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30 May 2013

Senator Insane McVain: Proving That You Can Turn 'New Hotness' Into 'Old & Busted' In The Space Of Two Hours

'I'm confident [that we can identify] the ‘good guys’ in Syria.'
- Senator Insane McVain, Anderson Cooper 360

Yesterday’s Old & Busted:


Today’s New Hotness:

‘Spox: ‘(Senator Insane McCain, who is renown for his discernment and prognostications) didn’t realise that he was posing with rebel kidnapper in Syria.’

You LITERALLY cannot make this shit up!

Flashback, 15 August 2009:


 Flashback II:

Senator Insane McCain poses with 'Libyan freedom fighters' in at execution site

McVain:  'Evidently, I saw not one, but two places of execution in Tripoli.  My bad.'


'What is it about Republicans like Senator Bob Dole and Senator John McCain, who have suffered suffered grievously from injuries inflicted by real enemies in foreign wars, that make them attack their own or honest, hard-working 'Hobbits' and 'whackobirds'?  What is it about them that causes them to lie - and, I mean, LIE - about Ronald Reagan?'


'Was he even aware he was in Syria?'

aryeung on May 30, 2013 at 10:10 AM

Doubtful. Personally, I heard a rumour that he was searching for a store in Turkey that sold Depends and baby food when he made a wrong turn and ended up in Syria. Just a rumour...of course.

I bet that, when Senator Insane McVain drives, he leaves the turn signal on while in the fast lane going 35mph in a 65 mph zone.

A famous, American comedian (can’t remember who off the top of my head because he was way before my time) used to tell a joke about old, demented fools leaving the turn signal on so long and inappropriately in Heaven that God finally got so fed up that he revoked their Heaven Card, had St Peter march them out of ‘The Pearly Gates,’ and sent them to Hell. The gist of it reminds me of McCain.

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