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06 June 2014

Poll: Plurality Of Public Disapproves Of Bergdahl Deal And Only 24% Believe America Has A Duty To Rescue Deserters

So much for the Obama's claim that the outrage relative to the Bergdahl-4-Taliban5 deal is just another 'controvers[y] that [has been] whipped up in Washington.'

The latest research from YouGov shows that the deal to free Bergdahl might not be the political victory that the Obama Administration may have hoped for. Half the country (49%) say that it’s unacceptable for the US to release suspected terrorists to secure the release of a captive US soldier, and even first impressions of this deal before many of the darker details emerged show that people tend to oppose (39%) rather than support (35%) the deal that freed Bowe Bergdahl.

If the allegations about how Bergdahl was captured turn out to be true, support for the deal could fall even further, particularly among Republicans. Only 24% of Americans think that the government even has a responsibility to try and rescue a deserter who is captured by enemy combatants. This compares to 82% for soldiers that get lost and captured, 87% for soldiers who are wounded and captured. Even for soldiers that surrender to the enemy, most Americans (57%) think that the government has a responsibility to rescue them.

I wonder if Obama and team has ANY idea of the ferocity of the shit-storm that they are in.  Part of me - a big part - thinks that they are so arrogant, smug, elitist, and completely out-of-touch that they are completely unaware.  But, how on earth can anyone possibly be so tone-deaf and delusional?  

Do they really think that they can fix this outrageous mess by having Obama give another 'Just Words, Just Speeches' speech?  If so, the next two and half years are going to be amongst the most dangerous in American history.  Obama will become the very definition of an existential threat.

The other day, I was speaking to my mum and discussed this situation with her.  I said, 'Mummy, it is like we are on a bus, the driver has had a heart attack rendering him unconscious, and we are all looking at a sign that says':

'DANGER! Road Closed. Cliff Ahead.'

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