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26 February 2013

Cocktail-Swilling Surrender GOPers

 Old & Busted:

 Cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

New Hotness:

 Cocktail-swilling surrender GOPers.

10 May 1940: Hitler invades France.

14 June 1940: The Nazis triumphantly march down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

22 June 1940: In the very same railway carriage in which the 1918 Armistice was signed and in the same chair in which Marshal Ferdinand Foch had sat when he faced the defeated German representatives, Hitler watched General Charles Huntziger sign the Second Armistice at Compiègne.

23 June 1940: Hitler and his entourage go sightseeing through Paris. 

45 days.

31 January 2013: Bags Hagel bombed in his Senate hearing.

26 February 2013: The victors sign unconditional surrender documents on the USS Obama.

27 days.

Congratulations, President Obama, you got an anti-semitic, bigoted dunce.  The two of you should get along swell since there is so many similarities.   Cheers!

Fruits, Flakes, and Nuts on a Tether Fluke Together

Why do Progs want, as their SecDef, a DUNCE, who attended the same amount of colleges that Sarah Palin did, but had a lower grade point average (D)?

I guess they want people just like them to occupy high offices.

 Why do Progs want, as their SecDef, a man, who is IGNORANT of the foreign policy positions of the administration in which he wants to serve?

I guess they want their SecDef to be just like them.

Why do Progs want, as their SecDef, a man, who was described by an Obama adviser as “BAFFLING” and “INCOMPREHENSIBLE”?

I guess they want their SecDef to be described just as they are.

Why do Progs want to put into office a HATEFUL BIGOT, who has made anti-Semitic comments frequently, has demonstrated homophobia, and is even against abortion even in the case of rape?

I guess they want a “hateful bigot” just like themselves.

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