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14 August 2012

Why Can't Progs Understand That Social Security And Medicare Are UNSUSTAINABLE In Their Present Forms?

Why can't Progs understand that Social Security and Medicare are UNSUSTAINABLE in their present forms - even Obama agrees - and something MUST be done? Further, why can they not understand that their utopian math of "tax-the-evil-rich + cut-defence-to-the-bone = problem solved" is fantastical, which smart Democrats, who have taken the time to actually study the issues and run the numbers, understand?

Grow up, already. I am perfectly willing to have a future where Medicare and Social Security are no longer in existence because they were breaking the government's bank. I'm even willing -- once Obama leaves the White House and I can end my capital/professional strike -- to return to work and pay for your Social Security and Medicare without complaint.

What I am not willing to do is to allow you to continue sticking your heads in the sand and your fingers in your ears while screaming "La la la la, I can't hear you!" and demand the status quo or even more as the collective country is on a runaway train heading off the cliff.

I will pay for your SS/MC, but you are going to have to accept some changes (Why are Progressives so afraid of change?) so that you don't take the whole damn country down with your selfishness.

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