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27 February 2013

Remember When The Left Said A Republican, Who Attended 5 Colleges And Had A C-Average, Was Only Qualified To Be A Stripper Or A Yoga Instructor?


Palin: 5 colleges

Bags Hagel: 5 colleges

Palin GPA: C

Bags' GPA: D

Palin's degree: Bachelor of Science in Communications

Hagel's degree: Bachelor of Arts in History

For the record, the curriculum for a BS is harder than that for a BA.

Palin could use some lessons on history from Bags.

Bags could use some lessons on communications and a whole lot of other things from Palin - and I'm not Sarah cheerleader. 

"But, but, but," said the Dim Dem, "Chuck Hagel is sooooo smart. He went to Brown. That’s Ivy League, you know!"

Yeah, I know, but Bags Hagel went to Brown Institute for Radio and Television in Mendota Heights, MN. That’s definitely NOT Ivy League.  **eyeroll**

"I love Republican MILFs (Mums I'd Like To Fuck)." - Bill Maher


Could you just imagine what Bill Maher could do with a homophobic, no abortion even in the case of rape, anti-Semitic, attender of 5 colleges/universities, D student Republican from Nebraska? 

Oh, wait...  The guy to whom he gave $1 million  just luvs him sum Bags Hagel...

Hmmm, maybe, he could do a Thurston Howell/Mitt Romney routine, instead, along the lines of "While having cocktails, I can see Islamabaddog, Burkini Fasoul, and Kyrzakhstan from the aft-deck of my yacht, which I had custom-built in New Zoolander and dock in Roadislandiki pour éviter l'impôt dans l'état du Massachoosetz.  Taxes are for little people.  Don't you agree?  I mean, n'est-ce-pas?   Can I pardon you to pass the Grey Poupon?"

Oh, wait...  The guy to whom he gave $1 million just luvs him sum Lurch...

Fruits, Flakes, and Nuts on a Tether Fluke Together

Why do Progs want, as their SecDef, a DUNCE, who attended the same amount of colleges that Sarah Palin did, but had a lower grade point average (D)?

I guess they want people just like them to occupy high offices.
Why do Progs want, as their SecDef, a man, who is IGNORANT of the foreign policy positions of the administration in which he wants to serve?

I guess they want their SecDef to be just like them.

Why do Progs want, as their SecDef, a man, who was described by an Obama adviser as “BAFFLING” and “INCOMPREHENSIBLE”?

I guess they want their SecDef to be described just as they are.
Why do Progs want to put into office a HATEFUL BIGOT, who has made anti-Semitic comments frequently, has demonstrated homophobia, and is even against abortion even in the case of rape?

I guess they want a “hateful bigot” just like themselves.

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