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05 July 2013

George & Laura's Most Excellent, Charitable Adventure To Zambia

By Andrew Kaczynski of BuzzFeed (Yeah, I know. It's weird. It's the second one in a matter of days.  What are trying to do?  Rehabilitate W?)

The former president and his wife, former first lady Laura Bush, are in Zambia to promote the Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, their cancer-fighting initiative. They also helped renovate a women’s clinic.

“The Government of Zambia is beginning to spread the Pink Ribbon-Red Ribbon Campaign throughout the country. We need to make people aware of this clinic so that they come here and get screened,” Bush said according to the Times of Zambia.

“We believe that all life is precious and we love coming back to Zambia. This facility was pretty run down and it needed help hence it has been cleaned with love,” he added.

The former president attended a Catholic Church service in Livingstone, Zambia as well. “The church service was beautiful and I am glad we went there,” Bush said.

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