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25 February 2013

Ship of Fools: Federal Spending INCREASES In The Last Dozen Years

Federal spending has grown by an astonishing 103.74684631% since FY2001!

In FY2001, the government spent $1.8629 trillion. In FY2012, the Federal government spent $3.7956 trillion.  

Pension Spending By The Feds:

There’s been A 72.5320985% INCREASE in pension spending SINCE 2001!!!

Healthcare Spending By the Feds:

There’s been AN 117.1714579% INCREASE in healthcare expenditures SINCE 2001!!!

Education Spending By The Feds:

There’s been AN 140.72327044% INCREASE in spending on education by SINCE 2001!!!

Defence Spending By The Feds (keep in mind that the Iraq War is over):

There’s been AN 146.31348989% INCREASE in defence spending SINCE 2001!!! 

Welfare Spending By The Feds:

In the past 12 years, the Feds have spent $3.8454 trillion on welfare or $320.5 billion on average each year. 

There has been AN 139.35381355% INCREASE in overall welfare spending SINCE 2001!!!

Fed’s Spending on “Protection”:

There has been AN 105.29801324% INCREASE in overall “protection” spending SINCE 2001!!!

Transportation Spending By The Feds:

There has been AN 88.60294117% INCREASE in transportation spending SINCE 2001!!!

General Government Spending:

There’s been AN 108.69565217% INCREASE in General Government Spending SINCE 2001!!!

“Other” Spending:

$1.3909 TRILLION was spent on “other spending” in 12 years or $115.91 BILLION PER YEAR!!!

There’s been AN 174.93112947% INCREASE on “other spending” SINCE 2001!!!

Interest Spending:

We’ve spent $2.4288 TRILLION on debt service in the last 12 years or an average of $202.4 BILLION a year…and, that’s been during a period of historically-low interest rates!   Just what do you think will happen when interest rates return to normal territory?


There's been A 7,309.26856504% INCREASE in our deficit SINCE 2001!!!

Total Spending:

There's been AN 103.74684631% INCREASE in Federal spending SINCE 2001!!!

Gross Public Debt:

There’s been AN 183.3827276% INCREASE in the Federal Government’s Gross Public Debt SINCE 2001!!!

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