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27 April 2013

Obama's Fisker Fail

Q: How much taxpayer money was Obama originally set to 'loan' Fisker Automotive?

A:  $529 million

Q: How much taxpayer money did he 'loan' Fisker Automotive before he finally stopped making payments to Fisker long after the Department of Energy first warned him that the company was not meeting the agreed-to milestones set to protect taxpayers?

A: $192 million

Q: How long did Obama wait to tell Congress and the American public that he had stopped the loan because of Fisker's precarious financial condition?

A: 8 months

Q: How much of its loan investment will the American taxpayer get back ?

A: $0

Q: How many cars did Fisker make? 

A: Less than 2,000. 

Q: Approximately, how much did it lose per car?

A: $660,000

Q: How many cars has Fisker produced since last summer?

A: 0

Q: Did Fisker ever reopen that former, shuttered General Motors factory in Delaware that it promised in order to produce brand, spanking, new and exciting plug-in, electric hybrid vehicles that Joe Biden told us would be the next, big thing?

A: No.

 Q: How many of those 'billions of dollars in jobs' that Biden promised his home state would enjoy because of Fisker's 'investment' of our 'investment dollars' in Delaware materialised?

A: Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Q: What documents have been drawn up by lawyers for Fisker Automotive and are expected to be filed any day in Federal court?

A. Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Yeah, baby! 

Heckva job, Barry!

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