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03 June 2014

General Dempsey: Army Will (Again) Investigate Desertion Claims Against Bergdahl…
Bowe Bergdahl, left, and those that died looking for him, right.

WASHINGTON – Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Tuesday the Army may still pursue an investigation into the conduct of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was recently freed after nearly five years of being held captive in Afghanistan.

Gen. Dempsey told the Associated Press that U.S. military leaders “have been accused of looking away from misconduct” but said “it’s premature” to assume they would do so in Sgt. Bergdahl’s case.

Sgt. Bergdahl was recently freed from nearly five years of being held in captivity by the Taliban in Afghanistan in exchange for the transfer of five former Guantanamo Bay prison detainees to Qatar.

Some of Sgt. Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers have in recent days said he essentially abandoned his post in 2009 when he was taken captive by the Taliban. The Washington Times also reported Monday that the Pentagon on multiple occasions knew where Sgt. Bergdahl was being held but commanders scrapped rescue missions because they were unwilling to risk casualties for a man they believed to be a “deserter,” according to sources familiar with the plan.

Sometime after midnight on June 30, 2009, Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl left behind a note in his tent saying he had become disillusioned with the Army, did not support the American mission in Afghanistan and was leaving to start a new life. He slipped off the remote military outpost in Paktika Province on the border with Pakistan and took with him a soft backpack, water, knives, a notebook and writing materials, but left behind his body armor and weapons — startling, given the hostile environment around his outpost.

Bowe Bergdahl would detail his disillusionment with the Afghanistan campaign in an email to his parents three days before he went missing.

“I am sorry for everything here,” he wrote. “These people need help, yet what they get is the most conceited country in the world telling them that they are nothing and that they are stupid.”

Bergdahl also complained about fellow soldiers. The battalion commander was a “conceited old fool,” he said, and the only “decent” sergeants, planning to leave the platoon “as soon as they can,” told the privates — Bergdahl then among them — “to do the same.”

“I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of US soldier is just the lie of fools,” he concluded. “I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting.”

Bob Bergdahl responded in an email: “OBEY YOUR CONSCIENCE!”

On top of that:

According to Catherine Herridge and others, the investigation into Bergdahl actually began before he deserted.

Also, apparently, he left with his cellphone, which he used to contact his commander the next day to inform him that he would not be returning.

The Pentagon concluded by 2010 that it was incontrovertible’ that Bergdahl ‘walked away’ from his post and that it would not take any more ‘extraordinary measures’ in an effort to secure him because he ‘just wasn’t worth putting the lives of Special Forces at risk.’

Evidently, Obama and his ilk don’t consider exchanging 5 top-level, hardened Taliban jihadists, who Jim Clapper and Leon Panetta refused to swap in 2012 because they would almost certainly return to their status as a clear and present danger to the national security interests of the United States, for Bergdahl to be an ‘extraordinary measure.’

“In response to those of you interested in my personal judgments about the recovery of SGT Bowe Bergdahl, the questions about this particular soldier’s conduct are separate from our effort to recover ANY U.S. service member in enemy captivity,” Dempsey said. “This was likely the last, best opportunity to free him.”





There is ‘incontrovertible’ proof that he ‘walked away’ from his post.

He was responsible for the predicament that he found himself in after he decided to leave the military.

If you go surfing during a hurricane or fail to leave when there is a mandatory evacuation order because of a fire…














You made your bed, now lie in it.

Bergdahl made his bed and he wasn’t worth the blood, treasure, and principles that we gave up to secure his freedom.

And, I do not want to hear anything about how he ‘has suffered enough.’ BS. We court martialed a guy who deserted to North Korea during Vietnam…40 years after he returned. Further, if ‘suffering enough’ is going to be the test, then, if someone is seriously injured during his apprehension, then I guess we shouldn’t prosecute, convict and imprison him for the murders that he committed. After all, he has suffered sooooo much. Boo-hoo!

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