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28 September 2013

Don't Shutdown The Government. Let's Give 'Em The Full Rostenkowski!

M2RB: Judas Priest live

If you think I'll sit around as the world goes by
You're thinkin' like a fool cause it's a case of do or die
Out there is a disaster waitin' to be slayed
You think I'll let it go you're mad
You've got another thing comin'

That's right here's where the talkin' ends
Well listen this night there'll be some action spent
Drive hard I'm callin' all the shots
I got an ace card comin' down on the rocks


Both parties are trying to feed the people some old, stale, Big Government Establishment dogfood and we’re not settling for it anymore.  This is making them quite snitty.  I say, 'Turn up the fire, volume, and power!'

Personally, I have changed my mind about postponing the Individual Mandate. Obviously, it should have been postponed when Obama gave Big Business an extra year, but it wasn’t. Instead of bailing out Democrats, Republicans should let the full pain of Obamacare go into effect.  Give Obama what he wants with the proviso that Obamacare go into effect EXACTLY AS WRITTEN. 

No waivers or tax breaks for the ‘Top 1%’ while the 99% are royally screwed. No delays for anyone. No waivers for anyone, especially big companies like General 'Taxes are for little people!' Electric, Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, News Corp, the Koch Bros, you name the business and we can join the left and the right.  No accommodations to special interest groups.  No outs for Labour.  No repeal of the medical device tax.  No rewriting of provisions by apparatchiks.  No Federal tax money for exchanges run in states that opted not to create their own, AS PER THE EXPLICIT LANGUAGE OF THE ACT.  (Federal funding for subsidies is limited by the Act to state-run exchanges even though the Treasury is trying to John Roberts the language).  A photo ID and proof of citizenship must be produced before any enrollment, service or treatment as is specifically required by the obviously 'racist' Affordable Care Act. No imperial postponements or decrees by The Unstable One.  Any deviations much be challenged in court immediately with restraining orders and permanent injunctions sought.

Then, chant a mantra for a year that Obama and the Democrats are responsible for the hell of Obamacare and Republicans didn't want to inflict anymore harm on Americans by shutting down the government(!)  While it's true that the Democrats shut down the government several times solely on the issue of abortion during the administration of Jimmy Carter, one of their own, the MSM will not give anyone any cheers for attempting to save Americans from the Holy Grail that they - and their fellow Progressives - have sought for a century.  They are the extremists.  They don't care about consequences.  They don't give a damn if your family loses its health insurance as long as they can feel good about themselves for granting the indulgence of 'universal healthcare' (remember that health insurance =/= health care and if you don't believe this Brit, ask another) to the collective masses.  Let's scream to high heaven exactly this:  'My fellow Americans, the pain that you are enduring has been solely brought to you by the Democrat Party.'

Let’s get this clusterfark started and stop bailing out those that smashed it down our throats in the first place by using reconciliation after Scott Brown was elected by the bluest of states to act as the 41st vote to prevent passage of this centrally-planned, top-down, one-size-fits-all piece of shit.

Let the people get sooooo angry that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi will pray that the least that will happen to them will be that of former Congressman Dan Rostenkowski, who was waylaid by a bunch of seniors livid with his Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988. Fortunately, they could only chase him the short distance to his nearby Crown Vic (or some same pol car) and beat on it until he got away. Today's Democrats will WISH for the Rostenkowski Treatment. Of course, they probably are unaware of the result of that minor clash: Rostenkowski's Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988, which Dems passed and Reagan signed into law, was repealed, in toto, in 1989.

Sure, it is no longer 1989.  That's quite undeniable.  People are angrier today and much less polite, respectful, and controllable than they were 24 years ago.  So, who knows?  But, let's find out by turning every Democrat, who voted for Obamacare, and every Republican, who voted to fund it, into a running-for-his-life-Dan-Rostenkowski! 

 'Buried In The Archives,' The Original Town-Hall Battle

'Don’t you delayers know how painful a shut down will be for many Americans? Why are they wasting everyone’s time with this meaningless, empty symbolism?'

- xblade on September 28, 2013 at 4:54 PM

Let the PAIN begin to rain down hard immediately…with the FULL IMPLEMENTATION OF OBAMACARE. 

The government could shutdown for a bloody year and I wouldn’t give a damn, but now I am out for blood.

 You think Americans would incur pain with a shutdown? Just imagine the pain that they are going to get with skyrocketing insurance premiums, former ACORN workers getting all of their personal information as they navigate people through the exchanges (Hope they have LifeLock!), taxes on OTC drugs, crutches, wheelchairs, and other medical devices, drug shortages, a lack of medical innovation and R&D, and find that their doctors will no longer see them or they have to wait weeks instead of days to get an appointment.

So, YES!, let’s not shutdown the government. Let’s get this clusterfark started so that I might have the pleasure of seeing Maerose Prizzi being chased down the street in her heels like Dan Rostenkowski. On the bright side, we will learn if an overly-Botoxed face moves when a political princess is being chased down by a band of sans culottes. 

Let them eat…pain*!!!


* Pain as in ‘excruciation’ not pain as in ‘bread.’

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