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29 June 2013

The Missing Link? Libyan Intelligence Connects Pharaoh Morsi To Benghazi

 Image of the Libyan intelligence document

 The Libyan intelligence document

Raymond Ibrahim reports:

'On Wednesday, June 26, several Arabic websites, including Veto Gate, quoted the intelligence report, which apparently was first leaked to the Kuwaiti paper, Al Ra’i.  Prepared by Mahmoud Ibrahim Sharif, Director of National Security for Libya, the report is addressed to the nation’s Minister of Interior. 

It discusses the preliminary findings of the investigation, specifically concerning an “Egyptian cell” which was involved in the consulate attack. “Based on confessions derived from some of those arrested at the scene” six people, “all of them Egyptians” from the jihad group Ansar al-Sharia (“Supporters of Islamic Law), were arrested.

According to the report, during interrogations, these Egyptian jihadi cell members “confessed to very serious and important information concerning the financial sources of the group and the planners of the event and the storming and burning of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi…. And among the more prominent figures whose names were mentioned by cell members during confessions were: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi; preacher Safwat Hegazi; Saudi businessman Mansour Kadasa, owner of the satellite station, Al-Nas; Egyptian Sheikh Muhammad Hassan; former presidential candidate, Hazim Salih Abu Isma’il…”

It should be noted that these findings are unsurprising: the supremacism of prominent Brotherhood figure Safwat Hegazi is such that he publicly declares the Brotherhood will rule the world“;  Saudi Mansour’s hate-mongering, pro-Brotherhood TV station repeatedly aired footage of the YouTube Muhammad movie inciting violence around the Muslim world; popular Sheikh Muhammad Hassan holds that smiling to non-Muslims is forbidden, except when trying to win them over to Islam;  and Sheikh Hazim Abu Ismail is simply an openly anti-freedom, anti-infidel religious leader.'

 There's long been a theory that Ambassador Stevens was to be kidnapped and used as a pawn and/or serve as political cover for Obama to release the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman.  The main problem with this theory was a lack of any evidence connecting the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood with the Benghazi attack.  If Libyan intelligence is correct, then Pharaoh Morsi could well be the missing link.

As an aside, Susan Rice, former Ambassador to the United Nations and incoming top US intelligence chief, is claiming that Obama hasn't been 'weakened' by the NSA leaks.


Of course he hasn't.  The reason for his weakening is the YouTube video ‘The Innocence of NSA Agents’ ...

...and anyone who disagrees is just a creepy-assed cracka, yo!

Speaking of intelligence, Rachel Jeantel has a new job.  She's become one of the translators at the United Nations.  Her first day on the job went like this:

Senegalese Ambassador: 'What did the Uzbek Ambassador say?' 

Rachel Jeantel: 'I don't know. I don't hear cursive, Mr AssHO!'



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