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23 June 2013

Pics of the Day: If 'The NutRoots' Threw A Party And Nobody Came...

...could it be that they’re just as relevant as Milli Vanilli?

Live from New York NutRoots 2013:

Bear in mind, these are being called 'packed house,' 'packed crowds,' etc... 

 PP Action CADelores Huerta addresses the #NN13 crowd in immigration reform.

 Rosa Parks' ghost would attract more...

  Nolan Treadway:  'A living legend Dolores Huerta opening up our keynote on immigration reform'
... to an empty room

TDL 22 JunThe fact that a forum on courting the votes of #POC has empty seats is just .. ..

Don't worry.  There's no assigned seating nor is there a reason for you to ask someone 'to hold your seat.'

  Jenifer Ancona 20 Jun:  There is serious magic happening in this session, Stories From the Front Lines of Organizing.

Magic?  Perhaps, but only the 'My Progressive Little Ponyland' variety.  If NutRoot's turnout models the 2012 election, then 64% of the people in the above room didn't even graduate from high school, but doncha worry, they are great at playing musical chairs.

Harry Waisbren 20 Jun:  Packed house at the Screening Liberally 'filmmaker caucus' at #NN13. Big ups to @justinmkrebs for organizing it!

DSPolitical 21 Jun:  Packed house in Room 212AC! Come join @dspolitcal's COO and others talking Data.

Adam Green: Packed house for weak Dems vs strong progressives panel w/ Grayson, Digby, others in 210.


  Nicole Sandler:  Barney Frank & Howard Dean at ...It doesn't get much better than this

:  This fella with "Obama = Cheney" sign just walked into an OFA session at #NN13

SRO Crowd for 'Citizen Kochs' screening

 Kurt Walters:  Star-studded #nn13 “reclaiming our democracy" panel: leaders of NAACP, CWA, CANY, Greenpeace, Salon & Sen Merkley

The collective wattage of the 'stars' there couldn't power a gerbil wheel without the gerbil.

DemocracyForAmerica: Something is wrong with this picture... Come by the table and make sure to support our #nn13 candidates

Er, looks like NutRoos hasn't learned The Santa Rule:  With Democrats, you can only draw a crowd if you give out free shit or hand out Obama's Stash with a complimentary ObamaPhone.

Those remind me of this...

The Ferret (Paul Krugman) speaking to an empty room at the Netroots Nation convention in Providence, Rhode Island, 9 June 2012.  I guess even many of the lunatics aren't buying his bullshit anymore either.


The NutRooters were so much more fun when Shrub was POTUS.


Stoutcat said...

I'm confused. Where are all the giant paper mache puppets?

Predictable-History said...

No kidding. Where are all the pink vajayjays?