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27 April 2013

100 Year-Old Time Capsule Opened In Oklahoma City...With A Shocking Surprise!

Story from Yahoo News:

'The First Lutheran Church of Oklahoma City dug up and opened its Century Chest, a time capsule that was buried under the church 100 years ago.

The artifacts inside the copper chest were remarkably well intact. Credit for that goes to the church's Ladies Aide Society, the group that buried the capsule a century ago. The group buried the chest in double concrete walls and under 12 inches of concrete, according Fox News. It also left guidelines on how to unearth the capsule.

The chest was full of treasures. Among the finds: a newspaper from the day the capsule was buried (April 22, 1913); a dress; a telephone; a flag; a pen used by President William McKinley; a camera; and a pair of women's shoes that still had their shine. Perhaps most remarkable was a phonograph record featuring voices of citizens from the era.

The Oklahoma Gazette reported that the project was the brainchild of Virginia Sohlberg. Her great-granddaughter, Virginia Eason Weinmann, was especially moved by a book that contained family photos and poetry.

Experts from the Oklahoma Historical Society worked with the church to make sure the objects were handled with care. All of the items will be displayed at the Oklahoma History Center.'

SoRo:  Coincidentally, it appears that one of the most pressing political questions of recent years has been definitively answered by irrefutable evidence (Photo #33) that was contained in the time capsule that has been buried in Oklahoma City for a century.  There will be a lot of red-faces, but facts are facts and cheekbones don't lie.  I hope all of us will do what is expected of us under the circumstances. 

The widow of Mr William J Crawford (née Miss O C Sarah Smith) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1910

I guess we all owe Senator Elizabeth Warren a sincere apology.  How dare we ever have doubted her Aunt Bea and her father, my papaw, had high cheekbones like all of the Indians do.  

Look at Papaw's Mamaw?!?!  

High cheekbones.  

Case closed.

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Okay, or is it OK, that was funny