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20 March 2012

Every Vote Counts, But Some Votes Count More Than Others...Especially If They Are Cast For Democrats

"I think the concern is that there's no voter fraud problem in the US."

- Anonymous Troll


1. Explain why a Democrat Sheriff in WV pleaded guilty to vote fraud.

2. Explain why four Democratic officials and political operatives have pleaded guilty to voter fraud-related felony charges in an alleged scheme to steal an election in Troy, N.Y.

3. Explain how Linda Kay Hill voted in the November 2006 election when she was dead.

4. Explain how Obama got on the ballot in St Joseph County, Indiana.

5. Explain why 2 Democrats in West Virginia pleaded guilty to voter fraud.

6. Explain the indictments of City Council President Clement Campana, Councilman John Brown and Democratic Party figures Anthony Renna and Anthony DiFigli.

7. Explain ACORN defence attorney's Lisa Rasmussen guilty plea.

8. Explain Democrat and former City Council candidate's James Robert Halfaday plea of guilty to one count of election fraud, a Class 5 felony,

9. Explain why 4 Wade County, North Carolina Democrats admit to voting for Barack Obama twice in 2008.

10. Explain why 12 Democrats have been charged with absentee ballot voter fraud in Georgia. The defendants include people who worked in the voter registrar’s office and some school board members.

 11. Explain why 8 Democrats have been arrested for absentee ballot voter fraud in Madison County, Florida.

12. Explain why the Daytona Beach City Democrat Commissioner and his Campaign Manager have been arrested for absentee ballot vote fraud in his own election bid.

13. Explain why prominent Democratic leader and former state Rep. Mike Marshall and son Chris, along with Democrat John Cook have been indicted on multiple counts of vote fraud. forgery, and perjury in Indiana.

14. Explain why Kierra Fontae Leache, Sheila Romona Hodges, and Brandon Earl Mclean of Raleigh, North Carolina each admitted to casting two ballots each in elections, including voting for Barack Obama twice.   All are registered Democrats.

15. Explain why Democratic party chairman, Butch Morgan resigned amid an investigation into hundreds of fake signatures on petitions for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the Indiana state primary of 2008.

16.  Explain why Lessadolla Sower, the head of the NAACP’s Tunica County, Mississippi Executive Committee was convicted of 10 counts of election fraud.  (She voted for Obama 10 times in 2008.)  She was convicted of voting in the names of six live voters and four dead people. She was sentenced to 5 years on each count, but the sentences are running concurrently, so her actual sentence is 5 years.

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