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09 September 2017

DACA, DAPA: Still Illegal! Still Unconstitutional!

'I think all of them who can be reunited with their families should be…but we’ve got to send a clear message that just because your child gets across the border that doesn’t mean your child gets to stay.'

- Hillary Clinton, 2014

'Occupied the field?!? Occupied the field?!? Occupied the field?!? Get me Governor Jan Brewer. I need, I need, I need SCOTUS' opinion in Arizona v. United States. Chop, chop!!!'

- Senator Kamala Harris, former Attorney General of the (Formerly) Great State of California

'THIS IS SOMETHING I'VE STRUGGLED WITH throughout my presidency. THE PROBLEM IS THAT I'M THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, I'M NOT THE EMPEROR. My job is to execute laws that are passed.'

- President Barack Obama, 14 February 2013

On second thought...




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Kamala, you can call them all 'Dreamers', but, as far as the letter of the law is concerned, they are illegal, unlawful and criminal to varying degrees.

Remember when threatening to shut down the government if you didn't get what you wanted made you a terrorist?

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