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27 May 2013

The HotAirians (Pics)

'F stands for F-I-R-S-T!' - Bishop

Axe: Damn Sparky! But, I've grown accustomed to this bucket and I'm not giving it back!

'Whatever happened, Axe did it.' - Sparky

Williamg - told you he took Doc Emmett Brown to a whole, new level!

KCB - I'd know that ass anywhere.  YOWZA!

Swalker: Yeah, I'm into weird things and the David Lee Roth resemblance is purely an accident of being a former rock star.

Kingjester:  He's so cute when he prays.

Schad:  I know that there is some Goebbel's propaganda behind this.  Lions, dachshunds, and a legless guy.  Oh, my!

'…my daughter is there…I’m stressing!' - Koolaid2

Dire's dream job:  Boob-n-bra warmer

Scrumpydoodles:  Colourful.  Cute.  Loves the lagoon.  Pops in and out.

'Don't let appearances fool you, I eat Progs for breakfast.' - Pambi

'Give me your Al Qaeda, your grungy, your befuddled asses yearning to be mincemeat.' - MarshFox

'Proudly standing out in a Sea of Stetsons.  And, just who are you calling Twerp?  I'm packing serious heat, baby!'

'Make love, not sausage.' - Mr & Mrs Arnold Ziffel 

'It's good to be the Queen writer!'

'Florida is for lovers.  What can I say?  Jealous? You should be.' - Bazil9

'I am the Wolly, goo goo goo joob goo goo goo joob
Goo goo goo joob goo goo goo joob
Goo gooooooooooo jooba jooba jooba jooba jooba jooba
Jooba jooba
Jooba jooba
Jooba jooba'

'Allah my love, Allah my love, Allah my love to you and you and you and yeah.  I get a little bit Eeyorish.  Just a little, just a little, just a little bit Eeyorish. Just a little bit.Sometime, sometime, sometime, sometime .. ooh.  Hey, hey, hey.. hey, hey, hey.
Oo-hoo, yeah. ' - Allahpundit

'Heaven?  A 24/7/365 day pantless week-end!' - Cozmo

'Oh. My. God. that 5 year-old has brought a plastic gun to school!  Run for the hills!  Clutch pearls!' - Karmi

'Screw with me and I'll turn ALL OF YOU into virtual toads or make you do something like this.' - Bmore

A two-month old Bengal tiger cub, Tily, snarls in its enclosure at the animal refuge La Fundacion Refugio Salvaje (Furesa) in La Libertad on the outskirts of San Salvador. The refuges takes care of animals in danger of extinction.

'I'm a tiger when I want love and a snake when we disagree...'Cuz it's bungle in the jungle Glade.' - Resist We Much

'Zapped! F-! F-! F-!' - Del

'I SAID Orca!!!!' - Anti-Control

'I wuvs brew.  Brew wuvs me.  We're best blends like blends should be.  With a great big sip and a kiss from me to brew.  Won't brews say they wuvs me, too?' - Coffee Lover

'Dude, can't you see that I'm working here?' - Online Analyst

'Honey, these boots were made for kicking Prog asses!' - Patriot Gal

'He, who coils in gold, rules the world.' - Midas (Male ID# TW0505)

'Let me tell you the real troof about Trig Palin!' - Chump-Sans-Threads

'I like tits.  So, shoot me!' - AngryMike

'I'm too sexy for my shirt. Too sexy for my shirts. So sexy it hurts.' - HotAirLib

'Bluegill, it's what's for dinner.' - Sarah Palin

'Have I mentioned that I graduated from Harvard Law Hair School?' - Nonpartisan

'If I had known earlier, you would have been dead sooner.' - Rob Kim Roy

'I'm hated by people on every continent except Antarctica.  Beat that.' - Hawkdriver

'3-D printers?  Pfffft!  I've got my guuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrllllllllsssss making my own guns...and just let Obama try to register 'em!' - Tommy71

'Like my new bowl-cut rug?  Before you answer, remember, that I swing a mean banhammer!' - Captain Ed

'I may be demure and elegant, but I'm also deadly.  Just ask Nonpartisan.' - Miss Cindy Munford

'Kern is kewl.' - Cornfeed Bubba

'I've been salty and intellectually killing more than mockingbirds since I was a wee ham.' - Mary Katharine

'I don't understand.  Every single day, I get my ass handed to me.  Make it stop, Mummy, please.  It burns.' - Bayam

'Yeah, I'm an ass and I luv me sum, too.  Have I ever told you about my May-December man-boy-mance?' - liveenslavedthendie

'Don't let the warm-n-fuzziness fool ya.  I'm sly like a fox.' - Liam

'This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home...' - Count to 10

'OK, my 'ElectronGod Particle' needs a little more work...' - Electrongod

'Take no prisoners. 死への戦い!' - NOholdsBARred

'On our Omertà, La Monkey Nostra takes care of our babbos.  Capisce?' - VorDaj

'Beware the force of neon.  It lasts for eons.' - eon

'Huh? Whaaaaaat? A thong, a stripper pole and PatGal's boots?' - whatcat, the morning after

'Somewhere, A Motherland Has Lost Its Idiot.' - Every intellectual poster on Hot Air on the subject of LostMotherland

'Everytime a liberal goes into one of its Utopian arguments, I can only roll my eyes.' - Lady Culcha Vulcha

PS:  This is one of my all-time favourites.

'But of course...not that there's anything wrong with it.' -Verbaluce

'Yes, I am a double asshole.  I cannot present nor refute the facts; projectively, accuse others of that which I’m guilty and call everyone else idiots every time they hand me my ass on a platter.' - sesquipedalian

'I'm the Energizer Bunny of News!' - Canopfor

'If I told you where my Troll-Kill database and records were, I'd have to kill you.' - Rogerb

'It wasn't me.  I'm a master of the computer.' - IT Guy

'Children LOVE my sockpuppet.' - Molester

'They seek me here, they seek me there,
Those HotAirians seek me everywhere.
Am I in heaven?—Am I in hell?
That depends on what Media Matters tells me to say.' - PercyB

I'm not done yet so don't feel ignored if I've omitted you.  Your turn is coming.  lol


angrymike said...

That's some funny stuff there........;-D

angrymike said...

Lolz, you crazy.........;-D

Predictable-History said...

Nailed you! LOL

Axe said...

I don't know what that AngryMike thing is, and I don't want to know what that AngryMike thing is. :) The eye-popping, I get.

Love Hawk's, in particular.

onlineanalyst said...

That is some mighty funny stuff, perceptively on target

Electrongod said...

I observe the speed limit...

No...I really do...

Anonymous said...

No way would Bishop use the word silly.

Love the rest.

Nobar said...

Oh how I wish I was more descriptive with the HA crowd.

eon said...

Uh-oh, I'm in trouble nowwww...




williamg said...

Love these pictures.....they're better than memories - a lot more amusing and they never go away!

wbhickok said...

Resist, as always you are gonna drive some crazy, others amused, still others in disbelief on how do you know. Yet all in awe of your wicked sense of humor and wisdom...
Glad you still make so many laugh with delight and good humor...

Vous êtes un cadeau, belle ...

angrymike said...

You really nailed Canopfor, that's hilarious ........;-D

eon said...

Darn it. How did you get that hidden camera into my secret lair?




TDC said...

The gif(jiff!) of canopfor is hilarious!

Nice work RWM!

neyney said...

I can only hope someday to be profiled as a HotArian. Hey a girl can dream

IT Guy said...

Heh, heh! This post is a classic!

Thank you for including me. I'm glad that you didn't portray me as this. I actually look much closer to this. :-)

NotCoach said...

I love it RWM. I think it's missing something though...

MissK said...

Fascinating stuff and from the reactions, seems like you hit the nail on the head :D

I don't know your H/A crowd, except one, Angrymike... and this coincidence it too funny for me not to share. A while back I did a guessing game post, and yours truly was trying to guess. Check what pic I ended up posting for him because of his guess. Almost, minus the titty eyes... ;-)

lovingmyUSA said...

Thanks for the LOL...great pics!

The War Planner said...

I shriek to be enshrined, RWM. If you don;t I'll pout and scream and hold my breath until I turn blue!

Anonymous said...

I second TWP's request. I also propose adding gg & l2g. :)

txmomof6 said...

Wish I'd found this earlier. Hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

No "who is John Galt?"

BallisticBob said...

Nailed Canapfot

Karen Lee said...

These are both funny and spot on. Brilliant!!! HA alumna nuclearoptional