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21 February 2013

Gun Control: A Man Has To Know His Limitations

"MAD is not small arms idiot.  When guns are banned, owning one means you are a walking corpse.  If they own a guns, we kill them.  No questions asked. Learn logic."

- BBBoob

We cannot stop an asteroid or meteorite from hitting the earth; yet, according to BBBoob, we can prevent individuals from building their own guns and ammunition.

We cannot stop drugs and illegal immigrants from entering the country even though both are prohibited; yet, according to BBBoob, we can "ban" guns in the United States.

We cannot stop batshit loons in North Korea and Iran from building nuclear weapons; yet, according to BBBoob, we can prevent the entire world - both states and individuals - from possessing guns.

A man really should know his limitations.

BBBoob's poor wife can't parallel park because he has told her that 2 1/2 inches is a foot for their entire marriage.

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