rouhani, was 'elected', he was celebrated as a 'moderate' by the likes of Hillary Clinton even though he had routinely said that he would be perfectly willing to sacrifice the lives of TWENTY MILLION OF HIS OWN COUNTRYMEN if it meant annihilating the State of Israel and DA JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!

THIS from the woman who called Syrian President Bashar Assad a 'reformer'.

THIS from the woman who covered-up a terrorist attack in which 4 Americans were murdered and scores were injured and then blamed a video that only about 300 people had seen at the time.  She knew from almost the minute the attack on Benghazi began that it was a terrorist attack (we know this because of emails, memos, testimony, and other information that has been revealed in the ensuing years); yet, she lied to the American people and the entire world by claiming that it was the result of some stupid YouTube video. Then, over the coffins of four, dead Americans, she promised the parents of the fallen to ‘get the guy responsible for this’ by which she meant Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the videomaker, not Ahmed Abu Khattala & Co. Like her statements recently about the Second Amendment, the First Amendment be damned and all for a lie and cover-up.

If anyone is comparable to totalitarians, it's Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Fort Collins' #FeelTheNipple & 'If You Look At My Naked Boobs In Public, You're A Rapist!'


Colorado city weighs allowing women to go topless in public 
FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Officials in this city of 150,000 residents are considering changes to their ordinance on public nudity that would permit women to go topless in public. 
The proposal is in response to requests from residents who say the current ordinance discriminates against women. City law does not prohibit men from appearing in public without shirts. 
At one point in August when the temperature was about 20 DEGREES warmer than Tuesday’s 66-degree high, Brittiany Hoagland, 24, stood on a busy street corner in Fort Collins, about 65 miles north of Denver, wearing a bikini and a placard across her chest: “Illegal to remove.”
For her it’s simple: Colorado’s Constitution prohibits denying equal rights on account of sex. If men may go bare chested in public legally, so should women.

This reminds me of a Twitter convo that I had last night with George Eliseo… 

George Eliseo ‏@GeorgeEliseo 
Feminists Call The Cops When I Show Up. Here’s Why. via @BreitbartNews 

Sophie Ro ‏@SophieRo3 
@GeorgeEliseo @BreitbartNews U’ve really got to stop staring at the braided, beaded, non-deodourised, purple-dyed armpit hair of FemiNazis. 

Sophie Ro ‏@SophieRo3 
@GeorgeEliseo @BreitbartNews You’ll drive the Neo-Victorian Feminists to their fainting couches in their safe spaces to cuddle w/their…1 

Sophie Ro ‏@SophieRo3 
@GeorgeEliseo @BreitbartNews…’comfort animals or plush toys’ whilst screaming about patriarchy & the ‘violence’ you inflicted on them… 2

Sophie Ro ‏@SophieRo3 
@GeorgeEliseo @BreitbartNews…to their Diversity & Tolerance Deans and trauma counsellors and demand that a Star Chamber convene to… 3

Sophie Ro ‏@SophieRo3
@GeorgeEliseo @BreitbartNews…send you to Rm 101 for castration for committing a thoughtcrime & the failure to issue… 4 

Sophie Ro ‏@SophieRo3
@GeorgeEliseo @BreitbartNews…a trigger warning. Afterall, they have the ‘right’ to parade their fugly axilla folicles…5

Sophie Ro ‏@SophieRo3 
@GeorgeEliseo @BreitbartNews…and you don’t have any ‘right’ whatsoever to look at them! 

George Eliseo ‏@GeorgeEliseo 
@SophieRo3 Ha I wish I were that cool, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) the article’s by @nero @BreitbartNews

Sophie Ro ‏@SophieRo3 
@GeorgeEliseo Well, in that case, @Nero had better watch his step or ‘one way or another they're gonna find ya. They’re gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha.’

George Eliseo ‏@GeorgeEliseo 
@SophieRo3 Blondie rocks! @Nero 

Sophie Ro ‏@SophieRo3 
@GeorgeEliseo @Nero Yes, she does. I was listening to that song earlier today as I wrote a post. Had to go with Goodbye Earl instead. 

'Earl, ain't it dark, wrapped up in that tarp?'

Sophie Ro ‏@SophieRo3
@GeorgeEliseo @Nero If you read this, you can probably understand why...
Who says Lorena Bobbitts can't strike twice?

And, sure ’nuff, the day after Fort Collins votes to allow women to parade around topless in public, women will start screaming that men are ogling them for good, bad, and repulsive reasons. Then, they will start protesting about how #FreeBreastsMatter and anyone who disagrees with them is just a cog in the patriarchal wheel attempting to 'continue oppressing them'. 

They will argue that when someone looks at their breasts without a ‘Yes Means Yes’ contract – whether they are a male, female, child, tranny, eir, zirself, etc – they are committing an ‘act of violence’ and should be prosecuted because this #RapeCulture MUST end!

Before long, the nutters will be demanding a new tax increase to pay for universal, government-controlled blinders so that everyone can only look at that which is permitted by Big Brother.

07 October 2015

Arguing With A GunGrabber: Guns v Scissors, Frosted Flakes v 'Karaoke Bars'

If you nuts want to mock the brainy beautiful Mika, then I’ll mock you. Here is a philosophical question. Who’s game? I read a news piece about two grown men both were flatmates. They lived surrounded by guns. Guns on the kitchen table guns under their pillows, guns in the head, let’s just say guns everywhere. One night one of the flatmates got hungry and ate the last bowl of Frosted Flakes. The other flatmate took a gun on the table and blew away his friend, because he was saving that bowl for morning. Now, was the gun the problem or was it a Frosted Flakes problem? 

- OliverB on October 6, 2015 at 6:33 PM 

It's the Liberty versus Control's version of rock, paper, scissors! 

OK, so like there was this woman named Zhang. One day, she got all paranoid and hissy and started to think that her man was foolin’ around with some sweet, young thang down at the local ‘karaoke bar’ (Insider tip: in China, a ‘karaoke bar’ is slang for brothel). So, she crushed up some sleeping pills and put them in Han Mou’s drink. After he passed out, she proceeded to cut off his penis with a pair of scissors. For good measure, she flushed the member down the loo to ensure that there would be no reconnection, so to speak. 

Fast forward three months, an apology, a release on bail, and reconciliation. Han decided that, even though he still loved his wife, he was, once again, determined to get a divorce because Psychang was ‘just too jealous’. ‘While awaiting Zhang’s trial, the pair still lived together with their children. But, fearing that his wife might go to prison, Han Mou went out to look for a new partner, someone to be a mother to his children if their biological mother ended up behind bars.’ (Dude, I’ve been really feeling your pain up until now, but I must admit that it is just a tad selfish to seek out a replacement wife for the sole purpose of caring for your spawn. 我選擇了你,你選擇了我,這是我們的選擇。我會愛你直到海枯和岩石崩。/ I chose you, you chose me, and this is our choice. I’ll love you until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble.’

One day, out of the blue, Zhang just flipped out over something about Han’s trousers…or so she claimed. Obviously, her psychosis, jealousy, husband’s rejection, pending divorce, looming prison sentence, and the prospect of another woman bagging his tea and I’m not talking about preparing Han’s afternoon Xinyang Fur Tip green tea, IYKWIMAITTYD, had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it./ 

So, Mrs Zhang Thang obtained a syringe and used it to inject crushed sleeping pills into a container of milk from which she knew her husband would drink. Sure enough, he drank it and soon, sure 'nuff, Qiáozhì Foreman was out for the count whilst Zhang Ali was floating like a butterfly as she proceeded to retrieve her trusty pair of scissors. After which, she returned to the scene of the crime because...why not? Since she could not remove the penis because it was, by then, floating somewhere in the South China Sea, she could hack away at her man’s remaining testicles, which she gleefully did while probably singing 'Earl, ain't it dark, wrapped up in that tarp?' or some Chinese version thereof. 

I doubt that there has been reconciliation, but I can reasonably predict that Han Mou is now known as Han Solo

Now, was Han Mou the problem? 

Or were the ‘karaoke bars’ the problem? 

Or was Han’s drink the problem? 

Or were the sleeping pills the problem? 

Or was Han’s penis the problem? 

Or were the scissors the problem? 

Or was the toilet the problem? 

Or were Han’s trousers the problem? 

Or was the syringe the problem? 

Or was the milk the problem? 

Or were Han’s testicles the problem? 


It’s really not a difficult question to answer, good ol’ Ollie.

Oh!!! A test I can pass! I choose “Was the fact than Zhang was a nutter the problem?” for $1000 Alex! :) 

- smokeyblonde on October 6, 2015 at 10:56 PM 

If Zhang of Anhui had been your typical terrorist, Zayda of Benghazi, ‘out for a walk one night and decided [she'd] go kill some Americans’, the answer would be: 

‘Was the fact that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula made a video, Innocence of Muslims, which only about 300 people worldwide had seen, the problem?’ for $1,000, Alex!'


Ollie, Charles CW Cooke has a few words for you.  Here's an excerpt:

An Open Rant Aimed at Those Who Would Repeal the Second Amendment 

Talk is cheap, but persuading Americans to surrender their rights will be expensive, difficult, and time-consuming… 
When the likes of Rob Delaney and Bill Maher and Keith Ellison say that we need to get rid of the Second Amendment, they are not speaking in a vacuum but reflecting the views of a small but vocal portion of the American population. 
And they mean it. 
That being so, here’s the million-dollar question: What the hell are they waiting for? Go on, chaps. Bloody well do it. 
Seriously, try it. Start the process. Stop whining about it on Twitter, and on HBO, and at the Daily Kos. Stop playing with some Thomas Jefferson quote you found on Google. Stop jumping on the news cycle and watching the retweets and viral shares rack up. Go out there and begin the movement in earnest. Don’t fall back on excuses. Don’t play cheap motte-and-bailey games. And don’t pretend that you’re okay with the Second Amendment in theory, but you’re just appalled by the Heller decision. You’re not. Heller recognized what was obvious to the amendment’s drafters, to the people who debated it, and to the jurists of their era and beyond: That “right of the people” means “right of the people,” as it does everywhere else in both the Bill of Rights and in the common law that preceded it. A Second Amendment without the supposedly pernicious Heller “interpretation” wouldn’t be any impediment to regulation at all. It would be a dead letter. It would be an effective repeal. It would be the end of the right itself. In other words, it would be exactly what you want! Man up. Put together a plan, and take those words out of the Constitution. 
It’ll be tough explaining to suburban families that their established conception of American liberty is wrong. You might even suffer at the polls because of it. But that’s what it’s going to take. This will involve hard work, of course. You can’t just sit online and preen to those who already agree with you. No siree. Instead, you’ll have to go around the states — traveling and preaching until the soles of your shoes are thin as paper. You’ll have to lobby Congress, over and over and over again. You’ll have to make ads and shake hands and twist arms and cut deals and suffer all the slings and arrows that will be thrown in your direction. You’ll have to tell anybody who will listen to you that they need to support you; that if they disagree, they’re childish and beholden to the “gun lobby”; that they don’t care enough about children; that their reverence for the Founders is mistaken; that they have blood on their goddamn hands; that they want to own firearms only because their penises are small and they’re not “real men.” And remember, you can’t half-a$s it this time. You’re not going out there to tell these people that you want “reform” or that “enough is enough.” You’re going there to solicit their support for removing one of the articles within the Bill of Rights. 
Make no mistake: It’ll be unpleasant strolling into Pittsburgh or Youngstown or Pueblo and telling blue-collar Democrat after blue-collar Democrat that he only has his guns because he’s not as well endowed as he’d like to be. It’ll be tough explaining to suburban families that their established conception of American liberty is wrong. You might even suffer at the polls because of it. But that’s what it’s going to take. So do it. Start now. Off you go.

17 September 2015

For The #IStandWithAhmed Outrage Crowd, Where Were YOU When...???

So, a 14 year-old boy in Irving, Texas, was arrested and suspended for bringing a homemade clock to school that one teacher and the principal thought 'looked' like it might be a bomb, even though the kid's science teacher told them he was a 'whiz kid' and the 'bomb' was a homemade clock.  You wouldn't probably have heard about this case except for the fact that the student, Ahmed Mohamed, is a Muslim.  Only when school 'Zero Tolerance' policies affect members of a particular class does the Left freak out...and speak out.  President Obama extends an invitation to the White House. Hillary Clinton cheers. Mark Zuckerberg offers the kid an internship at Facebook. CAIR and its partners decry the administration's 'See something, say something' admonition. Representative Keith Ellison, one of only two Muslim members of Congress, walks around the campus with a mattress strapped to his back Capitol with a clock that looks nothing like the one made by Ahmed. And, the cries of 'Islamophobia' ring out from San Francisco to New York to London to Tehran.  For all of you, I have a few questions...

Where were YOU when schools adopted 'Zero Tolerance' policies?
Where were YOU when... 'Zero Tolerance' policies in schools were enacted?
Where were YOU as young as 5 were being detained or suspended for 'violating' schools' 'Zero Tolerance' policies?
Where were YOU when...we were vocalising our disgust at the ridiculousness of school 'Zero Tolerance' policies?
Where were YOU when...we were screaming how school 'No Tolerance' policies were ending asinine arrests, suspensions or expulsions of blacks for absolutely ridiculous things?
Where were YOU when...we were condemning the idiocy of school 'Zero Tolerance' policies?
Where were YOU when...we were screaming how school 'No Tolerance' policies were ending asinine arrests, suspensions or expulsions of Latinos for absolutely ridiculous things?
Where were YOU when... we were screaming about all of this ridiculousness?
Where were YOU when...we were screaming how school 'No Tolerance' policies were ending asinine arrests, suspensions or expulsions of whites for absolutely ridiculous things?
Why is it that YOU only weigh in now that school 'Zero Tolerance' policies and overreaction have affected a Muslim?

Why is it that, AFTER you have supported school 'Zero Tolerance' policies for decades, do you only get upset when they impact one of your special class, pet projects?

Why is it that you are absolutely fine with school 'Zero Tolerance' policies when they apply to guns, American flags, prayer by Christians, nutrition, 'rape', etc, but blow a bloody gasket when your same intolerant, common-sense-lacking, overreactive policies impact a 15 year-old Muslim?

Dearest Hillary,

Where were YOU, luvvie, when this idiocy started producing predictable results?

Why are you weighing in now?

Is it because you are free-falling in the polls and need to pander, pander, pander?

You are about as 'authentic' as a $3 bill.

Yuck, yuck, yuck.

11 September 2015

I Understand Why You 'Get' Trump, I'm Just Not Sure What We'd Be Getting In Return

Listen, I, personally, get why people are pulling for Trump, who is neither a conservative nor a libertarian.  We are all frustrated to the point of blind fury.  We feel betrayed.  We feel like no one is either listening to or working for our interests.  We love the fact that Trump takes it to the PC Crowd, the Establishment, and the media.  Even Bill Maher gets it.

Throughout the world, elites in government, business, society, media, and academia have said to us:

1. We know better what's best for you than you do.

2. We don't care if only a minority of you support what we are doing, we are doing it anyway. See the 21% support for the Iran deal, for example.

3. Democracy is 'too messy' and so is republicanism.  We, elites, cannot wait for the consent of the government.  So sorry.

4. You are just a bunch of nuts, cranks, sticklers for the Constitution and the rule of law, racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, bigoted reactionaries clinging to your guns and religion.

5. Learn that the system is OUR favour...and we are going to keep it that way...even if we have to flat-out deceive you and dismiss your vote.  Besides, we have to  take into consideration the opinions of those who can’t be bothered to get off the couch and go vote!

'When it becomes serious, you have to lie.'

- Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU, who claims that unelected representatives and apparatchiks should be able to overrule the opinions and rights of 500 people because WE. ARE. THE. EXPERTS. AND. WE. GET. TO. DECIDE. WHAT. IS. SERIOUS.

Note: Every member of the EU has abolished the death penalty, BUT, interestingly, in the EUSSR with its 28 unelected, unaccountable apparatchiks, the death penalty was reintroduced in a footnote to the Treaty of Lisboa, upon neither the whole nor part of which the overwhelming majority of Europeans were allowed to vote.  In its “explanations” and “negative definitions” accompanying the fundamental rights, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union allows a reintroduction of the death penalty in case of war or imminent war, BUT ALSO THE KILLING OF HUMANS TO SUPPRESS INSURGENCY OR RIOT.  You see, unelected and unaccountable bodies cannot be bothered with things like human rights if their very existence comes under ever the slightest threat.

These are the same people, along with the ECB and IMF, that have:

A. Orchestrated the overthrow of the Italian government and installed a technocracy.

B. Ordered the bank accounts of Cypriots be raided even though they violated the EUSSR and ECB's own deposit insurance programmes.

C. Put a gun to the head of the (irresponsible and not particularly sympathetic either) nation of Greece and stated that the results of the referendum were irrelevant.

D. In 2005, both the Dutch and the French overwhelmingly rejected adopting the EUSSR Constitution. 'So? We'll just impose it on you via this new interpretation of this old treaty.'  Ireland was supposed to vote in 2005 or 2006, but after the Dutch and French failures, the EUSSR pushed through the Lisbon Treaty, which changed the mechanisms.  In 2008, the Irish rejected the Constitution.  The EUSSR said, 'You'd better have a do-over'.  So, in October 2009 when Ireland's finances were melting down and it needed a bailout, a referendum was scheduled and the government fearmongered a majority into voting 'Yea.'  The 'gutless' PM Gordon Brown - and everyone knows how much I detest the man - was bullied into signing the Lisbon Treaty, which basically removed jurisdiction over immigration to Brussels, among other things, by the  then-EUSSR President Jose Manuel Barroso and Premier Jose Socrates of Portugal.  I can go on and on (look at the ongoing invasion and the EUSSR's demand that 'refugees be redistributed' and countries pay huge fines if they fail to accept their quotas), but you get the idea.

This rejection of democracy, self-government, and the individual rights of man is happening all over the world and it will not end well....BUT, it does not nor should not mean that we elect comedians, like Beppe Grillo, or radical nutters like Jeremy(!) Corbyn.  Reagan was an entertainer, true.  He was also a successful, two-term governor and had been a movement leader for decades.  He didn't decide to run for President as a Republican in 1980 after donating to Democrat Jimmy Carter in 1976. Trump has been a successful businessman, but how will he govern?  He also needs to learn that, if he wants to be taken seriously, he can’t claim to be just an entertainer.

E. Progress is always good (even when pre-cancerous cells progress into a terminal condition...we don't have to pay for your old white arse.  We can import some new 'brown' children,)

F. You WILL bend over, grab your ankles, and like it.  Then, you will say: THANK. YOU. MEIN. FUHRERS. MAY. I. PLEASE. HAVE. ANOTHER!

As I admitted yesterday, there are days when I wish that some people in power would turn out to pasture or just fvcking die already.  I hate myself for it because I don't want to wish horrible things on other people, but I'm human and I get seriously frustrated at times.  Of course, there are other people that I hope everyday will the Ayatollah, ISIS fighters, Lil' Kim's Lil' Un. Just like I would have wished for Hitler and Stalin to die.

8.. When those in power try to censor and ever more restrict people, the latter is eventually going to turn to the loudest brawler they can find.  It's almost like we are all becoming Jon Stewart's audience.  We whoop it up and love it when one of ours 'destroys', 'annihilates' one of theirs (even if Stewart was credited with far more kills than he actually achieved).  Perhaps, civilisation hasn't really progressed much since the Romans cheered on the lions to eat the Christians.

To paraphrase Mark Steyn (because I cannot find the actual quote):

When supposedly responsible and sober leaders forbid the governed to vocally recognise reality, eventually the latter will turn to irresponsible and shoot-first-aim-later ones.

His quote is much better, but I think the sentiment is the same.  Those in power have been telling you 'NO, NO, NO!' for so long, that they do not deserve your support or loyalty.  In our legitimate anger, we cannot, however, just turn to anyone simply because s/he's taken it to the objects of our fury.

I understand the anger and frustration.  I share it.  I really, really do, but I don't know if I am ready to burn the place down.  History tells us that, almost always, what comes next is worse. French monarchy ~> French Revolution ~> National Razor Begins to Consume its own ~> Revolution gives rise to the dictator, Napoleon.  When things get really bad and chaotic, most people opt for security and call for a strongman rather than fight for their liberty and freedom.  Remember, the majority of colonialists were NOT on the side of Washington and the Revolutionaries.  The land was divided into roughly three camps: 1. Pro-Independence; 2. Pro-English; and, 3. The 18th century's version of 'Y'all didja see Bey's new video and what Kim & Kanye did?'

Donald Trump isn't a conservative nor is he one with a libertarian streak.  He is a successful businessman and a marketing genius, especially when it comes to self-promotion.  He has some good ideas and he is certainly bringing up and making the country talk about things that the 'elites' normally say are off-limits.  But, even the most avid supporter has to admit that he doesn't always hold what one would consider to be 'constitutional principles.' 

I can't say that I would never, ever, ever vote for him.  There are others of which I can definitely say that.  Nevertheless, I gotta tell ya, I'd still be very uneasy pulling the lever for him because, FOR JUST ONE EXAMPLE, HE SUPPORTS THE KELO DECISION, one of the worst decisions ever rendered by the Supreme Court.  Ever.

We should never be meek in our fight.  We should make the other side play by their own rules (Alinsky Rule #4).  Yet, we shouldn't loose our heads and become the kind of people that we oppose.  You can attract more flies with honey than vinegar.  You can slip a shiv between the 5th and 6th ribs and get right to 'the heart of the matter', figuratively (of course), with the sweetest smile you've ever given.

I like tough guys, but not mercurial ones.  Reagan gave Gorbachev an ultimatum, was prepared to walk out at Reykjavík, and did.  He wasn't going to negotiate with the Communists as our equals nor try to meet them halfway, which would be like us saying to Russia 'You can keep your nuclear warheads aimed at only half of our cities!' or to Hitler: 'Listen, Herr Hitler, if you give us back France and 3 million Jews, you can keep Czechoslovakia, Austria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, the Balkans, Ukraine, Western Russia, etc, along with the other 3 million Jews, plus all of your slave labour acquired east of the Rhine and north of the southern most grain of sand on Gavdos!  Just let us have peace in our time and welcome you back to the community of nations!' 

Reagan had a plan and it was a simple one: We win. You lose.

I don't want leaders that treat the ruthless, homicidal mullahs in a theocracy with a GDP that has the grand total of $400 billion, who call for our deaths and those of our allies, like they are our equals, which they are not.  I don't want leaders who bargain from positions of weakness and give away the store to people that have murdered our people and have global aspirations of conquest.  And, I certainly don't want leaders that give the leading state sponsor of global terrorism the US GDP equivalent of $8 TRILLION so that they can carry on with their evil acts.

Yes, I have no doubt that Trump is a strong negotiator.  At this point, however, I am not yet convinced he has the principles, depth of knowledge, and/or temperament to be an effective President.  I just can't shake the vision of him banging his shoe on the table à la Khrushchev or pointing at Angela Merkel and saying, 'Look at that face!' 

Pic of the Day: On Eve Of 9/11, A Glorious Rainbow Appears To Emanate From The WTC

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 12.01.50 PM

Never forget.

Never again...

And, NO!, President Barack Obama, America cannot nor should not be prepared to just 'absorb another 9/11.'  We are talking about real people with real families!  We, Americans, are not like some on the Left, especially on the far left in Israel, who are willing to make 'sacrifices for peace'!


It's 9/11.

A rainbow is over the WTC.



10 September 2015

Pic of the Day: Racist & Homophobic Georgia Farmer Honours Chris Kyle; Does Nothing For Mumia, Trayvon, Michael, Chelsea And Caitlyn!

SJWs' heads to explode in 5...4...3...2...

What? The mass murderer, Chris Kyle, gets an honour while the real courageous heroes, Caitlyn Jenner (who may be going to jail), Chelsea Manning (who is in prison), and Mumia Abu-Jamal (who is no longer on Death Row, but is now ill and heinously suffering in general population) get persecuted!  Our democracy has been stolen!  The Military-Industrial Complex, the Koch Brothers, capitalists, the Mossad, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers have, obviously, conspired with this redneck farmer to honour American aggression and Imperialism while working to keep 'The Other' down.  We all know this since there isn't a crop circle encompassing this field.

Chris Kyle kills more than 150 brown people and is murdered by another mercenary and veteran of the American war machine and he is bestowed some kind of Horticulture Honour???  What jingoistic insanity is next?  Is some moron in Bumfvckville, Indiana, going to create a Topographical Topiary for Sgt York or is some RWNJ in Infinitassimal, Iowa, going to put a giant Ronald Reagan garden gnome in front of his house to express his intolerance and bigotry?

These arseholes' right to express themselves freely and engage is trivial cultivational pursuits didn't get those rights because of people like Chris Kyle.  No, my friends!  These stupid-racist-sexist-homophobic-Islamophobic-xenophobic-home-schooled-dirt-eating-snake-handling-sister-marrying-deer-shooting-squirrel-eating-hick-n-hustering-moonshine-running-meth-cooking-one-tooth-brushing-single-hair-comb-overing-blue-plate-'n-light-special-luvin'-stand-at-attention-WalMart-shopping-ignorant-untravelled-flag-waving-cry-in-their-beers-and-with-Lee-Greenwood-Teabag-waving-guns-n-Bibles-bitter-clinging morons have these rights because people like Mumia, Bill Ayers, Joanne Chesimard, Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, the Black Panthers, the Black Guerilla Family, ActUp!, etc, understood 'The Struggle' and stood up to 'The Man'...not some white killer from Texas who would have pried the gun from Charleton Heston's cold, dead hands if it meant he could kill a few more Muslims!  I know that.  You know that.  We all know that. 

It's the truth just as 'Hands Up! Don't Shoot!' was even if the Fascist sellouts in the Obama Administration and Eric Holder's DOJ said otherwise.  Don't forget that the turncoat, Holder, used to defend Gitmo detainees for free, but how many poor, black men, who ain't hurtin' nobody when dey knock over a Quik-Trip for a box of Swisher Sweets and are oppressed by PoPostapo every day, has he defended?  And, doncha forget, Holder called the United States 'a nation of cowards' because we ain't engagin' in a 'real conversation' on race.  Dude don't know the time for talking is long past.  It's time for all of 'The Others' to stand up and take out the other others.

I mean, c'mon, grandma-loving, church-going, and future, perennial college Dean's Lister, Michael Brown, gets murdered and what does this oppressed, black man get?

A fvcking plaque?!?!?! It's not enough! We need to demand that the memorials in Washington named for slave-owning, white dudes with wooden teeth, who ain't did nothing to further the rights of man or move civilisation down a road of freedom, liberty, self-rule, and Progress!, should be renamed for men of true virtue, like our dearly departed brothers, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin!

It's time to bury dem crackas!

And, we should protest until the Federal government takes Emma Lazarus' poem off of the Statue of Liberty and etch the updated, paraphrased and immortal words of Robert Watts, 1966, there instead:

'(My people have for too long been oppressed and given commands by the white oppressors in this country. I ain't going to fight for this immoral country and its racist people and institutions. Those people ain't never sent me a dime of reparations, but) I have already received my draft classification as 1-A and I have got to report for my physical this Monday coming. I am not going. If they ever make me carry a rifle the first man I want to get in my sights is L.B.J. (or any white cracka if they don't gimme room to destroy)!'


'You go, Robby! And don't forget the part about the need to end all American aggression and prove to the world how contrite we are (me: for saving Europe's arse twice, etc) for our imperialistic behaviour and that we will, in the future, be a reasonable member of the global community by ensuring the honourable, inclusive, diverse, tolerant, and benevolent mullahs of Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Why should the only country that has ever used nukes get to tell other countries that they can't? If Iran wants to wipe the Jews of Israel off of the map, why should we intervene? In fact, because like my friend libfreeordie says, Israel is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, we should be giving the beautiful and righteous people of Iran the weapons to liberate the oppressed Palestinians, who only want to live in peace and prosperity!'

- Medea Benjamin, Code Pink

Mr Farmer, have you no shame???

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