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20 February 2013

Ask An "Educated" Gungrabber: Who's More Dangerous - An American Woman With An AR-15 In 2013 Or A Nazi With A Sturmgewehr In 1942?

"1966? They didn't have assault weapons back then. He didn't have an iPad either."

- Genius Bob, scoffing at the idea that the guns used by Charles Whitman matter because "assault weapons" like the AR-15 didn't exist back then

Er, you do realise that "assault weapons" predate Charles Whitman's massacre at the University of Texas, don't you?

Evidently not.

During World War II, Hitler personally chose the name "Sturmgewehr" (literally, "storm rifle", translated in English as "assault rifle") to describe a new class of small arm, the Sturmgewehr 44, which combined the characteristics of a carbine, submachine gun and automatic rifle. 


The Sturmgewehr 44 Not an "assault weapon," according to a gungrabber.


The Bushmaster AR-15:  An "assault weapon," according to a gungrabber.

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