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21 April 2013

According to Melissa Harry-Perry, Being From The Caucasus Means You're White. Some Beauty Queens Beg To Differ

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Melissa Harris-Perry: Bombers Are “Literally Caucasian”

Some beauty queens beg to differ....

Let this be a teachable moment for the idiot, Melissa Harris-Perry:

Elmira Abdrazakova after being crowned Miss Russia 2013

(But for Melissa Harris-Perry, she isn't really considered 'Caucasian' in Russia.  You one-droppers consider her a disgrace because she is  an Ethnic Tartar and your fellow race-obsessed ilk let it be known before the music stopped that 'Tatar women and also highland and lowland ethnic Shors' should be from participating in beauty contests by law...because a gypsy woman cannot be the face of Russia.")

A contestant in Miss Azerbaijan

Begüm YÄlmaz, Miss Turkey Globe 2008, Miss Globe 2008 2nd RU

  Diana Ovganova, Miss Kyrgyzstan 2012

Nazira Nurzhanova, Miss Kyrgyzstan 2011

Nazira Nurzhanova, Miss Kyrgyzstan 2011

Dina Nuraliyeva, Miss Kazakhstan, Miss Universe 2006

Zhanna Zhumaliyeva Miss Kazakhstan 2010

Zhanna Zhumaliyeva Miss Kazakhstan 2010


Dina Nuraliyev, Miss Kazakhstan Universe, 2006

Dina Nuraliyev, Miss Kazakhstan Universe, 2006


Aynur Toleuova - Miss Kazakhstan Universe 2013

 Miss Trayfena Zambre represents Armenia in Miss Asia pageant

 Miss Chechnya 2011

Saghar Sadri represents Iran

 A contestant in Miss Azerbaijan

A contestant in Miss Azerbaijan 

Azerbaijani contestants celebrate on Reunion Island

Two more to play with your mind, MHP:

Golsa Sarabi Miss Iran at Queen of the Universe 2013

 Yityish Aynaw, Miss Israel 2013

(Yeah, I know Israel isn't in the Caucasus, but, hey!, while we are exploding stereotypes!)

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