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15 August 2012

Pic of the Day: You Don't Thank The Clown At The Drive-Thru

M2RB:  Pennywise, The Dancing Clown

"Pssst...Up here, sharp stuff!  Hi-ya, Barry! Aren't cha gonna say... 'hello'?  Hey, girly boy!    I'm every nightmare you've ever had.   I'm your worst dream come true.  I'm everything you ever were afraid of.  Oh, you are priceless, Brat!  I am eternal, child.  I am the eater of worlds...and of children. And you are next!  Pucker up and kiss me, Brat Boy!"


Don Carter said...

Thanks for providing a land spot, RWM. I think Ed and AP have no choice in this matter...

Thanks again.

Predictable-History said...

You are very welcome. I very much hope that they change their minds. The whole FB thingy is about as popular with the regulars as Obamacare is with the Tea Party...or most of America, for that matter.