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13 March 2015

On Uranus & Assholes: The Alan Grayson Edition

Rep. Alan Grayson @AlanGrayson 

57 years ago today was a bad day for the Tea Party, the Koch Bros., Fox News, inequality, greed and war; I was born. 

12:59 PM - 13 Mar 2015

On this day 234 years ago, William Herschel discovered Uranus. 

57 years ago, he could have discovered an asshole...Alan Grayson!


rjt2727 said...

I heard that you will be taking a break from posting at Hot Air, for a while anyway? I'm very sorry to hear that. You were one of the reasons the site was fun to visit and read. When you took a break before you were missed as well. Anyway good luck hope you resume posting soon.

gh said...

What was the deal with Ed?

Fallon said...

Hope you'll come back when you're ready and on your own terms.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see you write about the similarities between an enabling act back then, and a nuetered Congress now. There has to be congrueity. Not a person on this earth I think could make the parallels without invoking the
You can't speak of hitler bullshit. How he took down the gubmint.
You write it, I'll post it.

Anonymous said...

There is no way I am not going to,, follow what you do.
Smart lady who taught me a lot. Bums like me don't generally get company of your sort. But you didn't ever make me feel small.

And I appreciate that.


bakokitty said...

RWM, I will miss your posts on HA, I hope you will return soon, you are one of the reason I like HA. You bring a refreshing inteligent breath of fresh air. I wish HA was less dictatorial, and embraced real freedom of speech. Too bad they are so fearful. Or perhaps they are leaning too left. Come back soon. See you on Weasel Zippers. BKitty

onlineanalyst said...

WE/I miss you at Hot Air. Come back, SophieRo.

Anonymous said...

Please...let this post...

RWM, you are missed. Understand your being frustrated/ticked off. Please come back when you're ready.

All my best,


AppraisHer said...

Your comments were always refreshing and to the point...a true student of history and law. As someone who chose to become an American, your frustration with the current state of affairs was even more poignant, as you've seen leftism's destruction on both sides of the pond. You will be sorely missed at Hot Air, good conversation is hard to find.

polly2150 said...

I visited HA long before I joined just to read your comments. I hope you'll return to HA eventually. Nobody slaps trolls like you do.

Anonymous said...

Fer eff sake, woman! At least post here, so I can re-post them on HA to piss off Ed.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Wolly.

When Sophie returned from disappearing last time, Putin had just crossed DogEater's pink line -- humiliating him once again on the world stage.

She had had back surgery, went to Cabo for four weeks to recuperate, and went off the grid completely.

Here was my comment when she returned:

"A plot to further humiliate Barky is instigated and RWM suddenly emerges from the shadows?

Coincidence? I don’t think so …"

Enjoy your temporary escape from the insanity of the world, RWM!

- ShainS

AesopFAn said...

I miss you at HA - you always had the best combination of facts and passion, and made literate arguments, which is a genuine rarity on blogs.

Will check in on your blog as much as possible (although I find white on black very hard to read at my - ahem- mature age).

Wishing you all the best,

Anonymous said...

I'm bitching about you being gone and you are probably enjoying and umbrella drink.

I don't blame you.


Crimsonfisted said...

What happened at hot air with rwm?

Anonymous said...

@ Crimsonfisted

This is all we know -- from a March 15 post in the HotAir QOTD by Axe:

Resist We Much has chosen to move on. She doesn’t want her absence to be the source of debate or speculation, if that can be avoided, so I need to say something. Succinctly, she and Ed have had a difference of opinion, and she has elected to move on for the time being.

That’s really all I can say.

Axe on March 13, 2015 at 11:11 PM

- ShainS

Crimsonfisted said...

Thanks, I was wondering. I have bookmarked many posts from here to reread and learn. I enjoyed rwm's comments at hot gas too. I am finding I go there less and less.