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04 July 2013

Beeb Study: The BBC Has A Deep 'Liberal Bias,' In Other Breaking News, Water Is Wet...

BBC pays £175,000 to discover it has a 'liberal bias' on immigration

By Toby Young

I'm not a BBC-hater, but I did have to stifle a laugh on reading the following headline: "BBC has deep liberal bias, executive admits." No, really? Are you sure? In other news, Vatican City resident is revealed to be a Romanist and Ursus arctos defecates in piney area.

Apparently, the BBC Trust commissioned a report to look into whether the corporation was fulfilling its obligation to provide "breadth and diversity of opinion" on issues like Europe and immigration. Answer: No! (You can pick your jaw up off the floor now.) It conducted fewer interviews with Ukip members last year than it did in 2007 and has been "slow" to reflect growing public concern over mass immigration, the report concluded. The cost of arriving at these startling revelations was £175,000. Ah well. Probably cheaper than making the Director General's official car-door opener redundant. No, wait. He still works there.

The BBC could have saved itself some money and just bought a copy of the Daily Mail. In November of last year, it reported that the outgoing Africa editor of the BBC World Service thinks people who vote Conservative are "lower then vermin". Four years ago, the paper revealed that the BBC's controller of drama Ben Stephenson wanted material that was more "left of centre" – the BBC's drama output being insufficiently Left-wing in his opinion. This is not a view shared by Peter Sissons, according to an article by him in the Mail in 2011. "At the core of the BBC, in its very DNA, is a way of thinking that is firmly of the Left," he wrote.

Alternatively, they could read Guilty Men, Peter Oborne and Francis Weaver's essay for the Centre for Policy Studies, in which they expose the full extent of the BBC's bias over the single currency – it was fanatically pro, obviously – or just visit this website which documents the daily instances of the BBC's out-and-out Left-wingery.

I'd like to add one bugbear of mine to this list. When is the BBC going to invite a Right-wing comedian to appear on Question Time? No episode is complete without some trendy, right-on comic attacking the government. Why not invite some right-of-centre entertainers as well? Better yet, have a few scientists on instead. In the past two-and-a-half years, Question Time has featured more reality show contestants than scientists, according to this graph. If I have to watch ex-Socialist Workers' Party member Mark Steel droning on about the "Tory cuts" one more time I think I might throw a brick at the television.

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