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20 March 2012

NPR: "Repeal Obamacare" Is Code For "White People Want Black People Hanging From Trees" Or Something


NPR Frames ObamaCare in Racial Terms


A reminder from the mainstream, tax-supported media: if you oppose ObamaCare, that may be because you are a white racist who hates our black president.

That's the gist of Shankar Vedantam's story this morning on National Public Radio's Morning Edition, which reports on a new study published by Michael Tesler in the American Journal of Political Science.

Tesler presents data "that suggest that the racial attitudes of ordinary Americans have shaped both how they feel about the health care overhaul, and how intense those feelings are."

In particular:

"Tesler finds that blacks have become increasingly supportive of health care under Obama's watch. Among whites, Tesler finds a sharp divide between whites who have a liberal outlook on racial issues compared with those who have a conservative outlook on racial issues."

Yet correlation does not imply causation, and the key to understanding the divisions over ObamaCare is not race but politics.

As UCLA political scientist Tim Groseclose notes in Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind, the most important factor in political conflict in the United States is ideology--the liberal versus conservative divide. 

So the key is not whether people have a liberal or conservative "outlook on racial issues," but whether they have a liberal or conservative outlook, period. 

And the key factor in growing political divisions is not that Barack Obama is a black president, but that he is a particularly divisive one--far more so than his last Democratic predecessor--passing ObamaCare with no Republican votes and distorting the parliamentary rules of the Senate to do so.

That reality does not stop NPR from using Tesler's research to tout race as playing a "powerful role" in debates over ObamaCare--just in time for the second anniversary of the law's passage, and the start of Supreme Court arguments about whether it is constitutional.

In 2010, the media did their best to tarnish opposition to ObamaCare with false accusations of racism, and lies about the "N-word" being hurled by Tea Party demonstrators at black legislators on Capitol Hill. 

There they go again...


Dear NPR:

Remember Ohio's Issue 2 on collective bargaining? It was defeated with 63% of the vote. 81 of 88 counties voted to defeat it.

Do you know what else was on the ballot that day?

Issue 3, which was a referendum on an Ohio law that says no person in Ohio shall be compelled to purchase health insurance.

Do you know how it did?

It passed with 67% of the vote AND WON EVERY COUNTY IN THE STATE OF OHIO.

Were all of those that voted against Governor Kasich's collective bargaining reforms and for a law against Obama's individual mandate WHITE, CONSERVATIVE RACISTS?

And, again, my dear NPR:

Do you remember Proposition C in Missouri?

The measure changed state law to bar any government entity from fining a person for failing to buy health insurance.

It passed with 71.1% of the vote.

Bear in mind that over 315,000 Democrats turned out to cast ballots in the primary that nominated Robin Carnahan, while over 577,000 Republicans hit the polls. That is about a 65/35 split — which means that a significant amount of Democrats either supported the ballot measure repudiating ObamaCare, or didn’t bother to cast a vote to defend the programme.

Were all of those Democrats that either supported the ballot measure repudiating Obamacare or couldn't be bothered to defend it WHITE, CONSERVATIVE RACISTS?

And, dear NPR:

A newly released USA Today/Gallup poll shows that, by a margin of 13 percentage points (53 to 40%), swing-state voters want Obamacare to be repealed. The poll included registered voters in 12 key states: FL, OH, VA, PA, WI, NV, CO, IA, NH, NC, NM, and MI. By a margin of 15 points (53 to 38%), registered voters in those state think it was “a bad thing” that President Obama’s signature legislation was passed.

When asked how Obamacare would affect their family’s “healthcare situation” in “the long run,” swing-state voters said Obamacare would make it “worse,” rather than “better,” by a margin of more than 2 to 1 (42% “worse,” to 20% “better”).

Moreover, by the overwhelming margin of 4 to 1 (76 to 19%), registered voters in these 12 states say that Obamacare’s individual mandate is unconstitutional. Nationwide (not just in the swing states), a clear majority of Democrats — 56% — agree that the individual mandate is unconstitutional.

Are all of these people WHITE, CONSERVATIVE RACISTS?

And, dearest NPR:

Candidates and leaders of the Green Party of the United States expressed hope that the Supreme Court will strike down the 'individual mandate' section of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) when the court issues a ruling on its constitutionality in late March.

Is the Green Party made up of WHITE, CONSERVATIVE RACISTS?

And, lastly my dear, NPR:

President Obama attacked the Individual Mandate in 200.




omalone1 said...

Yes, the longer they bolster this racial banter the more likely it is that the non white people will remain confused, and pacified, waiting for a daddy to intervene and advocate on their behalf.

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