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17 May 2011

Taxes Are Not At An-All Time Low

InTheMajority writes:  "So taxes are at al all-time low"

"All-time low" means the lowest in history.  Your statement is patently absurd. 

Are taxes lower today than they were in 1900? 

Is the top marginal Federal income tax rate lower today than it was in 1925 or 1989? 

Are payroll taxes lower in 2011 than they were in 1937?

Are actual tax receipts lower today than they were in 1980?

Are property taxes lower today than they were in 1960? 

Weren't taxes lower prior to the 16th Amendment before anyone paid income taxes? 

Weren't taxes lower in 1950 when tax revenues as a percentage of GDP were 14.81% than in 2009 when they were 14.91%? 

Were taxes lower when property taxes, communication taxes and fees, cable taxes and fees, licencing taxes and fees, severance taxes and fees, etc., were lower or non-existent?