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02 March 2013

More Guns Equal More Crime? Not!

The Small Arms Survey (SAS) is an “independent research project” that provides data on “all aspects of small arms and armed violence,” and partners with international organisations such as the United Nations that seek to severely control or ban guns. In 2007, the SAS published estimated civilian firearms inventories for 172 UN member countries. The United States clearly led with the highest gun ownership:

In 2011, the United Nations published homicide data for 189 member countries, all of them OECD members. The U.S. only had the 92nd highest homicide rate, placing it in the 52nd percentile:


With regard to robbery, the latest OECD crime statistics show that the United States ranks as the 7th lowest out of 26 countries:

The United States remains in the 52nd percentile among the SAS countries:


When people were asked if they felt unsafe on the street after dark, the United States ranked the 8th lowest out of 25 countries:

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