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20 March 2012

The Democrats' Budget Game Plan

Democrats on Paul Ryan's Budget: "The sky is falling!  He wants old people to die quickly after eating cat food and for women to die on the floor!”

Democrats on Obama's Last Budget: "We’re joining with Republicans to shoot this sucka down in flames!"

Harry Reid on a Senate Budget: "(Yes, it has been 1,057 days since we passed a budget)  No, I don’t plan to bring a budget to the floor this year!”

Obama on his Budget:  "My new ‘A New Era of Responsibility: Renewing America’s Promise’ budget ‘only’ jacks up Federal spending by a stunning 18% -- a rate of increase ‘nearly 3 times the average growth rate of Federal outlays over the previous 10 years,’ according to the CBO, but it is totally responsible.  I swear.  Would I lie to you?”

Democrats to Americans on their failure to pass a budget:  "It's Boooooosh's fault!  It's the Republicans' fault!  It's the Tea Party's fault!  It's the Arab Spring's fault!  It the Japanese Tsunami's fault!  It is the euro's fault!  It is the Delta Smelt's fault!  It's "smelly tourists'" faults!  It's the Party of No's fault!  It's the Do-Nothings' fault!  It's the Know-Nothings' fault!

Democrats to each other on their failure to pass a budget:  "Listen, we can't pass a budget.  We would have to put down all of this crazy spending down on paper.  Remember, we made a conscious decision not to pass a budget going into the 2010 elections when we controlled both chambers of Congress.  We can't afford to give our opponents that kind of ammunition.  Obama has already spent more money in 3 years and 2 months than Booooooosh did in 8 years.  If we put numbers to paper, we have to take responsibility.  It is far better to just demonise Paul Ryan while claiming to want to protect old people even though we have cut $500 billion from Medicare.  Blame them!  We'll have that mega-sized gavel back in no time!"

Trolls: Until you boys get serious and grow some 'nads, just STFU, already.

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