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03 December 2011

Dead Movement Walking: Top Six Signs the Left And Mainstream Media Have Hung Occupy Out to Dry

 “Occupy Wall Street was divided by class. On the one side, the elites with their library, apple pop up store and … espresso machines. On the other, the downwardly mobile with their drum circles."
- Samantha Bee, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

By John Nolte (Quotes and photos added by PHUP)

Let’s back up a little bit before we get to the list…

A few weeks ago in Denver I had the opportunity for some up close and personal time with the Occupy movement, and what I saw was about what you would expect. These are marginal and marginally intelligent people who have grown up conditioned by public educators and the welfare state to believe that they’re something special and entitled to the good life just because they’re special and entitled to the good life. And they’ve also been brainwashed to believe that if America doesn’t acknowledge their specialness and if, indeed, they’re not enjoying the good life, the problem must be a corrupt America.

 "The Least Toileted Generation" 

- Jon Stewart

Occupy is all about greed, self-actualization, and narcissism. The fastest and easiest way to feel superior is to assume the role of a victim … because a victim is always superior to his or her oppressors.

Occupy is also an army the left and Alinksy-style community organizers like Barack Obama have been breeding for decades. The formula is simple: feed enough self-esteem to those who don’t deserve it and you create an entire generation of entitled crybabies desperate to direct the frustration of their unfulfilled lives at whomever.

The left thought they had found the right moment to launch their Army of the Frustrated. With Obama’s poll numbers in the tank and the crippled economy unable to leap on a white stallion to save him, the idea was to launch Occupy in the hopes it would change the 2012 election conversation and media narrative from Obama’s failed record to ground upon which he might be able to win reelection: income inequality and those evil one-percenters on Wall Street who destroyed the economy.

 "The more people that came, the more people that…kind of like…segregated into their own little groups.  The park…split in half.”

- Former long-term resident of the short-term occupation of Zuccotti Park by OccupyWallStreet

And so the filthy, frustrated, and brain-fried, under the direction of their Adbuster Masters (more about this below), took to the streets, and for a few weeks the plan went perfectly. High-profile Democrats, including President Obama, endorsed and encouraged them, while the corrupt MSM worked overtime to cover up the movement’s hundreds of subhuman misdeeds (literally) and held it up as an example of all that is pure and righteous in America.

But then something happened the left and their media allies didn’t expect. They had woefully underestimated the power of New Media to expose the truth, and expose the truth we did, until the Occupy dream all came crashing down in an overwhelming narrative (overwhelming because it was true) involving Occupy’s frightening tolerance for rape, violence, vandalism, and public masturbation and defecation.


Occupy Wall Street was a pretty important pre-season game leading up to the 2012 election, and Obama and his Media Palace Guards haven’t even started licking their wounds from the New Media ass kicking they took. And the bad news for Occupiers is that they’re now scampering off the field, tail tucked between their legs, and desperate to untie themselves from the political liability these Occupiers have become.

 “This is the ghetto ... (The other half of Zuccotti Park is more like) ... “the Upper East Side.” 

 - Long-term resident of the downtown ghetto in Zuccotti Park during its short-term occupation by OccupyWallStreet

“Um ... they’re also members of our society."

 - Long-term resident of the Upper East Side of Zuccotti Park during its short-term occupation by OccupyWallStreet

If you don’t believe me, Occupy, here are six undeniable signs that the same media and leftist elites who promised you air cover in the revolution that would finally fulfill your frustrated dreams have just left you swinging in the wind, fully exposed and more than a little humiliated with nowhere to go:

1. MSM Is No Longer Infatuated With Occupy: 

Other than the big stories surrounding Occupy evictions, the mainstream media’s all but stopped covering the Occupy movement. 12 to 14 hours a day the cable nets are on in my office, and even leftist CNN and far-left MSNBC have ceased trying to use the Occupiers as a way to jump-start Obama-friendly narratives about taxing the rich and how Wall Street is to blame for Obama’s failed economy.

No more on-the-street profiles of earnest young Occupy faces just looking to make the world a more fair and equal place.

And I can pinpoint the day this occurred. The day after GOP presidential front-runner Newt Gingrich suggested Occupy take a bath and get a job, both CNN and MSNBC went apoplectic in the hopes this “ugly”  statement would backfire on the Speaker. When just the opposite happened, that was pretty much all the proof the left-wing media needed that Occupy was hurting the left, not helping.

"Up there is like where the college hipsters that live in Brooklyn go and try to rule the park from.  Down here its more of the poor people's encampment, and it's kind of contentious."

- Long-term resident of the downtown ghetto in Zuccotti Park during its short-term occupation by OccupyWallStreet

“So let me get this straight, you've been here eight weeks and you already have a ghetto?" 

- Samantha Bee, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

[ Sophie:  OccupyWallStreet doesn't even have a Middle Class. How RICH is that?????]


2. Jon Stewart Guts Occupy:  

On November 17, “The Daily Show” took the “cool” out of Occupy with a devastating report (see above) that exposed the movement for the Orwellian Animal Farm these kinds of movements always become (which of course was Orwell’s point). No one in media understood better how useful this movement could’ve been to Barack Obama than Jon Stewart, but he’s also smart enough to know when it’s time to fire off a flare warning Obama to stay away — and that’s exactly what this segment was meant to do, and did.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Samantha Bee visits Zuccotti Park to report on class division within the Occupy Wall Street movement.






Must watch video:



"The more people that came, the more people that…kind of like…segregate into their own little groups.  The park…split in half.” 

 - Long-term resident of the downtown ghetto in Zuccotti Park during its short-term occupation by OccupyWallStreet 

"I'm more against private property not personal property." 

- Long-term resident of the Upper East Side of Zuccotti Park during its short-term occupation by OccupyWallStreet

3. AP Pretends Democrats Never Supported Occupy: 

On November 18, the Associated Press laughably and transparently attempted to memory-hole the Democrats’ very public and energetic embrace of all things Occupy.

Gee, I wonder why?

"I think they do on occasion. Without them even knowing how good their ideas are, sometimes they come up with good ideas."

 - Long-term resident of the Upper East Side of Zuccotti Park during its short-term occupation by OccupyWallStreet

"So the drum circle wasn’t invited to the Deutsche Bank Atrium for the Occupy leadership conference where decisions were being made on how to create a “horizontal, leaderless society ... Is there a course in condescension that everyone is taking here?”

- Samantha Bee, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

4. Slate Freaks Over Ad Connecting High-Profile Democrat To Occupy:  

Slate’s Libby Copeland was so panicked over a political ad that truthfully and effectively laid out Elizabeth Warren’s once-proud connection to the Occupy movement that she made a public fool of herself labeling the ad as “sexist.”

That’s desperate. And more than a little funny.

"This simple tale has always encapsulated for me a philosophy about the human condition. Take any set of humans, no matter how seemingly similar, and they will find a means to discriminate among each other and sow the seeds of discord. It happens between whites and blacks … it happens between dark-skinned blacks and light-skinned blacks, and so on. Each time you think you’ve got a group of people who are more similar than different, they discover a way to find a meaningless difference about which to segregate."

5. New Yorker Bares Occupy’s Astro-turf For the World To See:

Even though Big Government exposed all of this over a month ago, the fact that the New Yorker would, in a major feature piece, finally put to bed the lie that Occupy was just some sort of organic, grassroots organization like the Tea Party, is the final nail in the movement’s coffin.

After all, someone has to take the blame for this.

 "In any case, both the uptown elitists and the downtown poors agree--the occupation ended too early, they didn't even have time to create a middle class for this new society to crush."

- Samantha Bee, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

6.  Liberal Cities Evict Occupy:

Mayors of some of the most liberal cities in America (Oakland, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia) are playing Bull Connor to all those wonderful little hippies who only want "social justice."  Furthermore, in their latest reports, the MSM has even stopped trying to make the cops look bad during these evictions.  The coverage can best be described as obligatory.

Democratic mayors of big, urban liberal cities don’t evict popular movements, do they? They wouldn’t even evict a movement popular with the Obama’s base.


Don’t get me wrong; this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop ridiculing them, but as you look over the lay of the land, it’s hard not to feel a little sorry for Occupy Wall Street. They’re really just useful idiots and aggrieved Frankenstein monsters raised on promises their statist creators never intended to keep. And now that they’ve raped, pooped, and vandalized themselves into a political liability for their creators, they might actually have to take a bath and get a job.

The horror, the horror.

Sophie:  OWStreeters, if you doubt me, call Cindy Sheehan.