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29 June 2013

'Unsafe Sex' Takes On A Whole New Meaning...

china couple

The Chinese couple allegedly held each other tight as they fell out of their apartment building in Wuhan.

Let's face it:  When we get a shag on, we don't associate imminent death with it.  But, maybe, we should (well, those of us who like Insane Sex, any way)...

From the NYDN:

A steamy lovemaking session turned tragic after a couple in China reportedly fell out of a window to their deaths, The Sun reports.

The lovebirds from Wuhan, central China, were having sex against a glass pane when the poorly constructed window broke under the weight of their passion.

Clinging to each other even in those last moments, the couple hurtled to the ground.

Hmmm, Insane Sex could become the 'Mother of Invention' and some smart chap could chart a new course in the field of 'women's health' and free love.  Obviously, as this story proves, pregnancy and STD infection are NOT the worst things that can happen to you as a result of having Insane Sex.   We need contraception that prevents death during sex from construction materials, too!

We must declare that we will no longer stand for this particular 'war on womynesses.'
'Condom windows,' anyone? 

BTW, what happened to the dude on the bike???

Does the death certificate have 'Crushed by falling couple engaging in Insane Sex™' listed as the cause of death?

Of course, he could just be in an irreversible coma...

Poor guy, he got fucked, but he didn't get laid.


angrymike said...

They must have bounced...........;-)

Predictable-History said...

If it had happened in the US, there would be a label on the window saying:

'Prepare for impact.'

This warning brought to you by the government and the trial lawyers' lobby.

Anonymous said...

Cumming and going atthe same time?