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01 October 2014

Obama & The Secret Service: The Fish Rots From The Head Down

Director of the United States Secret Service, Julia Pierson, being sworn into office by President Barack Obama with Vice-President Joe Biden as witness, 27 March 2013

Without a doubt, something is wrong with the Secret Service, but the fish rots from the head down. Yesterday, I wrote that Julia Pierson should be fired, but the White House stated, unequivocally, that she has the President’s complete support and confidence. Perchance, the people in the Secret Service, especially the political appointees, take security similarly to those in the White House. 

Would it surprise ANYONE if Julia Pierson, whose primary job is to protect the life of the President, only attended 42% of her security briefings just as the Commander-in-Chief, whose primary responsibility is supposed to be the nation’s security, has? Why would the President expect (other than his own narcissism) the Secret Service to take his personal security any more serious than he takes the country’s national security? 

I have no doubt that many of the President’s supporters are whispering that the Secret Service is not protecting ‘this’ President like his predecessors for one reason: ‘He’s a black man in the White House!’ If those in charge of the Secret Service were holdovers from the Bush Administration, I have little doubt that charges of racism would have already been leveled. 

Unfortunately for them, these are the President’s people and the only logical explanation is a culture of incompetence, corruption, and political correctness…which, unsurprisingly, is an apt description of the administration, as a whole.

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