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06 June 2014

Bernard's Great Escape: D-Day Veteran, 89, Who Sneaked Off From Care Home After Staff Told Him He Couldn't Go To 70th Anniversary Commemorations Makes It To Normandy Against All The Odds... AGAIN!

Screengrab via the Daily Mail

Found: Veteran Bernard Jordan has been found in Normandy after travelling to France to mark the anniversary of D-Day. Above, the 89-year-old is pictured now (left) and during his time as a member of the Royal Navy (right)

Read the story from the Daily Mail here.

Bernard Jordan? 

Disobeyed orders in order to join his Band of Brothers during a time marking one of the most important battle in the world's worst ever war. 

Bowe Bergdahl?

Disobeyed orders in order to desert and take off looking for the enemy during a time of war.

Pretty much says. it. all.

Bernard Jordan


It also tells us a lot about contrasts Obama:

American-hating military deserters?

Obama bails him out and makes the worst trade in American history.

The Greatest Generation?

Obama closes down their open-air memorials and sends the Nationalsozialismus Park Service to harass and intimidate them.

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