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05 December 2015

If You Want To Increase Your Odds Of Getting Murdered, Move To A State Obama Won In 2012!

States won by Barack Obama in 2012 and number of murders in 2014:

California: 1,697    

Colorado: 149

Connecticut: 83

Delaware: 54

District of Columbia: 105

Florida: 981

Hawaii: 5

Illinois: 428

Iowa: 55

Maine: 21

Maryland: 309

Massachusetts: 131

Michigan: 531

Minnesota: 82

Nevada: 169

New Hampshire: 12

New Jersey: 337

New Mexico: 96

New York: 613

Ohio: 436

Oregon: 73

Pennsylvania: 609

Rhode Island: 25

Vermont: 10

Virginia: 337

Washington: 172

Wisconsin: 158,

TOTAL: 7,678

States won by Mitt Romney in 2012 and number of murders in 2014:

Alabama: 1

Alaska: 41

Arizona: 258

Arkansas: 154

Georgia: 540

Idaho: 30

Indiana: 299

Kansas: 89

Kentucky: 160

Louisiana: 407

Mississippi: 161

Missouri: 402

Montana: 27

Nebraska: 51

North Carolina: 469

North Dakota: 14

Oklahoma: 167

South Carolina: 301

South Dakota: 15

Tennessee: 370

Texas: 1,141

Utah: 61

West Virginia: 62

Wyoming: 13

TOTAL: 5,233

04 December 2015

Like President Ford, @LindseyGrahamSC Cannot, Doesn't Want To & Will Not See It Coming!

Lindsey Graham: Let me drop a RINO truth bomb on you about why we can’t win with Ted Cruz as our nominee


Via the Blaze, someone on Twitter described this as Graham’s YOLO moment. This speech, to the Republican Jewish Coalition, was supposed to be about foreign policy but Cruz went on before him and I guess Grahamnesty had finally had his fill of the “bold colors, not pale pastels” pitch. He got into the race expecting to be hawkish artillery against the offensive from Rand Paul and libertarians. That offensive never happened and he’s been floating through the campaign ever since, sporadically attacking Trump, sometimes grumbling about Cruz, mostly complaining that no matter what we’re doing to damage our international enemies, we need to be doing much, much more.

Today that changed. Here’s nine full minutes of this guy tearing into Cruz, specifically about his hard line on — what else? — immigration and his preference for banning abortion without even an exception for rape. (Marco Rubio holds that position on abortion too although he’s said he’d accept a law with a rape exception if it meant limiting abortion for more conventional pregnancies.) You can’t win an election that way, says Graham, to which Cruz fans say: We’ll see. The beauty of nominating Cruz, even if you’re a Republican who prefers someone else, is that it’d be as pure a test of the “bold colors, not pale pastels” theory of winning elections since Ronald Reagan. In the 35 years since Reagan was nominated, no party nominee on either side has been as ideologically dogmatic as Cruz is.

Which means nominating Cruz would be about as controlled an experiment as our system could muster in how the electorate would react to a committed full-spectrum ideologue on the ballot. If he lost, especially if he lost badly, it would destroy the theory that the GOP’s problem in presidential elections lately is nominating mushy centrists who don’t really stand for anything. (That’s not how the loss would be spun by Cruz fans, of course — it would be blamed on media sabotage or whatever — but that’s the lesson other Republicans would draw.) Grahamnesty’s placing his bet now that if given a choice between Cruz’s bold colors and Hillary’s pale pastels, the pastels win. Prophet of doom is really the only role still open to him in the primaries, so that’s the one he’s going to play.

Lindsey Graham: Let me drop a RINO truth bomb on you about why we can’t win with pastel colours as our nominee, especially if that person is Lindsey ‘Let’s bomb everything, including Pluto!’ Graham.

Heck, even if Mizz Scarlett promenaded around all 46 counties in South Carolina in a dress made of Miss Ellen’s green, silk velvet with gold fringe portieres, he’d still lose by a bloody landslide. He might beat George Pataki and Jim Gilmore.

BTW, Lindz: The same exact crap was said by the GOPe, especially the Bushes and their surrogates, of the 40th (or 39th if you buy into the stupid Birtherism involving Chester B Arthur) President of the United States of America, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Let’s look at just a few of the things said about Reagan by Greater GOPers than you:

*     ‘He’s too conservative!’ 

(So were a lot of greats to which Graham will never measure up to)

*     ‘He’s a radical!’ 

(Anything right of centre-left is considered radical…Besides, remember when radical was chic?)

*   ‘He’s a stickler when it comes to the Constitution!’ 

(Treasonous bastard! ///)

*     ‘He’ll upend the gravy boat in DC!’

(However will we pay our kids’ tuition at St Paul’s, Exeter, Miss Porters?)

*     ‘He’s an amiable dunce – unlike, say, our brilliant 44th and his creased pants!/’

(Mr David Brooks, would you please pick up the white courtesy phone? Mr Brooks, white courtesy phone, please!)

*     ‘His temperament is unsuited for the POTUS. Can you imagine what would happen if he walked out on a Soviet leader at a Summit?’ 

(Yeah, we win. They lose.)

*     ‘He’ll start WWIII!’ 

(But, he didn’t.  Hell, he didn’t even start the arming of the Mujahedeen, including Osama bin Laden, in Afghanistan. President Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski did that on 3 July 1979 – ‘What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?’)

*     ‘Do you want his finger on the nuclear button?’ 

(‘Cuz, like, um, ya know, the guy who thought Poland was FREE! was in far better capacity of his mental facilities or something)

*     ‘He’ll take a meat cleaver to the Federal budget and get rid of waste, fraud, and abuse!’ 

(Oh, don’t tease me, you shameless hussy!)

‘But several of his characteristics seemed to rule him out as a serious challenger. One was his penchant for offering simplistic solutions to hideously complex problems…We have very little in common…I knew…that trying to satisfy these (right-wing) zealots would doom any general election hopes.’

— Former President Gerald Ford on Ronald Reagan and conservatives (I guess Americans preferred to take a chance on ‘Our best days are ahead of us’ and ‘My theory of war: We win. They lose.’ than on the unelected President, who believed that ‘There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe, and there never will be under a Ford administration.’)

A picture can often tell a thousand words about a Presidency.
In full disclosure, this little girl from London wrote a letter to President Ford in 1975 and he sent me a handwritten note in return.  So, I guess I have to wee bit harsh my sarcasm mellow.

And, they never get it…

But Gerald Ford had a fatal political flaw, one that is aptly described in another fashion by James W. Ceaser in a recent Wall Street Journal review of Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Gordon Wood’s new book entitled The Ideas of America: Reflections on the Birth of the United States. The Visionary Generation was the title of Ceaser’s review of Wood’s book on the ideas behind the Revolution and the men we know as the Founding Fathers. The description could easily be applied to the now iconic battle between President Ford and Ronald Reagan for the 1976 Republican presidential nomination. Ford won that battle...on his way to losing a much larger war.

That war?

Says Ceaser of Wood:

The historian has the advantage of hindsight. He can see the development of an idea or principle in a way that the participants along the way never can…. For this reason, Mr. Wood has conceived the proper period for studying the Revolution as running from the 1760s through the Jacksonian era, since this time span allows one to see the full shape of the event.
Which is to say, the battle over the acceptance of the democratic principle (as Ceaser terms it) was fought and won not simply in the seven-year time span of the American Revolution but over a much longer period of almost eighty years, from 1760 until Andrew Jackson’s final term in the White House came to an end in March of 1837.

In a strikingly similar fashion one can easily look back and realize that what is now known to history as the “Reagan Revolution” began not in January of 1981 when Reagan himself took the presidential oath. Nor did it end eight years later when he left the White House. In fact, it began in fits and starts roughly with the emergence of the British philosopher John Locke and picking up intellectual grounding and authority as it made its way through the centuries developed by a group that includes everybody from the English-Irish statesman philosopher Edmund Burke to the Founding Fathers, Abraham Lincoln and on to the 20th century. With the advent of the American Progressive movement and the presidencies of both Roosevelts, Woodrow Wilson and (yes) Herbert Hoover (a Progressive Republican), by the time a young William F. Buckley arrived on the scene in the early 1950s with his famous line of standing athwart history yelling “Stop!” the idea of an ever-expanding state was not only mainstream it was the mainstream. In both political parties, the media, academia and religion as well.

It was an idea that was hopelessly doomed, considering the inevitable massive failures in a philosophy that was succinctly labeled by its foes as “tax and spend” domestically or mocked on national security with the slogan “Better Dead Than Red.” 

Sooner or later progressivism/liberalism was destined to find itself perched at the very edge of the cliff where Americans find themselves and their country today. Out of cash and out of credibility. But in the day, all manner of people thought this was a big no-never-mind. And if the Goldwater — Rockefeller fight for the 1964 GOP nomination was in retrospect an enormous political warning flare, the Ford-Reagan fight was, in retrospect, the tipping point when the balance began to shift. FORD — AND HE WAS NOT ALONE — COULD NOT, DID NOT, SEE IT COMING.

As historian Ceaser posits in other circumstances, Ford was too involved in the events of the day to pull back and understand what he would ultimately come to symbolize in American political history well-beyond the standard “nice guy who rescued America from Watergate” story line. In fact, as is clear in reading longtime Newsweek correspondent and Ford biographer Thomas DeFrank’s book of private, post-presidential Ford interviews, Ford literally went to his grave not understanding what he had come to represent. DeFrank’s book, Write It When I’m Gone: Remarkable Off-the-Record Conversations With Gerald R. Ford, shows Ford regarding his differences with Reagan as some sort of standard annoying competition from an unfathomable and irritating fellow pol. Ford simply did not understand what he was in the middle of — while Reagan understood with a well-spoken and out-spoken clarity. A clarity that Ford, holding fast to the stance of moderation, dismissed as Reagan’s “penchant for offering simplistic solutions to hideously complex problems.”

How did this play itself out?

More to the point, how does this continue to play out right this moment? Ford saw the Soviet Union as an adversary to be negotiated with — and hence deeply resented Reagan’s criticism of Ford’s efforts to negotiate what was known in the day as “the Helsinki Accords.” To Ford, Helsinki was part of an ongoing process of negotiation that was standard presidential fare from FDR forward. In the case of the Helsinki negotiations the triumph was supposedly that Ford had gotten the Soviets to “sign a document that pledged them to observe the basic principles of human rights.” To Reagan, the Soviets were, as he later famously said, an “evil empire” who ” reserve unto themselves the right to commit any crime, to lie, to cheat…” Hence Helsinki was a worthless enterprise. An agreement with liars and cheats. Over and over and over the two men sparred from one end of America to the other in 1976. Ford was the adamant “moderate” — proud that he had picked the statist New York ex-Governor Nelson Rockefeller as his vice president, ashamed of himself for dumping Rocky in a bid to stave off Reagan. 

Ford was about “trimming” government with a spending cut here and there when he wasn’t busy negotiating with the Soviets. To Reagan the federal government was the Leviathan incarnate, an increasingly out-of-control Frankenstein which, if not sharply downsized, would bring the American Experiment crashing down around its citizens heads. And the Soviet Union should disappear. Or, as he also later said, “we win, they lose.” As we know, Ford won the battle of 1976 — but he lost the larger war to Reagan. Yet the war between the Gerald Ford’s of America — those within the Republican Party, the media, and the larger world policy establishments — is still being waged every single day. How does it show itself? Here are some examples of what might be called Ford versus Reagan: The Sequel.

Yep, and President Goldwater didn’t try to get anyone beyond the base to vote for him either.

-      wbcoleman on December 3, 2015 at 9:52 PM

New game: Every mention of Barry Goldwater merits an amuse bouche.

I love how GOPers lay the responsibility of Goldwater’s loss at the feet of conservatives.

Truth: After the assassination of JFK and the continuation of LBJ, voters were not going to elect a 3rd President in 3 years. Most Americans felt they had to vote for LBJ because to do otherwise would be seen as a betrayal of Jack and his family.

Also, the news media didn’t help. CBS’s correspondent, Daniel Schorr, went so far as to flat out LIE and claim that Goldwater was in Germany to meet with Nazis! On July 12, he reported that “it looks as though Senator Goldwater, if nominated, will be starting his campaign here in Bavaria, center of Germany’s right wing” – which, Schorr provocatively added, was “Hitler’s one-time stomping ground.”

He was forced by management to read one of those ‘Sorry, Not Sorry!’ apologies the following day.

Bear in mind that Goldwater was being demonized as few other major-party presidential candidates before or since. “In a period of ten months,” wrote Lionel Lokos in his book Hysteria 1964, “Barry Goldwater was accused of being another Adolf Hitler, fomenting a racial holocaust, advocating a nuclear policy that would destroy half the world, seeking to destroy Social Security, being a lunatic paving the way for totalitarian government.”
* Goldwater called the story “the damnedest lie I ever heard” and told the late conservative writer Victor Lasky that it “made me sick to my stomach. My Jewish forebears were probably turning over in their graves.”
* Wrote The Weekly Standard‘s Andrew Ferguson in a 2001 review of Schorr’s memoirs: “Though easily checkable, [Schorr’s report] was false in all its particulars. Goldwater had spoken vaguely of vacationing in Europe but had made no plans to visit Germany. Goldwater’s interview in Der Spiegel was a reprint of an interview that had appeared elsewhere, and he had not even considered addressing the group Schorr mentioned. More important, the story was false in its obvious implication of an Anschluss between German neo-Nazis and U.S. Republicans.”
* Years later, the LIBERAL POLITICAL HISTORIAN Rick Perlstein, in his acclaimed book Before the Storm: Barry Goldwater and the American Consensus, flatly described the story as “false” while Goldwater’s liberal biographer Robert Alan Goldberg characterized it as a “smear.”

Yes, Goldwater was treated abominably, but he still almost certainly would have lost…because Camelot.

What gets me about people that point to Goldwater as proof that First Principles lose is that they have to leap-frog over the 40th President (or 39th, if you are a Chester B Arthur Birther):

1980 Presidential Election:

Ronald Reagan:

Electoral vote:    489
States carried:    44
Percentage:        50.8%
Popular vote:      43,903,230

Jimmy Carter:

Electoral vote:    49
States carried:    6 + DC
Percentage: 41.0%
Popular vote:      35,480,115

1984 Presidential Election:

Ronald Reagan:

Electoral votes: 525
States carried: 49
Popular vote: 54,455,472
Percentage: 58.8%

Walter Mondale:

Electoral votes: 13
States carried: 1 + DC
Popular vote: 37,577,352
Percentage: 40.6%

In many opinion polls, Ronald Reagan is identified by Americans as the best president of all time – with 19% of 1st votes by all respondents.

The GOPers?

Richard Nixon: * = less than 0.05%
Gerald Ford: 1%
George HW Bush: * = less than 0.05%
George W Bush: 2%

Remember, whilst a student a Princeton, future Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was in a state of acute depression and shock. It was November 1980. ‘OMIGAH! THE DEVIL NAZI HAS WON!!!’ So, Ms Kagan cried and soaked her misery in a bottle of vodka…no doubt singing John Lennon’s Imagine. Speaking of imagination, is it so difficult to imagine the depression becoming euphoria, the shock unmitigated joy, and the ‘drowning in a bottle of vodka’ becoming a shaken, not stirred celebratory martini party sixty-nine days later. When was that? It was 30 March 1991 when a Leftist Loon named John W Hinckley, Jr,’s bullet.

Unfortunately for Ms Kagan, the bullet was off  by a few millimeters.


New Establishment/Consulting Class Drinking Game:

We must have a nominee that can win independents. We cannot win the election without independents!!!11!!’

How’d that work out for Romney? He won among Independents by 5 points, 50-45, but lost to Obama, 51-48.

Shut up, smarty pants.


Lindsey Graham: Joe Biden Is ‘As Good a Man as God Has Ever Created‘

Must see photo. *smh*

Fallon on December 3, 2015 at 9:45 PM

Mizz Scarlett is just pleading for BFD Biden to start groping him.

I’ll give $10,000 to the person who comes up with this REMF taking it up butt by a junior staffer or page.

If South Carolina won’t get rid of this a$$h0le, whom they claim to hate, then I guess we’ll have to do it ourselves.

EUREKA! I think that I found the last job in America that Americans will do and McGrahamnesty’s illegals won’t!

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03 December 2015

'Muslims Have Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Terrorism'? Dozens of Reasons Why @HillaryClinton Is Too Chickenshit To Open This

Except in...

1. New York City, New York:

a) 1993 WTC bombing: 6 dead; 1,042 injured

b) 2001 WTC bombing: 2,977 dead; 6000+ injuries (and growing amongst first responders)

c) Others include a shoot-out on the Brooklyn Bridge between a 'devout' Muslim and NYPD;  Faisal Shahzad, the would-be Times Square bomber, who was stopped by two street vendors), and countless others that were thwarted by a plethora of law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

2.  Boston, Massachusetts:

On 15 April 2013, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev set off two pressure cooker bombs at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Deaths: 6 total: 3 spectators from bombing on April 15; 1 police officer shot to death on April 18; and, 1 police officer injured in an explosion on April 19, 2013, died April 10, 2014.

Non-fatal injuries 280 total: 264 people (estimate) at scene of bombing on April 15 and 16 police officers during gunfight on April 19.

3. London, England:

a) 7/7 bombing: 52 dead; more than 700 injured

b) On 3 August 2004, terror cell leader arrested in London for planning attacks on financial centers in the US.

c) On 22 May 2013, two Muslim converts of Nigerian descent, who have pledged their allegiance to ISIS, attacked and decapitated

Disgusting, barbaric, lowest of the low, a fucking animal, who deserves more than what he meted out to Lee Rigby...and so do EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of his fanbois.  If they are looking for volunteer executioners, I am ready, willing, able, signed, sealed, and delivered.

3. Madrid: 191 dead, 2050 injured

4. Frankfurt, Germany:

On 2 March 2011,  the 2011 Frankfurt Airport shooting occurred at Frankfurt Airport saw Islamist, Arid Uka, the shooter, murder two United States airmen and seriously wounding two others with small arms fire. He was ented to life in prison on 10 February 2012.

5. Ottawa, Canada:

Radicalised Michael Zehaf-Bibeau fatally shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a Canadian soldier on ceremonial sentry duty.

6. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec:

Known-wolf, Islam convert, Martin Couture-Rouleau rammed his car into a pair of Canadian Armed Forces. While one soldier was injured but survived, Warrant Officer, Patrice Vincent succumbed to her injuries. .Both the Government of Canada and the RCMP have labeled this a terrorist act by an ISIS-inspired terrorist. (So refreshing when government tells the truth!)

7. Brussels, Belgium:

Well, apart from the No-Go Zone of Molenbeek,..

a) On 27 July 1980, the Abu Nidal terrorist organisation murdered 1 and injured 20 in a grenade attack.

b) On 24 May 2014, a gunman opened fire at the Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels, Belgium, killing four people. Three died at the scene; a fourth was taken to hospital and died on 6 June. The attack is being investigated as terrorism by Belgian authorities.

On 30 May, Mehdi Nemmouche, a 29-year-old French national of Algerian origin, was arrested at Marseille in connection with the shooting. He is believed to have spent over a year in Syria and had links with radical Islamists and appears to have recorded a video bearing the flag of the rebel group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

8. Paris, France:

a) In the last year between Charlie Hebdo and the Friday the 13th Massacre, Islamists have murdered 147 innocent people.

b) On 25 July 1995, members of Groupe Islamique Armé placed a gas canister packed with nails and bolts on a Paris regional train at the Gare de Saint-Michel-Notre-Dame rail station. When it exploded, it sent gaseous flames and shrapnel flying.

Deaths: 8
Injured: 150

c) On 3 December 1996, an improvised explosive device made from a 28-pound camping gas canister filled with nails placed by the Groupe Islamique Armé, The blast ripped open the train door on the southbound track of the Port Royal station of the regional express network of the Left Bank, scattering the wounded - which numbered in excess of 85 - all around the platform amidst their own blood and limbs.

Deaths: 3
Injured: 85

9. Toulouse, France:

Master Sergeant Imad Ibn-Ziaten, aged 30, an off-duty paratrooper in the 1st Parachute Logistics Regiment (1er Régiment du train parachutiste) was killed when he was shot in the head at point-blank range. Two days later, one Rabbi and 3 children were murdered by Islamist, Mohammed Merah, at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish day school.

10. Montauban:

Between the murders described in #8, Merah murdered 3 paratroopers in Montauban.

11. Rome, Italy:

a) Abu Nidal kills 9, including a child, and wounded around 140.

b) On 27 December 1995, four armed members of the Abu Nidal Organisation walked to the shared ticket counter for Israel's El Al Airlines and Trans World Airlines at Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport outside Rome, and fire assault rifles and threw grenades at the crowds waiting to check in. They killed 16 and wounded 99 before three of the attackers were killed, while the remaining one, Mohammed Sharam, was wounded and captured by the Italian police.

Dead: 16

Wounded: 99

12.  Vienna, Austria:

Nearly simultaneously with 10(a), at Schwechat Airport (Vienna International Airport) in Vienna, Austria, three terrorists from Abu Nidal carried out a similar attack. Hand grenades were thrown into crowds of passengers queuing to check in for a flight to Tel Aviv, killing two people instantly and wounding 39 others. A third victim died on 22 January 1986, of hand grenade wounds sustained in the attack

13. Sydney, Australia: 

On 15–16 December 2014, a lone gunman, Man Haron Monis, held hostage ten customers and eight employees of a Lindt chocolate café located at Martin Place in Sydney, Australia.  Prior to the commencement of the hostage taking, Monis had pledged allegiance to "the caliph of the Muslims", believed to be referring to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and denounced moderate Islam.  Hostages were seen holding the Islamic flags in the window.

Following a 16-hour standoff, a gunshot was heard from inside.   As a result, officers from the Tactical Operations Unit stormed the café. Due to Mr Monis' criminal actions, hostages Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson were killed. Police also managed to put down the rabid dog, Man Haron Monis, and sent him to meet his 72 Helen Thomas Virgins.  Further, 3 hostages and one police officer were injured during the rescue.

14. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: 

On 2 November 2004, Amsterdam-born jihadist Mohammed Bouyeri murdered filmmaker, Theo van Gogh.

15. Jerusalem:

16. Nigeria:

17. Mali:

18. Stockholm, Sweden:

On 11 December 2010, Islamist Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly carries out a suicide bombing killing one and maiming two.

19. Malmö, Sweden:

20. Langley, VA:

21. Little Rock, Arkansas:

On 1 June 2009, Muslim convert, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, born Carlos Leon Bledsoe, opened fire with a rifle in a drive-by shooting on soldiers in front of a United States military recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas. He killed Private William Long and wounded Private Quinton Ezeagwula.

22. Chattanooga, Tennessee:

On July 16, 2015, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez opened fire on two military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He first committed a drive-by shooting at a recruiting center, then traveled to a U.S. Navy Reserve center and continued firing, where he was killed by police in a gunfight. Four Marines died on the spot. A Navy Sailor, a Marine recruiter, and a police officer were wounded; the sailor died from his injuries two days later.

Those killed were identified as:

a)  Marine Corps Sergeant Carson A. Holmquist, 25, Grantsburg, Wisconsin

b)  Navy Logistics Specialist Second Class Randall Smith, 26, Paulding, Ohio

c) Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Thomas J. Sullivan, 40, Springfield, Massachusetts 

d)  Marine Corps Lance Corporal Squire K. "Skip" Wells, 21, Marietta, Georgia 

e)  Marine Corps Staff Sergeant David A. Wyatt, 37. Russellville, Arkansas

In addition, two other people were wounded. They were Sergeant DeMonte Cheeley, a Marine recruiter who was shot in the leg, treated, and released; and Dennis Pedigo, Jr., a police sergeant who was shot in the ankle.

According to the FBI, the motive is undetermined and will not be release.  #FacePalm.

23. Fort Hood, Texas:

On 5 November 2008, Nidal Hasan, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist, fatally shot 13 people 14 people, including an unborn baby, and injured more than 30 others.   According to the Asshole-in-Chief, this is still classified as a matter of 'workplace violence.'

24. Garland, Texas:

2 dead terrorists

25.  Los Angeles, California:

a)  Egyptian gunman kills two Israelis, injures four at the El Al ticket counter at the Los Angeles International Airport

b) 1 Aug 2005:  4 arrested plotting attacks on Los Angeles targets

26. San Bernadino, California:

On Wednesday morning, Syed Rizwan Farook, an American citizen, and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, a Pakistani, left their 6-month-old daughter with Mr. Farook’s mother, telling her they were going out for a doctor’s appointment.  What they did not leave for safekeeping at Mummy's is:

a) Their AK-47s
b) Their other handguns
c) Their 5,ooo round of ammo
d) Their baker's dozen of pipe bombs
e) Their IED factory
f) Their international terrorist contacts
g) Their body armour
h) Their black masks (or, if you listen to Shep El Stupidosmith, they weren't masks and the perps were merely white people in Al Jolson in black face.  Can we get The Gong Show hook?)

Present body count for 'We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blond who Comes on at five She can tell you 'bout the plane crash with a gleam In her eye It's interesting when people die Give us dirty laundry': 14 dead; 21 injured

27. Port Angeles, Washington:

Terrorist arrested crossing from Canada with material to bomb Los Angeles International Airport.

28. Lackawanna, New York:

On Sep 2002, 6 U.S. citizens arrested for terrorist connections.

29. Montgomery, Alabama:

On 21 Sep 2002,  1 TER-bws liquor store employees shot in robbery by the Beltway snipers, including John Allen Mohammad, a member of the Nation of Islam, as well as a long-time admirer of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, both of whom he gleefully claimed to have modelled himself after.

30. Glenmont, Maryland:

On  2 Oct 2002, 1 killed at grocery store by the Beltway snipers, including John Allen Mohammad, a member of the Nation of Islam, as well as a long-time admirer of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, both of whom he gleefully claimed to have modelled himself after.

31. Aspen Hill, Maryland:

On 3 Oct 2002, 5 killed in separate shootings by the Beltway snipers, including John Allen Mohammad, a member of the Nation of Islam, as well as a long-time admirer of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, both of whom he gleefully claimed to have modelled himself after.

32. Spotsylvania County, Virginia:

On 4 Oct 2002.  1 killed at shopping mall by the Beltway snipers, including John Allen Mohammad, a member of the Nation of Islam, as well as a long-time admirer of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, both of whom he gleefully claimed to have modelled himself after.

33. Bowie, Maryland:

On 7 Oct 2002, 1 child injured at a middle school by the Beltway snipers, including John Allen Mohammad, a member of the Nation of Islam, as well as a long-time admirer of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, both of whom he gleefully claimed to have modelled himself after.

34. Manassas, Virginia:

On 9 October 2002, 1 killed at gas station by the Beltway snipers,  including John Allen Mohammad, a member of the Nation of Islam, as well as a long-time admirer of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, both of whom he gleefully claimed to have modelled himself after.

35. Fredericksburg, Virginia: 

On 11 October 2001, 1 killed at gas station by the Beltway snipers,  including John Allen Mohammad, a member of the Nation of Islam, as well as a long-time admirer of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, both of whom he gleefully claimed to have modelled himself after.

36. Falls Church, Virginia:

On 14 October 2002, 1 killed at shopping mall by the Beltway snipers, including John Allen Mohammad, a member of the Nation of Islam, as well as a long-time admirer of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, both of whom he gleefully claimed to have modelled himself after.

37. Ashland, Virginia: 

On 19 October 2002, 1 killed at restaurant by the Beltway snipers, including John Allen Mohammad, a member of the Nation of Islam, as well as a long-time admirer of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, both of whom he gleefully claimed to have modelled himself after.

38. Aspen Hill, Maryland:

On  22 Oct 2002, 1 bus driver was killed by the Beltway snipers, including John Allen Mohammad, a member of the Nation of Islam, as well as a long-time admirer of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, both of whom he gleefully claimed to have modelled himself after.

39. Alexandria, Virginia:

On 1 Jun 2003, 11 arrested for planning attacks on U.S. servicemen.

40. Columbus, Ohio:

On 28 November 2003, Arrest of terrorist plotting to bomb shopping mall in Columbus.

41. Albany, New York:

On 1 August 2004, 2 arrested plotting assassination of Pakistani diplomat.

42. Toledo, Ohio:

On February 2006, 3 Islamists arrested plotting attacks on U.S. military abroad and on domestic targets.

43. Beirut, Lebanon:

On 18 April 1983, a bomb-laden truck exploded in front of the United States Embassy killing 63 and wounding 120.  Although Islamic Jihad Organisation claimed responsibility, a court later found that Hezbollah was responsible.  This event is, identified by some, as marking the beginning of anti-U.S. attacks by Islamist groups.

44. Beirut, Lebanon:

On 23 October 1983, two truck bombs struck separate buildings housing United States and French military forces—members of the Multinational Force (MNF) in Lebanon—killing 299 American and French servicemen. An obscure group calling itself 'Islamic Jihad' claimed responsibility for the bombings.

Deaths: 241 American Military Servicemen, 58 French Paratroopers, 6 Civilians. TOTAL: 305
Non-fatal injuries: 75

45. Mumbai, India:

On November 2008, 10 Pakistani members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, an Islamic militant organisation, carried out a series of 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks lasting four days across Mumbai. The attacks began on Wednesday, 26 November and lasted until Saturday, 29 November 2008, killing 250 people and wounding at least 700.

46. Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Iranian-sponsored vehicle suicide bombing attack on the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina building, the local Jewish community centre. 85 people were killed and more than 300 were injured. 

The suspected perpetrator was named as Ibrahim Hussein Besso.

47. Algiers:

On 24 December 1994, Air France Flight 8689 was hijacked in Algiers by three members of the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria and another terrorist.  Seven were killed, including the bastards who hijacked the plane in the first place.

48. Khobar, Saudi Arabia: 

On 25 June 1996, a truck-bomb was detonated adjacent to Building #131 of the Khobar Towers, an eight-story structure housing United States Air Force personnel from the 4404th Wing (Provisional), primarily from a deployed rescue squadron and deployed fighter squadron. Although al-Qaeda has been described by some sources as the likely culprit, the official June 25, 1996 statement by the United States named members of Hezbollah Al-Hejaz( English: Party of God in the Hijaz)  as responsible. In 2006, a U.S. court found Iran and Hezbollah guilty of orchestrating the attack.

Deaths: 20 killed
Injured: 498, including people of many nationalities

49. Luxor, Egypt:

Six terrorists (suspected of being affiliated with Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya) attacked tourists as they visited Egypt's famous Luxor Ruins. 

Deaths: 68 dead
Injuries: More than 26

50. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India:

On Saturday, 14 February 1998, 12 bomb attacks took place in 11 locations, all within a 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) radius.

The main conspirator was found to be S A Basha, the founder of Al Ummah, an Islamic fundamentalist body. Investigators found out that the blasts were a part of larger conspiracy to target L.K.Advani, the leader of Bharatiya Janata Party on that day at 4 p.m in his election meeting. A judicial committee formed on 7 April 2000 under Justice P.R. Gokulakrishnan to probe the case confirmed that Al Ummah was responsible for the attacks. The committee tabled its final report in the Tamil Nadu Assembly on 18 May 2000, whose recommendations were accepted in principle by the state government. The trial of the case began on 7 March 2002 and as many as 1,300 witnesses were examined. S. A. Basha, the mastermind of the blasts was found guilty of hatching a criminal conspiracy to trigger a series of explosions there on 14 February 1998 and was convicted to life sentence along with 12 others. During September 2002, Imam Ali and four others, suspected to be involved in the blasts were killed in a police encounter in Bangalore.

Deaths: 58
Injuries: 200+

51. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania:

The attacks, which were linked to local members of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, brought Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri—and their terrorist organization al-Qaeda—to the attention of the American public for the first time, and resulted in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) placing bin Laden on its ten most-wanted fugitives list. The FBI also connected the attack to Azerbaijan, as 60 calls were placed via satellite phone by bin Laden to associates in the country's capital Baku.Fazul Abdullah Mohammed and Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah were credited for being the masterminds behind the bombings.

The Atlas truck in Dar es Salaam was being driven by Hamden Khalif Allah Awad, known as "Ahmed the German" due to his blonde hair, a former camp trainer who had arrived in the country only a few days earlier. The death toll was less than in Nairobi as the US embassy was located outside the city center on Bagamoyo Road on a large plot with no immediate neighbours close to the gate where the explosion occurred.

Deaths: 11
Injuries: 85

52. Nairobi, Kenya:

The attacks, which were linked to local members of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, brought Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri—and their terrorist organization al-Qaeda—to the attention of the American public for the first time, and resulted in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) placing bin Laden on its ten most-wanted fugitives list. The FBI also connected the attack to Azerbaijan, as 60 calls were placed via satellite phone by bin Laden to associates in the country's capital Baku.Fazul Abdullah Mohammed and Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah were credited for being the masterminds behind the bombings.

While driver Azzam drove the Toyota Dyna quickly toward the Nairobi embassy along with Mohamed Rashed Daoud Al-Owhali, local security guard Benson Okuku Bwaku was warned to open the gate immediately – and fired upon when he refused to comply. Al-Owhali threw a stun grenade at embassy guards before exiting the vehicle and running off. Osama bin Laden later offered the explanation that it had been Al-Owhali's intention to leap out and shoot the guards to clear a path for the truck, but that he had left his pistol in the truck and subsequently ran off. As Bwaku radioed to Marine Post One for backup, the truck detonated.

The explosion damaged the embassy building and collapsed the neighbouring Ufundi Building where most victims were killed, mainly students and staff of a secretarial college housed here. The heat from the blast was channelled between the buildings towards Haile Selassie Avenue where a packed commuter bus was burned. Windows were shattered in a radius of nearly 1 kilometre. A large number of eye injuries occurred because people in buildings nearby who had heard the first explosion of the hand grenade and the shooting went to their office windows to have a look when the main blast occurred and shattered the windows.

Deaths: 213
Injuries: 4,000+

53. Buynaksk,Moscow and Volgodonsk, Russia:

A series of bombings of apartment buildings that occurred between the 4th and 16th of September, 1999.

The official Russian investigation of the bombings was completed in 2002 and concluded that all the bombings were organized and led by Achemez Gochiyaev, who remains at large, and ordered by Islamist warlords Ibn Al-Khattab and Abu Omar al-Saif, who have been killed. Five other suspects have been killed and six have been convicted by Russian courts on terrorism-related charges.

To be fair and balanced, some say these bombings were false flags.

Deaths: 293
Injuries: 1000+   

54. Port El Kantaoui, Sousse, Tunisia:

On 26 June 2015 the Spanish-owned five-star Riu Imperial Marhaba Hotel at Port El Kantaoui, a tourist complex situated on the coast about ten kilometres north of Sousse, Tunisia, was hosting 565 guests mainly from Western Europe, 77% of its capacity.

Tourists from the hotel as well as from the Soviva Hotel located nearby went to the beach to swim and sunbathe. Yacoubi, disguised as a tourist, socialised with others, and then took out a Kalashnikov assault rifle concealed in a beach umbrella and fired at the tourists on the beach. He entered the hotel, shooting at people he came across. He was killed by security forces during an exchange of fire. All bullets were found to have been fired from the one weapon; the attacker had four magazines of ammunition. The attacker had spoken to his father on a mobile telephone which he then threw into the sea just before the attack; it was retrieved] An Interior Ministry spokesman said that they were sure that others helped, but did not participate directly, providing the Kalashnikov, and helping Rezgui to the scene.

ISIS claimed responsibility whilst Ansar al-Sharia has been alleged to be involved.

(To be continued)