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01 July 2013

Pharaoh Morsi, Let Your People Go! (Pics/UPDATES) - Part II

M2RB:  The Clash

OK, I'm going to start a new post for the updates, but, if you haven't checked in out, here's Part I.


Once again, the Egyptian military flew helicopters over the crowd with huge flags - and also dropped more Egyptian flags into the crowds.  The people have responding with jubilation.  (If you haven't seen the latest on the military ultimatum, Morsi's response, and the response of the Talamod, then check out Part I).

Egyptian military helicopters circle Cairo and wave huge flags in show of solidarity with protestors.


Women in Cairo in the women's section to protect against sexual assaults, which are rampant.  There is some news coming out that most of the rapes have been committed by MoFoBros gangs attempted to punish Morsi opponents.

Even pets are getting in on the act...

Villa in Mokattam, believed to be owned by MB leader Khairat El Shater, ablaze.  15 of his security guards have been arrested after opening fire on the crowds.  Whether the gunfire preceded or followed the fire, I am not sure.

Another night of MASSIVE protests in Egypt.  Click here for live video.



Countdown clock:


If you thought that Morsi might buckle, think again - at least know that he's not going quietly if he has any say in the matter!

President Morsi Of Egypt: “We’ll Chop Your Hand Off”

From SacBee:

The Egyptian revolution was an organic one-nobody can argue that-the writing was on the wall. However, the elections leave much to be desire. The Muslim Brotherhood winning with 51% made many scratch their head, including, moderate Muslims and Christian Coptics.

Mohamed Morsi was educated in Los Angeles, California and taught there as well. He reached his peak when negotiating between Hamas and Israel.

Morsi has attempted to weaken the military that has been the checks and balances in Egypt for decades. But now, he has gone too far. While trying to sell himself off as a moderate in the Muslim Brotherhood-an oxymoron in and of itself-he has shown his true colors today.

Today, he has threatened to cut-off the hands of citizens and punish those who cause instability-in other words, protest democratically.

While he apologized for his mistakes, don’t be fooled by Morsi or Erdogan of Turkey-they are wolves in sheep’s clothing(shirt and ties).

Protestors continue to surround the Egyptian Presidential Palace throughout a second night of massive protests, which are larger than they were yesterday.


Reports about bloody clashes in Giza sq and Al Haram st between pro and anti-Morsi protesters. More to follow shortly as I get more reports. 

On fire!


Egyptian police have given 100% to the 48-hour ultimatum given to Morsi by the military.


Egypt revolutionary forces: Army should stay out of domestic politics...

'Egypt's revolutionary political powers and parties opposed to military rule reacted with worry to the Egyptian Armed Forces' Monday statement giving political powers in Egypt 48 hours to reconcile, otherwise the army would issue a "roadmap" for Egypt's political future.

Revolutionary political groups, such as the 6 April Youth Movement , the Revolutionary Socialists, the Egyptian Popular Current and the Strong Egypt Party issued a statement last week in which they declared their refusal of both Muslim Brotherhood rule and military rule.

"The 6 April Youth Group [Ahmed Maher Front] has made it clear that there is no turning back to pre-25 January 2011 and Mubarak rule, or to post-11 February 2011 military rule," Ingy Hamdy, a leading 6 April member, told Ahram Online.

"We made this clear when we joined other political groups and parties opposed to military rule, Mubarak regime rule and Muslim Brotherhood rule," she added.

"The statement by the armed forces was clear regarding what it said about giving 48 hours to political powers to reconcile or else it would introduce a political roadmap," Hamdy said.

"We are totally against this; we support the role of the army as protector of our borders, our people and our national security, but we do not want to return to military rule or a political roadmap," Hamdy said, pointing out that the Supreme Military Council's "roadmap" in 2011 was "what brought Egypt to its current political crisis."

"The roadmap is already there; it has been provided by revolutionary youth in the form of the roadmap of the 30 June Front and the youth of the 'Rebel' campaign and 6 April," said the political activist. She added that the people should listen to revolutionary youth and follow their roadmap this time around.

"We don't want anyone to adopt this roadmap, whether the military or remnants of the Mubarak regime or Morsi. We want the people to adopt it," said Hamdy.

The roadmap proposed by the 30 June Front stated that President Morsi should be replaced by the head of Egypt's High Constitutional Court; that Egypt should have an independent prime minister; and that a technocratic cabinet be appointed for six months until a new constitution is drafted, to be followed by presidential and parliamentary elections.

"The statement suggests direct intervention by the armed forces in politics, and this is the result of the political elite's failure, which resulted in dictatorship by one group and a president," said Ahmed Emam, leading member of the Strong Egypt Party.

"As a political party against military intervention in politics, we are being put in a very critical situation as political powers in Egypt are trying to drag the Egyptian armed forces back to the political scene," Emam told Ahram Online.

The moderate-Islamist Strong Egypt Party has been demanding early presidential elections and participating in the 30 June protests and sit-ins.

The Revolutionary Socialists movement, which stands against military rule, refused the armed forces statement altogether.

"The Revolutionary Socialists demand Morsi step down and at the same time refuse the armed forces statement," Ahmed Ezzat, a member of the leftist movement, told Ahram Online.

Ezzat believes that the statement by the armed forces was issued for two reasons.

"I believe the armed forces had to issue this statement and take this step because it does not want civil disobedience," he said. "The people were leading the movement and wanted to launch a civil disobedience campaign; at the same time, after the arrogance the Muslim Brotherhood showed, the army had to move."

"We are not a political group and will not comment because we do not know what is going to happen, but we would like to remind the people that there were more than 15,000 civilians dragged before military trials during the military council's rule," Sarah El-Sherif, a member of the 'No to Military Trials' campaign, told Ahram Online.

She added that President Morsi's new constitution allowed civilians to be tried in military courts. 

That's 33/66 million hand(s), Morsi.



These cards are being handed out throughout the protests.  They read, simply, 'Leave!'


The 'Coup Clock'...

On a lighter note, El Fagr describes Morsi as first president ever who comes with a timer!

#Tahrir square banner: "Wake up America. Obama backs a fascist regime in Egypt" via @AleemMaqbool
 — BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) June 30, 2013

Police officers are seen in the middle of opposition supporters in Cairo

 Alexandria, which was the scene of bloody fighting



Presidential spokesman Ihab Fahmi called on all Egyptians to "unite and listen to the sound of wisdom".

"Political diversity necessitates on all parties to abide by the democratic process," he said.

And he reiterated that President Morsi was open to a "real and serious national dialogue".

As darkness fell, the opposition National Salvation Front (NSF) released what it called "Revolution Statement 1", calling on protesters across Egypt to "maintain their peaceful [rallies] in all the squares and streets and villages and hamlets of the country... until the last of this dictatorial regime falls".

The NSF is among liberal and secular opposition groups which have endorsed a petition organised by the grassroots movement Tamarod (Rebellion), which calls for a snap election. Opposition activists say more than 22 million people have signed it.

'The most striking aspect of the protests in Alexandria is the variety of people here - veiled and non-veiled.'

- Mahmoud Abu Bakr. Alexandria


MoFoBros' press conference to start momentarily.

To get an idea of the size of the crowd in Cairo...

Reports of clashes in Fayium between anti and pro Morsi camps.

Syria state news agency tweets photo of alleged sit-in at Egypt embassy in Damascus in solidarity with Egyptian people.

Morsi and Erdoğan's peeps are out there spinning and dropping agitprop:

Turkije steunt Morsi! (Turkey with Morsi!)

Shocka.  Not.  (See the possible nearing of a Tianneman Square moment in Turkey in Part I.)

Embedded image permalink

'Army is planning to take power and restore calm.  They don't care about Morsi.  I have my sources.'

- Jean-Paul Ney

Jean-Paul Ney is a French reporter, writer, who has written 12 books, and a filmmaker, who has made 7 documentaries.  He says his sources are 'impeccable.'  We'll see.

Shadi Hamid, Director of Research at the Brookings Doha Center & Fellow at the Saban Centre for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution:

'Morsi advisor tells me the red line, as expressed to Sissi, is army dictating pol process. Anything short of that up for discussion.'

 But, what if there is no resolution?  Will they army side with Morsi over the people?  It hasn't appeared that way.


Death toll in Egypt clashes rises to 7, with over 600 injured.

30 June Coordinating Committee calls for more protests in Egypt to “free of fascism” and Morsi’s power.

Stratfor analysts Michele Dunne, director of the Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East at the Atlantic Council, Jacob Shapiro, a Middle East analyst at Stratfor Inc, and Richard Falkenrath, a principal at the Chertoff Group discusse the protests in Egypt here.  Dunne says that the Egyptian Army is likely to displace Morsi.

Hashtags rising:



Dr Khalil al-ِِAnani Khalilalanani says that 'The current protests isn't against MB only but the whole spectrum of Islamists. Pol Islam faces the biggest challenge in a century.'

Rawya Rageh, Cairo-based correspondent for Al Jazeera English, tweets 'Reports that army plans to deploy around Tahrir & palace to protect anti Morsi protesters from any possible attack.'

Report from Heliopolis: Massive crowds,carnival atmosphere. Families, dancing, euphoric cheers when helicopters passed.

Rawya Rageh: Army warns citizens to check identity of people wearing military uniform before dealing with them.

Governor of Sohag resigns. Third governor to resign.


Army spox: 'Wwe never sought military coups, we stand with Egyptians demand for change.'

Ministry on Interior statement:  'We express our support to the army's statement for the country's national interests.'

Staggering demo in Mahalla in the Delta. Looks like Tahrir!

Tamarod spox: Tomorrow at 5 pm we will march to both the presidential palace and Kubbeh palace.

Korbah (2 hrs ago - 6:55PM EST):

Embedded image permalink

Al Nour Party - the Salafists - calls for early elections.

Ministry of Defence denies recount of president's office over the meeting between Morsi and  Minister of Defence Sissi.

Egypt's National Salvation Front: Mohamed El Baradei, former UN nuclear chief, will be in touch with the military on behalf of the NSF.


Obama has called Morsi and advised him to engage in 'talks.'  LOL

Morsi has rejected the 48 ultimatum offered by the military and agreed to by the millions of protestors.

Obama:  "Don't call my bluff, Morsi.'

Morsi:  'Is that like a red line 'cuz I just did.  Now, what are you going to do, my brother?'

This won't end well for either of them.


Reuters Exclusive: Egypt army plan would scrap constitution, parliament - sources

US Embassy closed today in Cairo; reassessing situation on a daily basis – @NBCNews

Hmmm, maybe, just maybe, Patterson should have thought about what she was doing before she encouraged the Egyptian people to respect their 'democratically-elected' leaders and refrain from 'street action.'


MoFoBros beginning to throw other MoFoBros under the bus in the EPIC CLUSTERFUCK.

'The Muslim Brotherhood had asked Prime Minister Hesham Qandil and  ministers belonging to the Islamist group to quit in order to give President Mohamed Morsy a chance to negotiate with opposition groups demanding his removal, sources close to the Brotherhood have revealed.

Sources said the Brotherhood made the request in order for the president to agree with the opposition on a new premier before the Wednesday evening deadline set by the armed forces to accomplish political consensus between the regime and the opposition.

Ministers of foreign affairs, telecommunications, tourism, legal affairs and environment had announced their resignations on Monday and Tuesday. Two presidential spokespersons also quit on Tuesday. Their resignations come amid massive protests across Egypt demanding early presidential elections.

The sources noted that the Brotherhood is not ready to make any concessions other than a cabinet reshuffle or the replacement of Prosecutor General Talaat Abdallah. The sources explained that the idea of early presidential elections has not even been discussed within the group which, they say, still believes that Morsy has not been afforded the full opportunity to rule.'

 Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

I'm going to go out of a limb here, but I don't think that this 'olive branch' is going to be enough.  For Egyptian protestors, #MorsiMustGo! 


In related news...

Erdoğan comes up with new, novel, groundbreaking strategy:


Nearing a Tiannamen Square moment in Turkey?

Turkey on Sunday

‘No shariah’: Topless FEMEN activists protest Swedish mosque

While you might disagree with what she says, free speech should be championed above all:

Marine Le Pen, French Far-Right Chief, Stripped Of Immunity, May Now Face Charges

The EU is acting like Morsi, but without the hand amputating meat cleaver.  In a democracy, all sides should be willing to introduce, debate, and defend their positions in the marketplace of ideas and let the people decide.   Only those afraid that they might lose are determined to cut off debate and silence their opponents.


Saul Obama has a 'Road to Damascus' moment...

US to Morsi:  Call for early elections

Leading from behind, by definition, means that you will take as long as Hamlet to make a decision or to take a position.

Continue on to Pharaoh Morsi, Let Your People Go! (Pics/UPDATED) - Part III

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