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25 June 2013

Senator John McCain: Please 'Danged Fence' Him In...

Sen Insane, why do you hate unskilled, low-paid Americans so much that you'd rather non-citizens to have their jobs? See the CBO report.

Why won't legalised criminaliens (LCs) be required to comply with Obamacare?

Why do you think LCs shouldn’t be deported after 2 or even 3 DUIs?

Why do you want to legalise gang members and convicted criminals?

Why do you think LCs should get subsidised cars, education, etc?

Why don't you think LCs should get automatically deported if they vote in elections, even though automatic deportation is already law?

Why are you pretending that you are giving us something by requiring LCs to learn English and pass a civics test when both are already the law?

Why do you support legislation that guts the legal requirement for a biometric exit-entry system?

Why do you advocate for legislation that grants amnesty for future visa overstays (in other words, a prospective amnesty for future illegal immigrants) - gee, Mohammed Atta, et al, would have loved that?

Why do you support legislation that will give LCs preferential treatment in obtaining employment? As I said on another thread, who are employers going to hire: Unskilled Americans citizens, who they have to insure and pay other taxes on, or unskilled LCs, for whom they don’t?

Why do you give LCs legalisation immediately, but give the Executive Branch, especially Janet Napolitano, the authority to waive your new border ‘enforcement’ provisions?

Why do you believe that you know more than ICE and border agents, who have said that 'there is no doubt that, if (the Senate's immigration reform is) passed, public safety will be endangered and massive amounts of future illegal immigration—especially visa overstays—is ensured'?

Why do you support legislation that would double the number of guest workers and triple the number of immigrants granted lawful permanent residency, which as the CBO has deduced will reduce wages for US workers and drive up unemployment?

Why are you delaying the hiring of new agents for the laughable ‘border surge’ until 2021?

Why do you and ChuckYou Schumer claim that this legislation will end illegal immigration forever when the CBO has said that the legislation will only decrease illegal immigration by 25%?

Why do you want  to expand non-merit chain migration and only require that less than 10% of the future immigration flow is merit-based?

Why do you support legislation that the CBO has found will increase unemployment, decrease wages & benefits, and create a ‘Ponzi scheme on top of a Ponzi scheme’ with respect to entitlements like Social Security and Medicare?

Why do you fraudulently claim that ‘de facto amnesty’ is somehow worse than ‘de jure amnesty,’ which has been proven by the 1965 immigration law and the 1986 amnesty law to be a failure?

Why do you - from the comfort of your six or seven houses - want to saddle this country with A MINIMUM of an additional $6.3 trillion in debt over the next few decades and likely much more due to education, healthcare, SS, etc?

Why do you believe that, unlike the UK and Europe, the US can import the children that it can't be bothered to have its own to pay the taxes for entitlement programmes when such thinking has been proven to be a colossal failure elsewhere because, well, those immigrant 'children,' who are usually minorities kind of prefer the welfare hammock themselves and don't much like supporting a bunch of old, white dudes like yourself (of course, most of them are on the golf course and not on the floor of the Senate actively seeking to destroy the country)?

Why do you approve of the exploitation by Big Business of many illegal immigrants, who come from very poor areas of the world and will work for much less than Americans?  Is it an American ideal to bring in cheap labour in order to pad the profits of Big Business while seriously harming your fellow citizens?

Why do you believe that Hispanics are 'natural conservatives' (btw, you wouldn't know a conservative if he punched you in the face) when they are the biggest supporters of Obamacare?

Why do Americans have to be held hostage and trade border security, which is a Constitutional responsibility of the Federal government, for the legalisation of those whose first act on American soil was to break our laws?

Why do you blame Americans for the choice of criminaliens that has resulted in their having 'to live in the shadows'?

Why do you blame Americans for family separation when such is entirely the consequence of the choice to violate the law?

Why have you chosen to violate your oath by placing criminaliens on a pedestal while degrading the rule of law, devaluing the importance of citizenship, diminishing the welfare of Americans are diminished, eroding national sovereignty, and undermine the culture by valuing the salad bowl more than the melting pot?

What do you have to say to people like me, who followed the rules and immigrated to the US LEGALLY?  Why bother with immigration laws when elitists like you will grant amnesty - de facto or de jure - anyway?

Why do you think that you can generate American prosperity by importing drains, not brains, which even the liberal Senator Eugene McCarthy recognised was ridiculously insane?

Why do you think a country can survive a massive change in ethos, community, and the fundamental transformation of the relationship between the state and the citizens and survive when no other country has?

How dare you accuse 80% of the American public, who wants border enforcement first, racists and claim that amnesty will remove 'a very huge stain on the conscience of the United States of America' when the 'United States of America' didn't break the law, criminaliens did?  And, how dare you even attempt to compare illegal immigration to slavery?  Did slaves violate the law in order to come to this land?

Senator McCain, the next time your chauffeur-driven car drives by an African-American man or woman standing in the rain at a bus stop in work attire, just remember that you voted for legislation that would reward criminaliens with ObamaCars so that they can travel to and from work.

 'She's so ill-informed…I don't know where to begin.'

- Senator John McCain attacking Senator Deb Fischer on border security, 25 June 2013

Er, I bet she knows what 'build the danged fence' means and the myriad lies that you are telling in order to sellout your fellow citizens.  Likewise, she probably understands that neither Nevada nor South Dakota are 'border states,' as claimed by your idiotic 'friends' in the Senate.

'We’ll be the most militarised border since the fall of the Berlin Wall.'

- Senator John Insane, 25 June 2013

Damn, you are a pitiful, demented, old fool.  I thought that you were something of an expert on foreign affairs.  If you were, one would imagined that the border between North and South Korea is the most militarised on the planet and they remain on high alert for a nuclear exchange.  When did Mexico join the nuke club?  When are we going to put 40,000 of our troops on the border?  

Now, if you don't want to discuss North and South Korea, when can always move on to the lovely UNOPENED BORDERS in China...

PS:  Don't you just LOVE the name of this website?  Fuck John McCain I positively adore it.

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