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24 June 2013

What Immigration Reform Really Means For The Country, The Economy, And You


From The Washington Examiner:

No End To Illegal Immigration

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., may be making bold pronouncements from the Senate floor about how “illegal immigration will be a thing of the past” if his bill becomes law, but the CBO disagrees. They write: “Unauthorized residents would find it harder both to enter the country and to find employment while unauthorized. However, other aspects of the bill would probably increase the number of unauthorized residents—in particular, people overstaying their visas issued under the new programs for temporary workers.”

Overall, CBO estimates that Schumer-Rubio would only decrease illegal immigration by just 25 percent. Combine that future flow of illegal immigrants with the 3 million illegal immigrants who CBO estimates will not qualify for legalization this time around, and you have a growing cohort of future illegal immigrants who are guaranteed to demand another amnesty years from now.

Higher Unemployment

In addition to not ending illegal immigration, CBO estimates that Schumer-Rubio will also make unemployment worse too. “Employment would increase as the labor force expanded, because the additional population would add to demand for goods and services and, in turn, to the demand for labor,” the report reads. “However, temporary imbalances in the skills and occupations demanded and supplied in the labor market, as well as other factors, would cause the unemployment rate to be slightly higher for several years than projected under current law.”

Yeah, that's what I'd call a sign of desperation to become an American.  Not.

Lower Wages

Not only will more Americans be unemployed if amnesty passes, but those with jobs will also suffer lower wages as well. “The legislation would particularly increase the number of workers with lower or higher skills but would have less effect on the number of workers with average skills,” the report says. “As a result, the wages of lower- and higher-skilled workers would tend to be pushed downward slightly (by less than ½ percent) relative to the wages of workers with average skills.”

Ponzi Scheme Deficit Reduction
Even the CBO’s top line $197 billion deficit reduction number does not stand up to scrutiny. That number is only valid if you believe the Social Security and Medicare trust funds don’t exist. It includes all payroll taxes paid to those programs that are supposed to be saved to pay for them decades from now. If we maintain the fictions of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds, then S. 744 actually adds $14.2 billion to the deficit over ten years. But like any Ponzi scheme, those paying into the system now will eventually want to get paid what they were promised years from now. When today’s cohort of amnestied illegal immigrants.

Finally, a sort of 'shout out' to that fucking bastard, Senator John Insane:

‘Build the danged fence!’


‘Pass the danged Christmas Tree for criminaliens already!’

…which goes hand-in-hand with…

‘Just STFU, you nativist, racist, xenophobic whackobirds, who are solely responsible for perpetuating a very huge stain on the conscience of the United States Of America by forcing the poor, law-abiding, hard-working, and noble undocumented Americans into having to live in the shadows, and, by the way, GET OFF OF MY LAWN!’


Go fuck yourself and, for heaven's sake, put on a fresh pair of Depends.  Your traitorous stench is nauseating.


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