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20 August 2014

#Ferguson, Police Brutality, & White Girl Bleed A Lot!

Some here seem to think that only blacks can be victims of police brutality.  Here's a true and personal story:

When I was in law school, my parents came over to visit.  There was some festival going on down around Tribeca - I don't recall if I even knew what it was then.  Anyhoo, we had gone to a nice place for dinner and were appropriately attired.  When we left, I noticed a black police officer standing across the street with a sad face.  Now, I am the kind of person that hugs, kisses, or shakes the hand of our men and women in uniform while thanking them for their service.  As is my custom, I proceeded across the street, arms opened with a smile on my face, and about to thank this man for performing his thankless task (the freak flags were a'flying).  About 7 or 8 feet from where he stood, he charged me and, using both hands, pushed me with great force to the ground.  The back of my head struck the pavement first.  I sustained a concussion, required sutures, and had a surface contusion.

Initially, I was very angry.  I wanted his badge and to sue him and the City.  Eventually, I just got over it and moved on with my life.

But, that's not the end of the story.  You see, I had a run-in with some indoctrinated classmates, who had been marinated in CRIT, gender-race-class studies, etc.  They explained to me that what had actually happened was the black man putting me in my place.  Because of my white privilege, I never even stopped to consider the fact that he might not want anything whatsoever to do with a white girl.  To him, I represent colonialism, slavery, oppression, slavery, capitalism, and repression.  So, what I should take away from the experience is not to presume that people of other races, especially black males, want anything to do with me or even what my gratitude for their service.

Of course, much of this mumble-jumble might make sense in the student lounge, but not so much in practise; however, I did apply it to NYPD Office Black Man.

NYPD Office Black Man taught Little White Girl a lesson that she'll never forget: Never thank a black police officer for his service.

Now, I'm pretty certain that NYPD Officer Black Man might have won a Pyrrhic victory if I had learned that lesson because a whole lot of good and decent black officers would have been denied affirmations because of his idiocy.

Lesson that I learned?  Blaming all races, sexes, etc, for the actions of one is stupid.