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20 March 2012

Tales From The War On Women

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The Democrat Comic-Strip Narrative Series present:


By the DNC-Media Complex


It's the beginning of the 21st century. The US economy is crumbling because of George Bush. The Republicans prevent young President Obama from fixing it because they get rich off the people's suffering. To distract from the economic issues, the Republicans begin an unprovoked War on Women with a surprise attack on a young attractive activist, who has quickly become a sex symbol for all American men and a role model for all women - except Republicans.

The narrative is still being created, as the battles rage in the minds of the hired script writers of the DNC-Media Complex. The suffering of the women has already been established, and the war propaganda is flowing seamlessly from the Mainstream Media outlets.

However, the GOP side has been slow on the uptake. Granted, it isn't easy to manufacture the appearance of the GOP War Propaganda effort if you're a Democrat. Neither has there been any Republican Chauvinist Male saber-rattling to match that coming from the Democrat Women's camp. That may confuse the news consumer as to who is fighting whom.

Without the identifiable Republican propaganda and rattling, the war narrative lacks depth and credibility. Only one militant call to arms has been published on our pages, by none other than $.$. Halliburton. And yet there haven't been any militant Republican visuals to match that.

The Democrat Women's Army Propaganda Machine relies heavily on Photoshopping old-time war propaganda posters to spread their message.

But some of them have been embarrassing imitations thereof, especially the Gaia one.

That gave us an idea to use old wartime posters from the Motherland to represent the War Machine of the Misogynist Republican Army (the MRA) - solely for the purpose of widening and deepening the ongoing media narrative.

Submit your own entries to the next edition of WAR ON WOMEN™ Comic-Strip Series. Post here images or simply stories - stories of valor, cowardice, sacrifice, treason, blood and gore that you have "observed," or have been "part of."

Famous quotations are also welcome.

For example: "We shall fight women on the beaches, we shall fight them on the playgrounds, we shall fight them in the streets, the supermarkets, shopping mall parking lots, we shall never surrender." - The GOP

Slogans will work as well, such as:

"Hate-filled Republican misogynists! Unite in the Republican War on Women! Stage vile, outrageous, and unceasing attacks! Exploit, abuse, and deny women their rights!" - Rush Limbaugh

Give us your war tales!