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07 June 2014

Big Time Democrat Donor Invokes Gas Chambers And Screams ’Fuck God’s Chosen People!’

By Christopher Cook 

(Sung to the tune of “The Candyman Can”):

Who can slander Catholics,
Mexicans and Jews, 
Then have her team of lawyers pull the vids from YouTube?   
J.Z. Knight. J.Z. Knight can.

J.Z. Knight can ’cause she fuels her rants with wine and thinks that she sounds good.

Who can run a weird cult,
With hundreds in her thrall, Say lots of vile things and still impress them all? J.Z. Knight. J.Z. Knight can.

J.Z. Knight can, ’cause she’s so completely sloshed she can’t be understood.

Who can take her money,
For their political campaigns, Ignore things she says, tho’ she’s patently insane? The Democrats. The Democrats can.

The Democrats can, ’cause her money gives them power . . . so it’s all good.

It’s not often that I am moved to write parody song lyrics these days. For one thing—it takes time to match new lyrics to existing melodies and get the meter just right. 

But in the case of cult leader and big-money Democrat donor J.Z. Knight, I found myself moved to make an exception. For truly, “parody” is one of the first words that comes to mind when observing the wine-fueled hate-speech (masquerading as ancient “Lemurian” wisdom) that issues forth from this bizarre cult leader.

Indeed, if you were writing a screenplay with a cult-leader character, and you made that character like J.Z. Knight, you might just get laughed out of the producer’s office. “Too over-the-top . . . too hackneyed . . . too weird . . . too evil,” he might say. But that is exactly how one might describe J.Z. Knight.

Or should I say, Cult-leader, drunken bully, and big-money donor to the Democratic Party . . . J.Z. Knight. For it’s that last part—her role as a donor to the Democratic Party, that makes her story all-the-more interesting.

Let’s start with a question: Have you heard of J.Z. Knight?

Now, how about Donald Sterling? Heard of him? I thought so.

And yet nothing Sterling said approaches the appalling nature of this J.Z. Knight classic: 

'Fuck God’s chosen people!  I think they have earned enough cash to have paid their way out of the goddamned gas chambers by now.'

In case you don’t believe me . . . here is the video evidence. It cannot be embedded here, because Knight’s lawyers keep forcing YouTube and other hosts to take down video evidence of her hate speech. So watch this right away, before it too is forced down.

1.  Saying '@#$% God’s chosen people (The Jews)'

2.  Raising the age-old canard of the money-grubbing/rich Jew.

3.  Invoking the Holocaust in a way that is so far beyond poor taste it almost defies description.

Imagine if a big-money donor to the Republicans had said this. Seriously. It wouldn’t just be national news, it would be international news. There would be vigils. There would be serious discussions on mainstream news programs about incipient fascism and the possibility of neo-Nazi control at the heart of the Republican machine. There would be shocked horror at the audience members clapping like trained seals at Knight’s bilious vitriol. 

Instead, she’s a donor to the Democrats, and the trained seals are rich west-coast liberals, so we hear more crickets than we do media coverage. 

We should be horrified by statements like this no matter who utters them. Too bad having that sort of fixed moral standard doesn’t occur to Democrats—including Barack Obama, who never returned the $50,000 he received from Knight.

There is a great deal more to the J.Z. Knight saga. Proving that the tragic observation “What starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews” applies to words every bit as much as it does to violent governments, Knight also has plenty of bile reserved for Mexicans, Catholics, and others. But those will have to wait until a Part 2. We want to get this one out right away, before Knight sics her lawyers on those currently hosting it.


Anonymous said...

Where, exactly did Ms. Knight make these comments?

Oh, and thank you for posting the clip.

Anonymous said...

AAAANNNNDDDD GONE! Google says it was a violation of service...