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30 May 2013

Oh My! 76% of Registered Voters Want A Special IRS Prosecutor

The Lois Lerner Defence?

'Three-quarters of U.S. voters want a special prosecutor to investigate the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of Tea Party groups, according to a poll that showed a drop in President Barack Obama’s approval and trust ratings.

In the survey released today by Hamden, Connecticut-based Quinnipiac University, registered voters favored a special prosecutor by 76 percent to 17 percent. Those backing such a move included 63 percent of Democrats. 

The spotlight on the controversies has taken a toll on Obama’s standing. In the latest survey, 49 percent disapproved of his performance in office, with 45 percent approving. In a Quinnipiac poll released May 1, he received a 48 percent job-approval rating, with 45 percent disapproving. 

Obama was judged honest and trustworthy by 49 percent in the latest poll, with 47 disagreeing. In September 2011, the last time Quinnipiac asked that question, 58 percent said Obama was honest and trustworthy and 37 percent said he wasn’t. 

SoRo:  I'll say it again:  For the majority of Americans, the Internal Revenue Redistribution/Revenge Service is by far the part of the Federal government with which people have the most contact and they already think that the IRS is out of control, unfair, unbending, subjective, grotesquely intrusive, oppressive and the biggest threat to their own financial well-being.  OAd, please continue to claim that the IRS thingie is not a scandal, but merely a 'kerfuffle' - to use the descriptor of Mr B.O.Tingles Dance on MSNBC - and that it was only an operation conceived, planned, and implemented by a few 'rogue employees' in Cincinnati.  Please, luv.  It burns so good...for you.

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